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Internet cash flow

The most important thing for engaging in online e-commerce business is to solve the problem of collection. Zhan Guoce provides cash flow services. Welcome to apply!

Payment method in Taiwan (free application):

Provide buyers with 4 payment methods using credit card, online ATM, ATM transfer, and credit card installment

Warring States policy customers apply for free, and only apply for company numbers in Taiwan.

Both collection and payment functions are suitable for company sellers.

Lanxin Jinliu, Zhanguo Policy carries out marketing operations for it in accordance with the terms of cooperation,
For the actual product plan rules, please refer to the Blue New Gold Flow Service Terms.

After completing the application form, the relevant undertaker of Lanxin Jinliu will contact you.

Provide the buyer to use the bank to pay the super merchants withdraw payment ATM balance credit card 4 kinds of payment methods, the money is kept by the Lanxin gold flow account, expires or the buyer instructs the payment in advance, the money is paid to the account.

  1. Credit card collection fee: 2~2.8% (depending on customer industry and monthly collection volume).
  2. The remaining payment methods are subject to the announcement of Jinliu Company.

Merchants can refund through this system (partial refund is possible), and the inter-bank cost is absorbed by the bank.

If you need our company to be responsible for the integration of the cash flow into your shopping cart, please contact 0800-003-191 and we will quote after evaluation

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