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Warring States Policy Political Word of Mouth Marketing and 2022 Election Network Service

The World of Nets in the Warring States Period

What is a "cyber army"? The so-called cyber army is an online marketing team that serves an organization, politician, or company, creates public opinion and collective attacks on the Internet, and then influences the thinking and judgment of users on the Internet. The "Internet Army" issues that have been raging on the Internet, the truth of the Internet news is difficult to distinguish, in fact, because the Internet is full of "Internet Army" that we can't see is being manipulated in a way " Bring the wind!"It can be seen the importance of the online army's ``word-of-mouth marketing''!

Why do politicians and election campaigns need online military marketing?

In recent years, the issues of the Internet military have been fermenting, and political operations will even affect the results of elections. With the advent of the era of Internet marketing wars, when politicians face the competition between Internet public opinion and social marketing issues, the best way is Organize its own social marketing network army troops to take the initiative to fight online campaigns for politicians (candidates), formulate issues, and mobilize the network army, bloggers, and Internet celebrity KOLs to protect the disk in major forums and FB. To increase the voice of candidates, influence the perception of voters and voting behavior, enterprises use the cyber army to launch information warfare to influence consumers' buying behavior.Politicians used the cyber army to launch information warfare to change the impression of him.

What are the advantages of Zhanguo Policy Politics and Xuanba.com's military marketing services?

NSS’s cyber military marketing executive team is composed of top talents from major election campaign teams and public departments affiliated to the cyber department. They have rich practical experience in cyber marketing and build exclusive cyber military forces for politicians to win cyber warfare.

Planning for the online campaign

The 2022-in-one election in 2024 and the presidential election in 30 are coming soon, politicians and teams should plan online marketing wars early. An online campaign team needs to be organized to an online military team with more than 50-XNUMX members: there are strategists and the Internet. Army, Internet celebrities, political writers, community editors, designers, photographer teams, marketing planners, media public relations personnel, and the Zhan Guoce Cyber ​​Army will first understand the candidates’ needs after receiving the tasks of the candidates, and at the same time Analyze the current candidate’s characteristics, popularity, and current public opinion, and then formulate a response marketing strategy, and finally build a complete election official website, FB, IG, LINE, YOUTUBE, Ptt, Dcard and other social media accounts. Launched air force bombing operations by the cyber army and fierce online marketing campaigns to win the election.

The size and cost of the troops marketed by the election network army?

1. Local elections


2. Presidential election


NSS's Cyber ​​Army Marketing Service Project

XNUMX. Election battle network army word-of-mouth marketing

We provide online marketing strategy formulation, online marketing plan implementation, online and emotional monitoring, SEO, suppression of negative online messages, blog and online celebrity marketing, word-of-mouth and forum marketing, content marketing, social marketing (FB , Dcard, IG, Ptt, YOUTUBE, etc.), live broadcast or video and audio marketing, online news media, invite Internet celebrities and writers to post on forums, forums, societies and other platforms where there will be a large flow of people for interactive communication, and then use The Net Army, echoed, and drove heat and inquiries.

XNUMX. Cyber ​​crisis management

Whenever a politician fails to speak, outsources, or has behavior problems, leave a "balanced" view message on the pages of major social platforms to ease the verbal abuse and harm, which is the part of the so-called crisis incident handling.

XNUMX. Network operation issues/image shaping

Operational issues/image shaping is like a combination of the above two parts. For example, the public’s views on the promotion of politicians or government unit policies, referendums, etc., can all be regarded as the scope of operation issues/image shaping, but this type of Task types usually appear during elections.

XNUMX. Social media agency management

Zhan Guoce's social media agency management services provide: FB fan groups, Instagram, LINE official accounts, Youtube agency management services, and professional community teams operate social media attentively.Attack the visibility of the community and detonate issues, build an image and influence voting behavior.

How do the marketing forces of the Internet Army attack?

After receiving the employer’s task, Zhan Guo Ce will first understand the owner’s needs and analyze the current public opinion, and then formulate a response offensive strategy. Finally, after the establishment of a complete cyber military marketing force, it will start cyber military operations. !

1. Please cooperate with Internet celebrities and writers. The combination of "Internet celebrities, writers, and accounts" is the combat offensive of the "Internet Army".Write some articles that are very close to the people and objective, and finally use several sets of different accounts to forward them around to influence the voters’ values, positions and voting behavior.

2. Use programs or manual methods to manage the network army account, and develop the network army account to be able to actively post, press like, leave a message, reply to different social media, leave a message, and make comments for a specific position or company , Suppress or create public opinion, etc.

Political network army word-of-mouth marketing service benefits

relation chart

Election Spindle Planning

Constituency Comprehensive Analysis

A general statistical analysis of the voting population of the constituency and the results of previous voting.

Candidate image and
Positioning of the main demands of the election campaign

According to subjective and objective conditions such as candidates and constituency needs, locate the image of the election campaign, and plan the main appeal of the election.

main visual design

Based on the finalized image of the candidate, the main visual design and the idea of ​​the campaign slogan are carried out.

Social media management and promotion

Customized candidate media outreach

platformPost content
Internet media

Ettoday, Nownews, People's Daily, Feng Media and other online media, it is recommended to cooperate for a long time, purchase the number of articles on a regular basis every month, and post the news to the candidate's official page after we contribute to the news.

four major newspapersZhongshi, United, Apple, Liberty and other entities and electronic newspapers, it is recommended to purchase the number of reports three months before the election to publicize major political opinions or important publicity activities.
TV MediaThe TV media will follow the filming of the interview, let the candidates talk about their growth process and political blueprint, and use the pictures to let the voters feel the seriousness and hard work of the candidates, and the TV broadcast can effectively increase the popularity.
Internet celebrity cooperationCooperate with local or parent-child influencers, visit local food or scenic spots together, or unpack the candidate's campaign headquarters, create a topic of publicity, and may also cause the media to actively report.
AdvertiseBuy online newspaper advertisement banners, or physical newspaper pages.

Physical event design and planning


campaign headquarters design


Design and production of campaign objects


Various physical activities

Strategy, creativity and voice


Plan the campaign timeline and provide candidates with long- and short-term campaign strategies.


Tracking and operating volume of major issues and current affairs.

Increase volume with advertising

platformPost content
official advertisement
Assist candidates to build ad accounts and purchase official ads.Reports on advertising effectiveness are regularly presented, and the number and amount of articles purchased can be verified by the background.
FB sharing spreadShare each post to local associations or political associations in various constituencies to increase the number of reach, and share each post 20 times.
LINE group spreadCandidates provide a local LINE group, the company will send people to join as a general resident, assist in the spread of festival celebration pictures and good morning pictures, and also spread FB and IG posts, fixed 2 to 3 times a day.
large portalAdvertise on large portal sites, such as GOOGLE and Yahoo Qimo, and regularly report on advertising effectiveness.

budget planning



Image and Visual Overall Planning

  1. Determine the main axis and slogan of the campaign
  2. Making 16 business cards and LINE stickers
  3. Image recognition LOGO production
  4. Character image (Q version or real P picture) production
  5. 30 pictures of LINE group greeting
  6. 2 types of FB cover and photo sticker
  7. 3 designs of cultural and promotional products (eg: toilet paper, vegetable cloth, mineral water, fan, towel, mask...)



Network Community Management and Diffusion

  1. Set up candidate-controllable FB local clubs or support clubs, publish and manage daily
  2. Controllable accounts and candidates’ official accounts Join major FB communities to publish posts
  3. Controllable accounts to join LINE local groups, and help to share good morning pictures and other necessary information every day
  4. Establishment and operation of LINE community and Telegram group



Basic maintenance of the network platform

  1. 10 pictures and texts on FB per month (candidates need to provide itinerary photos and information, including festival posts and local related posts)
  2. Each FB post is guaranteed to be shared 10 times to political parties and local related associations
  3. Press like to reply to netizens' messages, reply to mailbox questions



/ article

Creative and strategic advocacy

  1. Create creative posts based on major current events to keep official fans up-to-date with current events
  2. When a major political event occurs, after confirming the intention with the candidate, publish an in-depth analysis article to express the candidate's point of view

Note: The company recommends candidates to issue documents, candidates can freely choose to do or not to do



Internet word-of-mouth maintenance

  1. Publish 3 positive posts every month on forums such as PTT, FB, Mobile01, Dcard, etc. Each post guarantees 5 positive comments
  2. When attacking posts or comparing candidate posts appear in major online forums, use your account to post posts or leave messages for maintenance, clarification or recommendation

Zhan Guoce's political network military marketing service plan

Since engaging in political word-of-mouth marketing can easily lead to disputes and cause Internet military accounts to be blocked or deleted,
Generally word-of-mouth marketing companies are unwilling to undertake political word-of-mouth marketing operations.
Zhan Guo Ce is one of the few political word-of-mouth marketing companies with rich resources and experience

Political Election Net Army

$ 500,000/6 months $525,000 including tax
  • Including event analysis, data suggestions, etc.
  • Word of mouth execution project
  • Subtotal for active posting90
    Include: Interactive open question20, Palindrome below70
  • Report provision
    Execution plan1,Weekly Report18, Monthly report5, Case closed1
  • Word-of-mouth guarantee
  • Number of responses from netizens: at least100
  • Volume of online discussion: at least increase205
  • Discussion thread creation: lowest20Discuss

Political Election Net Army
Business type

$ 1,040,000/6 months $1,092,000 including tax
  • Including event analysis, data suggestions, etc.
  • FB fan special / IG generation management
  • Word of mouth execution project
  • Subtotal for active posting190
    Include: Interactive open question40, Palindrome below150
  • Report provision
    Execution plan1,Weekly Report18, Monthly report5, Case closed1
  • Word-of-mouth guarantee
  • Number of responses from netizens: at least200
  • Volume of online discussion: at least increase415
  • Discussion thread creation: lowest40Discuss
The best option

Political Election Net Army

$ 1,740,000/6 months $1,827,000 including tax
  • Including event analysis, data suggestions, etc.
  • FB fan special / IG generation management
  • Word of mouth execution project
  • Subtotal for active posting360
    Include: Interactive open question80, Palindrome below280
  • Report provision
    Execution plan1,Weekly Report18, Monthly report5, Case closed1
  • Word-of-mouth guarantee
  • Number of responses from netizens: at least400
  • Volume of online discussion: at least increase810
  • Discussion thread creation: lowest80Discuss

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