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How to apply for a website? The picture and text will teach you once!

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When you want to run personal blogs, company websites, etc., for online-related marketing activities, setting up a website is a prerequisite work, and purchasing a website is one of the most important links before making a website.

The URL, as the name implies, is the address of the Internet. It is a bit like the house number. It is one of the must-have things on the website, but in fact, the orthodox version of the URL is the domain name, which is also the Domain Name. This is to make the web page easier The English code used to be remembered is used to replace the ip location of the web host space to prevent visitors from remembering numbers incorrectly and unable to browse the web. >>You can click here for details on what the website is.

Common URL endings are .com / .com.tw, ​​these two are the most common endings in Taiwan, but if you want to be in other regions or for other purposes, you can also apply for different kinds of domains, such as:

.idv >> Personal domain, you can apply as long as you have an ID card.

.org >> Talents of the consortium can apply, and relevant documents of the consortium are required.

.net >> Only available for network institutions, such as Chunghwa Telecom and seednet.

.edu >> Educational institutions, generally the website of school agencies, non-general tuition classes and other institutions.

.gov>> Government agencies are the URLs used by government web pages, and ordinary people cannot apply.

tw / cn / jp>> represents different countries, such as Taiwan/China/Japan, etc.

|Check Domain

Before applying for a domain, you must first check whether the domain can be used. There are many ways to check the domain, among whichWHOISYou can query the domain and know which manufacturer provided it, but it’s still recommended to useWarring States Policy Registered DomainFor the services, you can quickly understand the current price while checking.

▲Check whether this domain has been used

▲If there is a transfer in the NSS registered domain, the representative has been registered

|Select the key points

  1. Brand name: You can use the brand name as the domain name, which is simple and easy to remember for yourself, and is also used in website rankings.
    For example: uniqlo – https://www.uniqlo.com/tw/
  2. Related to product name: URL is related to product keywords.
    For example: Love of Second-hand Books https://www.usedbook.tw/
  3. .com first: .com is the intuitive impression of most people, which is mainly easy to remember and increase search rate.
  4. Do not use Chinese: The website is mainly in English, so if there is Chinese on the website, it will be converted into a long series of special symbols + numbers, which will have a great impact on the ranking.

|Buy domain

Purchasing the URL is very simple, just use the above-mentioned Warring States Policy to register the domain name, first enter the domain name you like, and then click "register".


▲Check if it has been registered first

▲Click to order the selected domain name, here is only for testing, so just buy the cheapest domain

▲Then it will jump to the payment information page

▲If you already have a host, you can fill in the domain name here, which can be tied to the URL (but the host side string is the fastest)

▲After filling in and submitting, the payment page will appear

▲After filling in the relevant information, you can click checkout

▲Choose credit card payment here, fill in the payment information and press send

▲This screen appears at last, and the purchase is complete!

But after the website purchase is completed, the most important thing is to go for authentication. Upon arrival at the email you filled in, you will receive a letter, just follow the instructions.

▲Click the link

▲It can be completed when this screen appears, but each domain company is different, so it should be based on the actual situation.

The above steps are the steps to purchase a website, but some friends would like to ask whether free domains on the Internet can be used?Of course you can use the free ones, especially for practice or testing, but be careful that most of the free domains are subdomains of the counterparty company. When the counterparty company goes bankrupt or shuts down the service, there will be no more domains available. Use, so it is recommended to use a paid and reliable online company to subscribe.



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