NSS Group (Taiwan)

  • In recent years, many companies believe that the cause of success or not, no longer by the financial performance as the only measure criterion. Enterprises also need to think to do what thing can contribute to the community.
  • NSS exert forces of good from the beginning and continue to invest public sponsorship. We were taken from the community giving back to the community welfare marketing.
  • Sincere concern for public interest organizations will be NSS continuity unremitting business spindle and to deliver more goodness and love those care power.

Sponsorship Conditions

  • As long as in Taiwan, there is a legitimate public welfare charity organizations registered with the Ministry of Interior are all our major sponsor object.
  • Religion and temples/ personal practice (example: Qigong) do not sponsored by our company objects.
  • For the sponsored object shall not engage in illegal or commercial activity on the website. (except for the legitimate raise money and charity sale)

Sponsorship and resources

  • A 10MB space web hosting for free that support cgi/php program.
  • An affiliated URL htt://yourname.nss.com.tw.
  • Web content and design need response by you. Do not need to put up any NSS trademarks or Logo on your website.
  • Free lifetime website technical consulting services.


  • There is a demand social welfare charity organizations welcome to contact us directly. Please fax the legal proof of registration by the Interior to 02-2506-2262 (24H).

NSS “Financial need based scholarship”:

  • To assist low-income families’ children solve their study problems and then encourage their efforts to learn and to strive, so particular to set up this scholarships.

Scholarship Amount:

  • NT$5,000 for each

Application Deadline:

  • First fall semester: From September 10 to October 10 every year.
    (Late application will not be accepted, proof by postmark)
  • Second spring semester: From February 10 to March 10 every year.
    (Late application will not be accepted, proof by postmark)

Application Qualifications

  • Scholarship recommended selection object: Right now provide Da Tung Elementary School in Taichung, Taichung Municipal Chu Jen Junior High School, National Taichung Industrial High School, Oriental Institute of Technology in Banqiao, and Chang Gung University total five schools and total 25 low income family students.
  • The last semester’s GPA above 80 and none of class below 60.
  • The last semester’s conduct result above 80 and no punishment records.
  • These are five schools students whom are from law-income family.
  • To apply the scholarship has to all in compliance from the above conditions required.

How to apply

  • Fill out an application form (one person for one form), and after school collected with the following documents sent to NSS office.
  • Proof of low-income households by government organization; non-low-income households, but poor family who was poor need attestation by the school.
  • One copy of in the school proves.
  • One copy of last semester transcripts. (First semester in the school avoid attached the transcripts)
  • One copy of household certificate.
  • One copy of Printing list of Grant Receiving.


  • Reviewed by the NSS, and after review by the NSS issuance if the applier quota excess or deficiency approved for the scholarship the company can be adjusted.
  • This way if any outstanding issues, the Company may be amended supplement.

Long-term sponsorship

  • NSS regular monthly long term spoons to Taiwan Fund for Children and Families on five children adoption plan.
  • Each semester provide 25 students for NSS “Financial need based scholarship”.
  • Each semester regular funding 3 students from Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Foundation for “college scholarship”
  • Each month regular funding 5 children from Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Foundation for “children adoption plan”
  • Summer, Christmas Day, and New Year for each NSS department held alternately charitable activities.

Regular monthly donations and sponsorship for groups of vulnerable and groups of women

  • The Garden of Hope Foundation
  • Taichung Hueiming School for the blind
  • Buddhist Compassion Relief TCBC Foundation
  • National Taiwan University Hospital Social Services Department.
  • Taiwan Woman’s Development Association
  • Catholic church Hsinchushih orphanage (Miaoli)
  • Taiwan Women’s Rescue Foundation
  • Taiwan Fund for Children and Families Foundation (Nantou)

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