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Milestones of Warring States Policy



NSS.com provides Android and ios store APP marketing services
NSS distributor program adds APP software development service
NSS launches political word-of-mouth marketing and military marketing services in 2022
NSS launches FB fans, Instagram, LINE official accounts, and Google My Business community marketing agency services
The Net Army can also be rented out, the Zhan Guo Ce Net Army Marketing Force Distribution Partner Program!
Buy Zhan Guoce web design service + exclusive free Chinese culture SEO plug-in and basic settings (worth 11500 yuan), help your company website so that your website ranking soars
Zhan Guoce launches Hong Kong direct connection to China CN2 line host service, bringing you a fast experience of direct connection to mainland China
NSS launched the online course platform lease/buyout plan, with 0% of revenue
Zhan Guoce official website blogger/net celebrity marketing service plan is online
The Warring States Strategy Net Army has promoted five-star reviews on various booking networks and Google My Business for hotel and hotel industry, and wins word-of-mouth marketing online wars for enterprises
The Zhan Guoce payment method adds support for Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and LINE Pay


Zhan Guoce launches anti-DDOS cloud host and physical host solution
Zhan Guoce launches online news media exposure service
NSS launches Google My Business Agent Management and Five-Star Review Program
NSS launched a fixed-spec VPS host (Chunghwa Telecom machine room and line)
Warring States Policy Google My Business Service exclusively launched a powerful exposure service for Google Maps in eight cities + 20 administrative districts in Taipei City/New Taipei City
Zhan Guoce launches three core WordPress services to solve customer service solutions
Zhan Guoce launches online military marketing services
NSS launched a service for selecting talents, guaranteeing a full 6-month post
NSS launched an automatic translation service to support 105 national language websites, saving about 99% of the cost of traditional manual translation


NSS launches Website Speed ​​to make websites faster!
Zhan Guoce launches multiple communication software service channels!
Countering the malicious negative reviews of peers and Aoke, Zhan Guoce launched Fb, Youtube, Google store [Word of mouth evaluation] marketing services
Zhan Guo Ce provides graphic design and photography services from now on
Added MyCard game point card method to the NSS service payment method


The first online service company in Taiwan that provides Bitcoin (and 152 virtual currencies) payment methods!
Warring States Policy will fully support WeChat Pay, Alipay, UnionPay, and Bitcoin payment methods from now on
Zhan Guoce provides APP software development services
Warring States Leading Industry Launches LINE@ Online Customer Service
Advance ASEAN, Warring States Policy provides hosts for Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Hong Kong
NSS launched a new website backup security solution!
NSS obtains the National Communications Commission (NCC) Type XNUMX Telecommunications License
NSS launches China cloud hosting and agent China ICP service to easily enter the Chinese market!
Zhan Guoce launches WordPress dedicated virtual host listed!
NSS shocked the launch of 0 yuan monthly rental fee electronic invoice service
NSS solemnly launched a set of corporate image websites for buying SEO services, and refunds are guaranteed if the promised results are not met!
NSS leads the industry to provide web design and provide lifetime warranty service guarantee!
Since the Warring States Period 2018/12/1, all computer rooms in Taiwan have been adjusted to Chunghwa Telecom computer rooms and Chunghwa Telecom lines
Warring States launches AWS, Azure, GCP, Alibaba Cloud, IBM cloud hosting services


Zhan Guoce launches website vulnerability scanning service (SiteLock)
Zhan Guoce launches new Aegis-level anti-DDOS service
NSS launches google yahoo (bing platform) to prevent malicious clicks from advertising fraud
NSS Customer Service Center (Call Center) guides new functions to improve the quality of customer service


Zhan Guoce launches FB fan group agent service
Zhan Guoce launches US cloud hosting service
Zhan Guoce launches a new generation of anti-spam service
The Warring States Strategy organizes a female executive leadership training camp to cultivate new female leaders in Taiwan!
The powerful functions of the information security software of the Zhan Guo Ce on TVBS News Channel!
TVBS News reported on Women's Day that the Warring States Policy attaches importance to women's right to work and provides a caring female welfare system!


Zhan Guo Ce grandly launches cloud hosting services in 19 countries (24-hour service 1/2 industry price)
Zhan Guoce launches China SSD virtual host service (24 hours service 1/2 industry price)
The Warring States Policy implements three-day weekly holiday benefits
NSS launched 31APP.com online shop to seize mobile business opportunities for enterprises
Zhan Guoce launched a new Aegis-level anti-DDOS service
Extraordinary News Channel 9/1 Interview with NSS Company Implemented Weekly Holiday
Zhan Guo Ce first launches SSD high disk performance cloud host and virtual host!Evolving efficiency and smoother service!
Taiwan Animal News reported on the Pet Welfare System of the Warring States Policy Colleagues on August 2015, 8
Warring States Strategy vs. ASEAN, grandly launching Indonesian and Philippine hosts with unlimited bandwidth and data
NSS launched LiveChat service of the website customer service system, with no effective refund guarantee!
NSS launched a gold flow collection mechanism for Southeast Asian countries!
Zhan Guoce launches cloud office (eOFFICE)


The NSS official website shopping system provides automatic conversion of USD, RMB, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and currency!
Zhan Guoce's overseas computer room cloud hosting service is officially launched!
TVBS News 2014/5/7 reported that the Warring States Policy Dotes on Mom and Dotes on Female Employees News!
Warring States Policy provides computer room virtual hosts in Hong Kong, the United States and Singapore
NSS launched new computer room cloud hosts in Hong Kong, Singapore, Amsterdam, and the United States
Warring States Policy Yahoo Qimo's native ads are newly launched
Zhan Guoce and the First Bank ``First Payment'' launched an online cash flow free gift event!
Zhan Guoce is the Gold Sponsor of Drupal Camp 2014


Zhan Guoce launches a new generation of exclusive host!
Zhan Guo Ce Cloud Host sponsors free network startups in Taiwan!
Zhan Guoce launches a new generation of cloud hosting
Warring States Policy introduces the automation and customer service system of the new host


Zhan Guoce Year-end Thanksgiving Film Appreciation Meeting, entertaining employees and customers
Vision Magazine-Feminine Special Issue Special Report"The company that favors female employees the most in Taiwan-Warring"!
Warring States Policy Online Backup Service Full Backup VMware Virtual system
Miss Qiu Wenren-The new book report starts with the most favored female employees-Warring
China TV News Magazine interviewed Taiwan's most favored company with female employees-Warring


NSS launched a comprehensive commercial software "12Stages0Interest rate", purchasing equipment is easy and convenient!
Warring States Policy launchedCRMCustomer Relationship Management System:EIPEnterprise Information Portal Enterprise Information Security Management System: Management system, so that the business operation has no trouble!
Zhan Guoce Group's new online marketing website is online for you to gain wealth
Zhan Guoce Group Excellent Business Executive Training Course-Stabilize the cornerstone of the enterprise and accumulate leading power
Warring States Group WomenCEOTraining Camp-Women's Outstanding Growth, Taiwan's Economy Takes Off


WarringCall CenterNew features leapfrog the limitations of traditional corporate customer service
Warring States Policy Acquires MicrosoftGCPGold membership highest level certification
Warring States PolicyYahoo!Top reseller of keyword advertising
Warring States Policy wonYahoo!Chimo2010Taiwanese Internet Marketing Master runner-up


Zhan Guoce ushered in a new century of cloud computing and launched a new online backup service!
Warring States Policy "Information Iron Guard" to defend all of Taiwan
Warring States Policy leads the industry to become the only one in TaiwanParallelsPlatinum partner


Warring States Policy Acquires MicrosoftMicrosoft Certified PartnerAndSPLATwo-factor authentication for software rental authorization!
Zhan Guoce International Co., Ltd. "low-income household scholarships" application procedures
Warring States Policy [InfoTiewei] Provide unlimited times24Hourly telephone and online maintenance service
iThomeComputer News329Weekly report on the launch of the Warring States PolicyCRM服务
Warring States Policy Information Tiewei Chengjun andCRM-hostingCommodity launch conference


Cooperate with SOPHOS, a major global mail protection company, to launch mail protection services.
The first host company in Taiwan to launch a 24-hour customer service center.
The first in Taiwan to launch WINDOWS-VPS HOSTING virtual hosting service.
The first one in Taiwan to launch the website Quick Link! (Pay by card, the website will be opened within five minutes).
NSS launches VIP-level anti-advertising service, it is urgent to eliminate spam! .
Warring States Policy was awarded the highest-level sponsor of the 2007 Taiwan Blog Youth Games! .
The general manager of Zhan Guoce was invited to give a speech by the SME Department: SMEs' financial construction model.
The general manager of Zhan Guoce was elected as a director of "China Storeless Retail Association".
The Warring States Strategy was awarded as a sponsor of the "Second Southern Youth Creative Design Department Joint Exhibition".
The Warring States Policy was honored as the visiting unit of Phoenix students from the SME Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.


Won the 104 Most Entrepreneurial Dream Awards as the most popular website building service provider
Launched the FreePay super business collection mechanism.
Awarded as a partner of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' "Plan to Reduce Industrial Digital Gap".
Cooperated with Flag Press to launch the book "Autopass for Online Transaction Payment".
Launched search marketing, traditional and simplified communication services to meet the needs of website operators.
Take the lead in launching Taiwan's first super-large 100G hard disk capacity virtual host.
The service was further improved, and the million-level Call ceneter customer service system was introduced.
Cooperate with PChome to launch a virtual host channel.
On December 2006, 12, successfully promoted the Warring States Policy "E-Commerce University" series of lectures online


In the evaluation of "Excellent Website" by the Internet Consumer Association of the Republic of China, the number of host customers exceeded 10,000.
Zhan Guoce Shanghai Representative Office was established.
Taiwan’s exclusive launch of quality commitment: the month’s crash for more than five consecutive hours, the month’s monthly rental fee is free.
JSP virtual host is grandly listed.
Leading the industry in launching Taiwan’s first "Taiwan Computer Room" virtual private hosting (VPS) service.
The Warring States Policy was evaluated as "Excellent Website" by the Internet Consumer Association of the Republic of China.


The number of customers exceeded 5,000.
Launched the FreePay credit card mechanism and entered the cash flow market.
FreePay card swiping mechanism approved by Taipei Consumer Electronic Commerce Association (SOSA)
Member of "Excellent Electronic Store".
In December, the Zhan Guo Ce Hong Kong branch was established.
Revenue in 93 reached 3,000 million.


The first company in the industry to obtain the "Information Transparency Trusted Electronic Store" approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
The first company in the industry to be approved as a member of the "Excellent Electronic Store" of Taipei Consumer Electronic Commerce Association (SOSA).
The first in the industry to provide 0800 toll-free customer service calls.
The first in the industry to publish free online marketing e-books.
The first in the industry to sponsor a charity organization plan.
Restructured into Zhan Guoce International Co., Ltd., with registered capital of 1000 million.


Registered as a digital marketing company in the Warring States Period.
Reorganized into Zhan Guoce International Co., Ltd.
The first company in the industry to give back to the society, charity sponsorship plan.


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