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Warring States Policy hosting service provides a stable operation and easy control space for your company's hosting.
Choosing the NSS hosting service will reduce the cost of hosting the host, and set up the host environment in a very short time, avoiding lengthy and time-consuming work schedules, and improving business efficiency;
In addition, through the Zhan Guo Ze host management service, in addition to improving the stability and security of host management, you can also use the standard telecommunications room facilities we provide,
With high-quality bandwidth traffic and backup lines, it improves the stability of the website.

Service Advantages of Warring States

Zhan Guoce Group was established in 2000. It has been established for more than 20 years and has more than 14 customers. It operates steadily and provides a free 2-day trial service. Use it and pay after you are satisfied!Price guarantee promise, buy expensive refund 60 times the price difference, XNUMX days unsatisfactory guarantee refund

In addition to providing hosting services, it also provides e-commerce, web design, website maintenance, online shop, program development, online cash flow, SSL certificates, online marketing, SEO marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, single window and one-stop services and Rich experience in host management and maintenance will increase official website traffic and turn traffic into profit.

Our server provides LiteSpeed ​​Web Server website acceleration service, which can improve website performance by 50-300%. The only service in the industry that uses Chunghwa Telecom’s computer room (+ Chunghwa Telecom bandwidth) and Hinet DDoS protection to protect website attacks is the most powerful for you. Provide speed and safety that the industry cannot do.

We provide a Chinese service customer service center that is open 365 hours a day, 24 days a year. We provide complete instructional videos for the site for free, and we have a number of experienced network administrators and WordPress problem solving experts who can solve all kinds of problems for you and save you troubles. .

Colocation service benefits

The hosting service of NSS eliminates the possibility of data line disconnection with high-quality bandwidth and improves the utilization rate of the website.

The use of NSS host management can save enterprises the high cost burden of computer room construction costs, computer room maintenance costs, personnel management costs, and circuit construction.

NSS hosting provides a wide range of computer rooms, standard racks, complete computer room management and monitoring services 365 hours a day, 24 days a year.

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Host FAQ

Yes, the location of the host will affect the speed of browsing the web. If the host is placed abroad, the domestic netizens will be slower when browsing the website. Therefore, before choosing a host, be sure to understand where the main customer groups are located. , And then decide where to place the host.

Thanks for your question,
This is indeed the doubt that many customers will have. Let me explain to you that the website will be tampered with the code or be implanted with malicious viruses almost because the website program has vulnerabilities or the FTP password is cracked by hackers. The customer rents the host, so the website It is absolutely open to the public for all people to visit your website, but the customers who visit your website may be normal people, but they may also be people with malicious intentions or even people who pretend to be normal people but actually have malicious intentions. Our company will not block any source that does not cause the entire host service to be abnormal.

If your website is built using WordPress, malicious attacks usually come from themes or plug-ins, please see (https://www.ithome.com.tw/news/130713), the function of a website built by WordPress is usually to achieve the ideal situation of a customer, basically it needs to apply the themes or plug-ins developed by many different manufacturers to use. In short, WordPress is really convenient to set up. However, if you do not update frequently and do a good job of information security protection, you will be at risk of being invaded. The program of your website has problems causing hackers to invade. It is not within the scope of the free service responsibility of renting the company's host. Please understand that if your company website The website is unusable due to the implanted Trojan horse or is listed as an unsafe website by Google. Because the processing of the website implanted by the Trojan horse requires professional security personnel and time-consuming processing,

It is recommended that you take the following actions:
1. Find the company that originally made the website for you to deal with related website vulnerabilities
2. If the company needs to eliminate and repair website loopholes and strengthen website security, we need to charge an additional processing fee:
a. Non-our company's web design customers: 20,000 yuan / each time (including website protection Trojan horse anti-virus program)
b. Our company's web design customers: RMB 18,000 per time (including installation of website protection Trojan anti-virus program) remind you to frequently update website (WordPress) system security program vulnerabilities or purchase the company's website vulnerability scanning protection service https://hb.nss.com.tw/index.php?/cart/-site-lock-/&step=0

Please go to the domain> host (the website does not have a host configured). Remove under the item (see attached file pr6.jpg). This step is to remove the original host web configuration
(Please note!!!, removing the configuration will "remove the original web page data". If you still need web page data, be sure to back it up)
After removing the settings under the> Host (the website does not have a host configured), you can enter the function page where you can set the forwarding address (see attachment pr6-1.jpg)

Another way is to jump by writing a .htaccess program. You need to ask your web designer/maintainer for help, or refer to the online teaching:

Most virtual hosts provide regular backup functions. If the website operator accidentally deletes materials by mistake, there will be a risk of loss. Therefore, it is recommended that the website administrator himself can regularly back up or export important background information. In order to prevent the risk of accidental deletion of data, when the host or website fails, at least the export method can be used for local query.

Submit a service ticket to hb.nss.com.tw https://hb.nss.com.tw/index.php?/tickets/new/, the engineer will resend it for you immediately, or you can directly call 4499319( Direct dialing from mobile phone plus 02), the activation letter will be re-sent immediately after confirming the identity

You can point to our host at a different website
For example: you bought 123.com, and there is a purchase website abc.com outside
123.com is to display your website, you can use abc.com to point to 123.com like this, 123.com and abc.com both read your website
What you mentioned is that buying a host and using multiple URLs is different from what we introduced. Our company stipulates that a host can only use one URL. If you want a host with multiple URLs, you can refer to our distribution plan.

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