Internet celebrity marketing

What is Internet celebrity marketing?

Influencer is also known as KOL (Key Opinion Leader), also known as key opinion leader.
This group of people is well-known in a specific market segment and has the ability to influence consumers' purchasing decisions.
Through online celebrity marketing, brand advertisements can also be more accurately marketed to target customers, and at the same time, brand credibility can be improved.

According to a survey conducted by eMarketer in 2017, 86% of people will use influencer marketing. Nowadays, in addition to knowing the store’s product information before consumers buy goods, more consumers say they are accustomed to going online first Search for store reviews. At this time, the influence of Internet celebrities on the Internet is very important. If you can use Internet celebrities to introduce your products, your company will be able to successfully gain a foothold in online marketing.

The importance of Internet celebrity marketing to enterprises

Internet celebrity marketing can quickly increase brand exposure and consumer interaction
Through the promotion of Internet celebrities, brand awareness can be established in the hearts of consumers, and the possibility of consumer inquiries can be used to strengthen the interactive relationship between brands and consumers.

Internet celebrity marketing will increase consumer trust in products
In order to exert influence, internet celebrities will share their product experience and experience on their social platforms. Under the influence of internet celebrity recommendations, brand awareness and discussion will gradually increase, and at the same time achieve the benefits of internet celebrity marketing.

The advertising content that customers want to see is from the perspective of consumers
Brands use internet celebrities to indirectly convey information in a way that consumers want to understand.When Internet celebrities share their real experience of using products on their social platforms, they will be more authentic and persuasive to consumers.

Instagram- Pie Project Instagram- Graphic and Text Cooperation Project
cooperative contents Send samples to 50 internet celebrities for trial experience (the list is available for customers to confirm and choose once) 10 popular Internet celebrity cooperation graphics and text (you can specify the type of Internet celebrity, you can add #Hashtag)
Net Red Specifications The average number of fans per net celebrity is 30,000↑ including artists, large-scale KOC, and LOL The average number of fans per net celebrity is 30,000↑ including artists, large-scale KOC, and LOL
Publicity benefits The average release rate of 50% may be shared or restricted 10 IG theme posts? More than 75,000 reach
Remarks: Two candidates can be selected for material authorization for half a year
Remark Zhan Guoce provides one-stop service for sending and tracking Internet celebrities sharing Can choose two candidates for material authorization for half a year
cost $ 60,000 $ 100,000

success case

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Frequently Asked Questions about Internet Celebrity Marketing

Almost all corporate brands are suitable for online celebrity marketing.Among all industries, the brands and industry types that are more inclined to cooperate with Internet celebrities in marketing strategies are: fashion brands, cosmetics and maintenance brands, game industries, and health food industries.Companies and brands will choose a suitable online celebrity cooperation based on the number of target audiences and the orientation of the target audience.

Internet celebrities are characterized by a large number of loyal social media fans, who are regarded as experts in specific fields, and their fans often attach great importance to the recommendations of Internet celebrities.The difference from the influence of traditional celebrity spokespersons is that Internet celebrities are often consumers who actually use recommended products or have a very deep understanding of certain topics.These characteristics make it easier for them to influence the thoughts and behaviors of fans.

"Internet celebrities" or "Internet celebrities" refer to people who are popular on the Internet and in the community. They may be popular because of online short films, or they may be accumulated by operating social media for a long time. A large number of fans.Although they also have a large number of supporters, the influence of Internet celebrities and KOLs is quite different!When performing marketing activities, an influencer who is "relevant" to the product can serve as a KOL opinion leader. His remarks can be effectively communicated to fans, affect their behavior, and bring about conversion; on the contrary, they have a large number of fans. The Internet celebrity of, but not related to the product, can only achieve the effect of dissemination, but the effect is minimal.

Micro influencers refer to influencers with less than 10 fans. Although they have a small number of fans, they are all die-hard fans with high loyalty and high interaction rate, and they have clear consumers. contour.As long as you find micro-influencers with high product relevance, the benefits they can bring may be higher than those with 50 followers. In addition, due to the small number of fans, the industry distribution quotations of micro-influencers are generally more comparable. Low, "micro-influencer marketing" has therefore become a new trend of high return on investment!

XNUMX. Get better search rankings and import KOL traffic to brand websites
XNUMX. Exposure is no longer limited by KOL personal channels, audiences and posting date
XNUMX. Accumulate long-term accurate traffic exposure and product endorsement through SEO optimization

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