Service Advantages of Warring States

Zhan Guoce Group was established in 2000. It has been established for more than 20 years and has more than 14 customers. It operates steadily and provides a free 2-day trial service. Use it and pay after you are satisfied!Price guarantee promise, buy expensive refund 60 times the price difference, XNUMX days unsatisfactory guarantee refund

In addition to providing hosting services, it also provides e-commerce, web design, website maintenance, online shop, program development, online cash flow, SSL certificates, online marketing, SEO marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, single window and one-stop services and Rich experience in host management and maintenance will increase official website traffic and turn traffic into profit.

Our server provides LiteSpeed ​​Web Server website acceleration service, which can improve website performance by 50-300%. The only service in the industry that uses Chunghwa Telecom’s computer room (+ Chunghwa Telecom bandwidth) and Hinet DDoS protection to protect website attacks is the most powerful for you. Provide speed and safety that the industry cannot do.

We provide a Chinese service customer service center that is open 365 hours a day, 24 days a year. We provide complete instructional videos for the site for free, and we have a number of experienced network administrators and WordPress problem solving experts who can solve all kinds of problems for you and save you troubles. .

Zhan Guo Ce not only sells consoles, but also helps you seize business opportunities on the Internet

In the post-epidemic era, business opportunities in the Internet market are rushing forward. Faced with changes in consumer consumption habits, companies must immediately grasp the industry dynamics and consumption trends in order to deploy ahead and win huge online business opportunities!The Warring States Strategy not only sells consoles, but also provides six value-added e-commerce services to assist hosting customers to seize online business opportunities.

Free online cash flow (free annual fee)

Publish Taiwan My Business Intelligence Network for free (increase SEO external links and website exposure)

Free installation of online customer service system (free installation for three years of host purchase)

Provide free website marketing teaching front manual

Online marketing consultant (limited to corporate customers, free 3 hours online consultation)

Buy WordPress business hosting + add SSL and get Rank Math SEO PRO plug-in and basic settings for free (worth 1 yuan)


Dual Intel Xeon 8 core CPU

SSD hard disk industrial server

256GB DDR4

Windows operating system

1000 Mbps (shared bandwidth)

Chunghwa Telecom Computer Room

Economical host

$ 1,800 TWD

3 year

  • Free .com or .tw URL in the first year
  • The host is located in the Chunghwa Telecom computer room
  • PLESK Chinese version management interface
  • Host SSD hard disk space 10GB
  • Monthly traffic 350G
  • 70 E-mail accounts
  • Support FrontPage Extensions
  • Support DreamWeaver
  • Support Asp Upload AspSmartUpload/Jmail
  • Support Access database

Business host

$ 2,700 TWD

3 year

  • Free .com or .tw URL in the first year
  • Buy one host and get one free
  • The host is located in the Chunghwa Telecom computer room
  • PLESK Chinese version management interface
  • Host SSD hard disk space 50GB
  • Monthly traffic 1000G
  • 100 E-mail accounts
  • Support FrontPage Extensions
  • Support DreamWeaver
  • Support Asp Upload AspSmartUpload/Jmail
  • Support Access database

Flagship host

$ 13,250 TWD

3 year

  • Free .com or .tw URL in the first year
  • Buy one host and get one free
  • The host is located in the Chunghwa Telecom computer room
  • PLESK Chinese version management interface
  • Host SSD hard disk space 100GB
  • Unlimited monthly traffic
  • Unlimited number of E-mail accounts
  • Support FrontPage Extensions
  • Support DreamWeaver
  • Support Asp Upload AspSmartUpload/Jmail
  • Support Access database
  • Provide 1 MS-SQL Server database

Windows SSD host detailed specifications

Precautions for renting a virtual host

Precautions for renting a virtual host: (click to open)

Precautions for renting a virtual host:

1. If the virtual host needs special specifications or quantities(One order is more than 65 units), please call to quote separately.


2. All distributor’s customer websites must comply with the company’s "Virtual Host Rental Agreement"If a dealer’s customer website violates the lease agreement, the company has the right to persuade the dealer to improve or terminate the illegal host account, and the dealer shall handle the issuance of customer invoices by himself.


3. The company only provides virtual host rental loans, and customers requesting the company to install and modify any programs or database services will be charged separately based on actual conditions.Users who rent the company’s Linux business host can request the company to install Blogs, phpBB, PHP-NUKE, XOOPS, OScommerce and other programs free of charge. When the user requests the company to install or modify the program for the second time, the company will charge Installation fee: NT$1,000 per time.


4. If your user is not satisfied with the service within 30 days from the launch date of the host, you may terminate the contract and apply for a refund. The refund content does not include:
a. Deduct 15% of the total product as an administrative fee. (This fee does not include card handling fees)
b. Newly registered international website fees (because the website is a non-recyclable consumable, it cannot be cancelled once registered), and the self-provided website is not regulated by this regulation.
c. Excess traffic charges during the 30-day trial period.The company will refund the fee to your designated account by cash transfer on the 25th of each month. Due to any refund or termination of the company’s service, any preferential service provided by the company will be invalid, and the company shall not be required to exchange cash Or any compensation.


5. If the customer's website exceeds the monthly traffic limit of the host leased, The customer needs to pay a bandwidth fee of RMB 1 per 1000G (50MB) of traffic exceeding the leased traffic limit, and the settlement is made at the end of each month.


6. The company will log in to the search engine on behalf of the client. Note: 
a. If there is a charge for the registration of domestic and foreign search engine websites, it will be based on the charge of the search engine website, and the company will only log in for free items.
b. The content of the collection status of the search engines registered for each agent is mainly based on the collection of each search engine.
c. Login to search engine websites in different languages, the content of the website must have the language version to be registered and included.
d. In order to avoid the trouble of correcting in the future, please fill in the information in detail and correctly.
e. The company only provides services for the first login. If the information is changed in the future, please go to each search engine website to modify it by yourself, so please be careful to keep the password for changing the login information. f. Because each search engine's registration data specifications and items are different, please fill in individually according to the word limit.
g. Operation time: about 7~30 days after receiving your complete information (yahoo does not provide free login service).Since the login operation time of each search engine company is different, the company does not make any guarantee that each search engine website shows the time and possibility.If you have any questions about logging in to the search engine, please ask the search engine operator yourself. Please forgive me.If customers need better exposure, welcome to pay to use the *Zhan Guoce website promotion service.


7. The gift handling methods and regulations provided by the company:
a. If you have ordered a promotional plan or participated in a specific event of the Warring States Strategy to qualify for the gift, and the gift will be issued 30 days after your payment is completed, you must pick up the goods from our company or pay for the home delivery.
b. If you withdraw the rent within 30 days after the payment is completed, you will be deemed to have waived the award qualification.
c. Apply for InstantSSL Certificate: Qualified customers can fill out the SSL purchase form.
d. If you use the service of "Warring States Policy Dissatisfaction Guaranteed Refund" during the lease period, the calculation of the cancellation fee shall be in accordance with the stipulations in the contract and deduct the market price of the gifts at that time.



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Host FAQ

The price of MSSQL is 9,999 yuan per year. It only includes 1 database and 1G space. You cannot open multiple databases and you need to pay for additional purchases.

The host plesk version of our company will affect the .net framwork version,
View the current latest version of the host swp3 version, you can choose 4.8 and 3.5
However, the previous host and more customers used 4.5 and 3.5

You can ask customers to test first,
If 4.8 is too new to run, you can move to an older version of the host to run (basically it is downward compatible)

1. Please log in to your Plesk hosting management platform first:
https://您的網域名稱:8443/ 或 https://主機IP:8443/
2. After login, "Database" on the left

3. Click user: (database user name)

4. After entering the modification screen, you can start to change the password,
Please fill in the new password in the "Password" and "Confirm Password" fields, and please fill in the same information
Button description:
Generate -> The system will automatically fill in a new password. If you have set a new password by yourself, do not press to generate it, it will be overwritten by the system
Display -> Display the information currently filled in the "Password" field, and the "Confirm Password" field will not be displayed

The company's Windows virtual host supports. Net core currently supports version 3.1

If you want to apply for the MSSQL trial, you need to fill in the dispatch form with your current member account We will help you open it

I'm sorry that our host only provides free access database MSSQL is a paid version (1G hard disk space 9999 yuan / year)

If you rent the mssql database, the mssql database is managed through the Microsoft tool SQL SERVER MANAGEMENT, you can download the tool through Microsoft to do export backup

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