Program development service

The company’s expertise is in all kinds of programming, programming, software design, software development, application software development, APP development, system development, WordPress programming development. The team is composed of experienced software and system engineers, whether in Linux , Windows system, PHP, ASP, JAVA program development or dynamic web system architecture technology, provide enterprise system integration and enjoy the best quality.

Customized system development

In response to the needs of enterprise informatization, a dedicated application information system is tailored for customers, and the existing process is improved. Informationized system planning and analysis, system design, database planning and program development are used to streamline personnel and improve efficiency for enterprises.

E-commerce system development

We mainly use JSP, PHP, ASP programming languages ​​to develop customized e-commerce platforms and various information systems, various financial, ERP, POS order commercial systems and other related medium and large projects.

APP development

We provide development services for various systems of native APP or webAPP based on the Andriod/ios platform, including shelf services.

Game website system development

We develop a gaming website (CASINO) and online entertainment, direct sales, foreign exchange platform + and provide anti-DDos attack defense services to help you develop Chinese and global markets.

The website programs created by Zhan Guoce for customers are all open. Customers have all the complete program source codes of the website system. You can master your own list, complete membership information, cash flow, pricing mechanism, and core information of the company. % Revenue is drawn, and in the future will not be tied to death by system vendors!

Development environment
Windows Server platform: Windows
Unix platform: Linux, Mac OSX
Mobile devices: iOS, Android

Database system
DB2, Sybase, Oracle, InterBase, MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite

Programming language
Java, C/C++, C#, ObjC, Ruby
ASP, PHP, HTML5, JavaScript (jQuery), CSS3

development tools
Visual Studio .Net (Visual C++, Visual C#)
Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi, Borland JBuilder, Borland Kylix
Eclipse IDE (Java)
XCode (Mac)

success case

Warring States Policy has the most successful cases of well-known companies and listed companies choosing Warring States services.

Since its establishment 2020 years ago in 20, it has assisted XNUMX companies to successfully enter the online market!

If your company needs website production services, please call0800-003-191Or fill in the following contact form or use the official LINE (ID:@119m) Contact with our company. We will ask a network consultant to actively contact you within 24 hours. After the information is confirmed, we willGift of 1,000 yuan stored value of Warring States Policy(Limited to corporate customers, deposits can be used to purchase all services of the Warring States Period, except for website registration services)

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