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The establishment and brief introduction of the Warring States Policy

Zhan Guoce Group was established in 2001 and is a leading brand in the Asian web hosting service industry, with more than 30000 customers.
Establish a strong partnership with customers for a long time, and further establish a good business physique for the enterprise.Based on the leading position of Taiwan’s virtual hosting industry,
With the ambition to improve the quality of information services in Asia, based on Taiwan, the world's international vision is deployed globally.

Group mission

Build a business group and achieve an international business vision.
Build a trustworthy information service group in Asia.
Constantly strive for product, service innovation and technology-leading information provision.
NSS uses the "War" structure to expand the market, reviewing the development history of NSS,
Since 2001, the group's revenue has grown steadily every year, and it has strived to innovate in terms of products, sales, procurement and customer service.
In the face of the Internet age where the heroes coexist, we are growing stronger with the entrepreneurial spirit of the courage to challenge,
Continuously rewrite the history of the industry and promote the development of the industry.
Zhan Guoce provides customers with a complete information service supply chain,
Satisfy customers' One-Stop Service needs,
As a planner of comprehensive information integration, let customers reduce costs in all aspects,
Create a prosperous business sustainable operation.

Warring States Policy CI Spirit

History of Warring States Policy"Warring"In the name of his strategy, he hopes that the dragon will look ahead and prancing horse in the Central Plains.

It expresses the ambition of the company to operate with the word "war".

The Naming and Brand Story of Zhan Guo Ce

The name of the Warring States Group is derived from the historical book "Warring States".
The "Warring States Policy" is abbreviated as "National Policy".
It is also a masterpiece of historical prose that has a huge impact on the time and future generations.
Regarding the current business war competition with e-commerce as the mainstream, the Warring States Policy is named after history books,
I hope that in the rapidly changing Internet age, we will accompany customers through the critical era of technological development and establish operational coordinates for website operators.
Record business trajectories, master the core competitiveness of Internet development, and witness the dramatic changes in e-commerce.

The Thirty-three Volumes and Twelve National Policies of the Zhan Guo Ce, a collection of the beginnings of Chu and Han after the Spring and Autumn Period,
In the past two hundred and forty-five years, in the development of Chinese history and literature,
It is not only a link between the first and the next, but also has an index significance.
The establishment of the Warring States Policy not only needs to trace the spirit of historical books and gather the wisdom of website operators, but also hope to give full play to the core competitive advantages and find new concepts of online management for customers;
In the name of historical books, and with its chapters and strategies, the Warring States Policy is dismantled from the wording of the management principles, with "the founding of the Warring States Period, professional guidance;
The country has no boundaries, science and technology is the heart; the horse riding the Central Plains, the humanity is the chant" as the foundation, I promise to have a global mind.

Warring States Strategy's five major customers' trust guarantee

The Internet is driving a new wave of globalization. It has changed the operating rules of many industries. Losers and winners are changing positions, but the unchanged business focus is still focusing on customer needs.

NSS will return substantial performance to customers, lead the industry, put forward five major customer trust guarantees, and adhere to brand promises.

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    Guarantee one

    14-day free trial

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    Guarantee two

    Service crashes for more than 5 hours,
    Give back gift vouchers, great gifts!

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    Guarantee Three

    Price guarantee promise,
    Buy expensive refund 2 times the spread!

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    Guarantee four

    Complete customer service processing within 5 hours
    (Limited working hours), safeguard the use rights!

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    Guarantee five

    365 hours a day, 24 days a year,
    Give customers the fastest and most reliable customers
    Service guarantee!

Awards glory

NSS leads the industry in data presentation, which depends on customers' continuous use efficiency.We believe that the key competitiveness of the Warring States Strategy won is that in addition to focusing on core business, it can also integrate product supply chains according to customer needs, introduce new services, and create the most effective network platform.

  • Introduced the cost-effective FreePay cash flow mechanism and FreeWeb enterprise platform system, which are trusted and adopted by customers.
  • Since its establishment in 2001, the growth rate has reached the growth target of 100% every year, and the business is of good health
  • In 2005, he was recruiting talent endorsement for 104 Manpower Bank, and endorsement advertisements were published in major media.
  • In 2005, he was named ``Happy Company'' by 104 Manpower Bank and an interview.
  • The first in Taiwan to launch the ``Taiwan Computer Room'' virtual private hosting (VPS) service.
  • The first in Taiwan to launch an ``unlimited'' hard disk capacity virtual host.
  • The first in Taiwan to introduce a million-level Call ceneter customer service center system.
  • Taiwan's first customer service center (Call ceneter) was launched 365 hours a day, 24 days a year.
  • Taiwan's first website to launch Quick Link! (Pay by card, the website will be opened within five minutes).
  • Yes123 Manpower Bank was voted the first company in the 2011 Favorite Women Intimate Award.


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