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Yoast SEO Premium Super Complete Setting Tutorial | WordPress SEO Plugin Required

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This article will teach you the super complete setting of Yoast SEO Premium. Yoast SEO is the SEO plug-in I think must be installed in WordPress!

Most people will use WordPress because they are attracted by the convenient SEO settings. So how do you set up Yoast SEO?Hurry up and keep watching.


Yoast SEO introduction

There are many SEO plugins for WordPress, among which the most popular ones are:Yoast SEO,All in One SEO Pack,WordPress SEO Plugin – Rank Math.

These SEO plug-ins are great, and they all have their own advantages and disadvantages. As long as they are easy to use, there is no guarantee which one is best, and don't easily replace the SEO plug-ins.

This site uses Yoast SEO, so I wrote an introduction specifically.

Using Yoast SEO plug-in can improve the SEO performance of WordPress sites, assist authors in writing content that is more in line with search engine rules, and optimize WordPress sites for complete search engines.


Yoast SEO vs Yoast SEO Premium

The free version of Yoast SEO is actually enough. The Premium version provides more detailed settings.

For a detailed comparison, please see the official introduction:Compare the Premium and the free version.

Mainly list several Premium features:

  1. Keywords can be set in multiple groups
  2. Preview thumbnails of social media instantly
  3. Internal link suggestions
  4. Redirect
  5. Add synonyms and related keywords
  6. 24 hours support for a year
  7. No ads


Yoast SEO Premium basic setting teaching

The following will introduce the basic settings of Yoast SEO Premium. The following settings are for reference only.Set yourself in consideration of your website, There is no certain good or bad.

Basically the setting method of this article, the focus will be to only let search engines searchArticles, pagesYes, nothing else is needed.



The console will show whether there are any problems or notifications. If you see any problems, solve them as soon as possible to avoid affecting SEO.

Yoast SEO console


Features are all turned on by default, but some functions do not have to be turned on.

The reasons for not opening are listed below:

  • Readability analysis: This analysis is not very accurate for Chinese.
  • Ryte integration: to help you confirm whether it is indexed by search engines, but basically Google Search Console The query is more accurate.
  • Management menu: just a notification message, not necessary.
  • Security: It is generally not recommended to open author-related settings or allow authors to be searched, which does not help the website as a whole.

Another important thing is XML sitemaps, which is the basis for search engines to find all content on the site.

The following settings will affect the sitemap generation. After all settings are completed, you can query domain/sitemap_index.xml Find your sitemap and submit all the URLs in it to Google Search Console.

Yoast SEO features

Webmaster Tools

Here can help verify each search engine, at least add Google verification code, the best case is to add all.

Webmaster Verification Tool


Search Appearance


The upper part is to set the title of the homepage. There are two possible settings:

  • If the homepage is a static page, there is no way to set it here, you need to set it on the page.
  • If the homepage is a default blog, you can set the title and summary of the homepage here.

The bottom half is to set whether your website is an organization or an individual, and set the name and logo.

General settings


Content Types

The following two are the article and page settings. I will display the date. If your article is newer than others, displaying the date will make people want to click in.

SEO title is set to Title only, so it will be the same as the title of the article.

The article and page settings are the same, you can refer to my setting method.

Yoast SEO article settings

Yoast SEO page settings



Just use the default for the Media part, and open the media page to facilitate Google's image search.

At the same time, remember that when you add pictures to the article, you must typeAlternate text, And it must be complementary to the picture, which is of great help to SEO!

Yoast SEO Media



There are actually two ways of saying whether the classification page should be searched by search engines. I think the article page is more important, and classification is not necessary.

If you want the category to be searchable, don't press No.

Yoast SEO categories

Tags are basically the same as categories, and there are even many WordPress sites that do not use tags.

Yoast SEO tags

The article formatting does not need to be searched, so just click Disable.

Yoast SEO article format



The compilation page is also closed, because it is not a valuable article or page.

There is a benefit of turning off the author’s assembly, which can avoid being used by othersScan tool, Easily find the user account and crack the password by brute force attack.

Yoast SEO compilation


Bread crumbs

The breadcrumb part can be enabled, and then the English characters can be replaced with Chinese characters, and the article area can be set to category.

If the theme does not support breadcrumbs, you need to add the code yourself, you can refer to this article:Implement Yoast SEO breadcrumbs.

Yoast SEO Breadcrumbs



Community website

If the place of the social group website is set up in front of the organization, there will be this list, and you can add the organization’s community URL.

Social SEO

The place of Facebook can be linked to the Facebook application, and set the default picture of Facebook (if the content of the website link does not have a picture).

Yoast SEO Facebook settings



The tool can import and export Yoast SEO settings, and batch edit the SEO titles and descriptions of all articles and pages.

Yoast SEO tools



Redirects is a feature only available in Yoast SEO Premium. If there are URL changes or URL errors, you can redirect through this tool.

URL redirect


Yoast SEO Premium article writing setting

I use the SEO settings of this article as a demonstration.

After clicking Add Article or Add Page, you can see the column of Yoast SEO Premium below.

Each article must define oneFocus keyword, The keyword of this article is Yoast SEO Premium teaching.

So the entire article will focus on this keyword to achieve the best SEO effect.

Focus keyword

ClickEdit codeTo expand other setting fields.

  • SEO title: Like the article title, the title should contain the focus keywords, not necessarily in the exact same text sequence, as long as the title contains the keywords.Because of the judgment of Chinese characters, sometimes Yoast cannot correctly judge that the keywords are included in the title, so just look at the warning message.
  • Pronouns: Pronouns are the URL of the article, try to use English, numbers, and have related meanings to keywords.
  • Meta description: The abstract above the Google search results is ideal if it also contains keywords.

The ideal number of Chinese characters for the title is 20-30 words.

The ideal number of Chinese characters described by Meta is 65~80 words.

Yoast SEO meta settings

In the place of SEO analysis, you can see the analysis results and see what is missing.

Regarding the number of words and keywords included, it can be used as a reference, because this is still relatively friendly in English.

In addition, the Premium version can also set Keyphrase synonyms, which is the meaning of synonyms. If the keywords have some synonyms, they can be added here.

SEO analysis


Adding related keywords is also a Premium function, you can add similar keywords here.

The detailed method can be viewed:How to choose the right focus keyword.

Add keywords, cornerstone articles



This article introduces the complete setting teaching of Yoast SEO Premium. I hope everyone can improve SEO smoothly.

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