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Video marketing

What is video marketing?Video marketing has become mainstream in Taiwan?

Traditionally, with a few pictures and hundreds of words of narratives, this marketing method is easy for consumers to ignore!In today's technologically advanced era, using video shooting to promote your brand, products and services is a powerful marketing strategy, and successfully attracting corporate audiences and potential customers through video narration.

According to statistics, at the beginning of 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be contributed by videos, and the survey results show that 64% of consumers believe that videos are more likely to impress them for consumption.
It can be seen that people's interest in audio and video has greatly increased, and the inclusion of films in brand companies has become one of the important keys.

Four Benefits of Audiovisual Marketing

Video is the key to SEO
Increase the click-through rate of corporate search engine rankings, reach the target audience, increase the opening rate and the number of conversions.

Increase preferences and increase traffic
The film has both visual and auditory senses, which can effectively increase consumers’ attention and help establish backlinks to your website.

Provide diversified ways
The marketing content of the film can be planned by itself, including customer evaluation and recommendation, live broadcast, product operation teaching, and entertainment activities.
There are multiple broadcasting platforms for video marketing, including YouTube, social platforms, TV commercials, etc., allowing consumers to view online videos anytime, anywhere.

Choose Warring States Policy with Peace of Mind
Any manufacturer can make a movie, but quality is the key!
The Warring States Policy has mastered three key points of film production: 1. Pre-work 2. Shooting 3. Post-production
The shooting of the film is left to the Zhan Guoce Group, so that your film will stand out on all major platforms.

Film marketing case works

success case

Warring States Policy has the most successful cases of well-known companies and listed companies choosing Warring States services.

Since its establishment 2020 years ago in 20, it has assisted XNUMX companies to successfully enter the online market!

Welcome to the Zonguoce Online Marketing and Distribution Partner Program!

The company currently provides word-of-mouth marketing, online military marketing, SEO optimization, content marketing, community marketing, bloggers, online celebrity marketing, press release media exposure, five-star reviews, GOOGLE my business agency management, video and audio marketing online marketing and distribution We welcome ambitious partners from web design, hosting companies, PR companies, and B2B companies to join us!

The goal of the Zonguoce Online Marketing and Distribution Partner Program is to allow dealers to make money!

Since the establishment of online marketing services requires a lot of costs and complex management, and there is also a certain degree of professionalism and complexity in word-of-mouth marketing operations, the Warring States Policy Network Army Marketing Team saves the troubles and costs of dealers, and our partners plan to provide distribution It provides one-stop service for business information, and provides the word-of-mouth marketing resources owned by Zhan Guoce to help dealers and their customers on the road to success.According to the monthly sales category, or through links and referrals, the best sales commission will be given back to the partners who work hard. 

Three advantages of the Internet Marketing Reseller Program:

The highest commission return in the industry

Free service sales and presentation support

White label sales support in your name

Welcome web design, marketing, SEO, and public relations companies to contact Zhan Guoce with their business cardsLINE ID:@119m or fill inContact form

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Marketing

Regardless of whether it is operating a corporate website or a personal website, it is necessary to create a large amount of content to gain users' favor. Therefore, in addition to writing text and placing pictures, making good use of video materials is also one of the most important creative methods.If you can use the video to add texture to the overall website and establish a unified tone, it will be very helpful for the brand behind the website.

XNUMX. Help establish reverse links
XNUMX. Help you interact with the audience
XNUMX. Attract the attention of target customers
XNUMX. Provide information retention
XNUMX. Effectively help customers make decisions

To establish a video marketing campaign, it is usually achieved by conducting market research, competitor analysis and collecting insights into the target market.Once the information is mastered, the strategy and the message to be communicated can be formulated.After formulating a strategy and determining your message, you should choose a production company to realize your vision.Of course, anyone can make a short film, but quality is the key.Only well-made films can be classics and can stand out among the tens of thousands of films today.

With the gradual maturity of social media and its visual content, the time for people to pay attention to information is getting shorter and shorter. Short films can provide more freedom and more effective release of the key points that they want to convey, regardless of the depth of the content.Since people always shop impulsively and then find reasons for themselves, how to arouse consumers' emotions in a short period of time is the key to success.

Since Gen Z under the age of 20, the attention can only last for 5-6 seconds, so brands must streamline audio and video content and rethink how to tell a great story in short seconds. The Google survey also pointed out that 90% of the pre-spot advertisements increased the audience’s impression of the brand and at the same time increased brand awareness by 61%.

If your company needs online marketing services, please call0800-003-191Or fill in the following contact form or use the official LINE (ID:@119m) Contact our company, our network consultant will actively contact you within 24 hours. After the information is confirmed, you can give away the Zhan Guoce 1,000 yuan stored value (only for corporate customers, the stored value can purchase all Zhan Guoce services, website (Except for registration services), in order to increase the voice of corporate customers’ online reputation, the ZhanGuo Policy provides a free brand corporate customer analysis and word-of-mouth marketing health diagnosis report (worth 15,000 yuan)

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