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Five advantages of NSS distribution type virtual host

NSS distribution type host (multi-domain name) is provided for customers (web design companies) with high demand for virtual hosting. You can choose Linux or Windows platform distribution type virtual hosts according to your business volume. NSS distribution type HostUnlimited number of host accounts can be opened, Enjoy more substantial preferential prices, in order to reduce your costs and obtain more favorable profits.

Powerful dealer management function

The NSS distribution type host provides the function of managing customer data, the function of designing the host plan by itself, and the no-brand system. The customer can upload the company logo as the host management interface brand.You don't have to worry that customers will find that the host is from our company, and you can open the host account function by yourself, open an unlimited number of domains, an unlimited number of URLs pointing to the same host, and an unlimited number of E-mail accounts!

Can open unlimited host accounts

The NSS distribution type host can open unlimited host accounts to reduce your costs and obtain more favorable profits, so that you can obtain the greatest sales benefits in the process of developing your business.

Professional technical support team

You only need to be responsible for sales. Any technical issues, system development and updates, are handled by NSS professional network management engineers, and provide kind and prompt customer service support 365 hours a day, 24 days a week, to instantly answer incurable problems for you and your customers .

Provide sales and marketing resources

1. Cooperate with your product promotion activities to provide assistance and resources.
2. Regularly invite you and your customers to participate in the e-commerce university program for free to help you deepen customer relationships and product promotions.
3. Provide detailed product information, so that you can fully understand the characteristics and advantages of the Warring States policy, and can adopt effective sales strategies.

Priority referral of web design case sources

If a web designer (web design company) meets the qualifications: 1. The design is aesthetically pleasing, familiar with the production of websites with wordpress, can design and produce independently, and are willing to cooperate with the company after purchasing the NSS distribution host, please go online Fill out the cooperation form https://n9s.com/6d, We will evaluate, and the partners will discuss cooperation matters

Service Advantages of Warring States

Zhan Guoce Group was established in 2000. It has been established for more than 20 years and has more than 14 customers. It operates steadily and provides a free 2-day trial service. Use it and pay after you are satisfied!Price guarantee promise, buy expensive refund 60 times the price difference, XNUMX days unsatisfactory guarantee refund

In addition to providing hosting services, it also provides e-commerce, web design, website maintenance, online shop, program development, online cash flow, SSL certificates, online marketing, SEO marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, single window and one-stop services and Rich experience in host management and maintenance will increase official website traffic and turn traffic into profit.

Our server provides LiteSpeed ​​Web Server website acceleration service, which can improve website performance by 50-300%. The only service in the industry that uses Chunghwa Telecom’s computer room (+ Chunghwa Telecom bandwidth) and Hinet DDoS protection to protect website attacks is the most powerful for you. Provide speed and safety that the industry cannot do.

We provide a Chinese service customer service center that is open 365 hours a day, 24 days a year. We provide complete instructional videos for the site for free, and we have a number of experienced network administrators and WordPress problem solving experts who can solve all kinds of problems for you and save you troubles. .

Zhan Guo Ce not only sells consoles, but also helps you seize business opportunities on the Internet

In the post-epidemic era, business opportunities in the Internet market are rushing forward. Faced with changes in consumer consumption habits, companies must immediately grasp the industry dynamics and consumption trends in order to deploy ahead and win huge online business opportunities!The Warring States Strategy not only sells consoles, but also provides six value-added e-commerce services to assist hosting customers to seize online business opportunities.

Free online cash flow (free annual fee)

Publish Taiwan My Business Intelligence Network for free (increase SEO external links and website exposure)

Free installation of online customer service system (free installation for three years of host purchase)

Provide free website marketing teaching front manual

Online marketing consultant (limited to corporate customers, free 3 hours online consultation)

Buy WordPress business hosting + add SSL and get Rank Math SEO PRO plug-in and basic settings for free (worth 1 yuan)

Host FAQ

How to choose a good hosting company?
Many customers often consider the price when choosing a host company. However, the good and the bad are mixed. Every year, dozens of host companies lose money and close down. Don't spend money to be taken advantage of. In order to save a few hundred yuan, it will cause future complaints. Regarding regret, choosing a good host company is very important. Based on years of experience in the Warring States Period, the following are the precautions that must be considered!

XNUMX. Evaluation of the company's steady operation
Any business needs to be profitable to provide consumers with better services and quality. If a hosting company only charges 1,000 yuan a year and has 3,000 customers, the company's revenue will only be 1,000 yuan*3,000 in a year Home = 300 million. Assuming that the host company has only 25 employees, the company's operating costs alone will cost 900 million yuan a year. When a company cannot make profits for a long time, it can only sacrifice the rights of consumers, or even reduce quality or Vicious bankruptcy, let alone developing new technologies to provide customers with better services.The following are the key points to consider when choosing a manufacturer:
1. When is the company established? The longer the company is established, the more stable it will be after long-term market tests.
2. The company's capital? The higher the company's capital, of course, the better the company's capital operation will be.
3. Do you want to issue Taiwan invoices? Only if the host company has an invoice company in Taiwan, can the account be reported.
4. The number of existing customers of the company? The more the number of customers, the host company reaches a certain economic scale and is usually more stable.

XNUMX. Customer service and maintenance evaluation
1. Do you provide customer service in Chinese? Foreign host companies only provide customer service in English. When you encounter technical problems and want to consult, you will often encounter communication barriers or require a certain level of English
2. Do you provide telephone customer service?
3. Do you provide Taiwan invoices?
4. Do you provide LIVECHAT customer service?
4. Do you provide 365 hours a day, 24 days a year service? Your company’s website operates 24 hours a day, in case the website hosting service is unstable and loses orders or important business opportunities. However, due to limited manpower and personnel costs, most businesses cannot 24-hour service, which affects the rights and interests of customers' websites, NSS is a host company that provides a small number of industry players with 365 hours a day, 24 days a year service!

XNUMX. Evaluation of host quality stability
1. Computer room location: If your customers are all in Taiwan, the computer room location must of course be in Taiwan, and Chunghwa Telecom's computer room speed is the best
2. Hardware specifications and backup and backup mechanism
3. Can a host trial be provided? Regardless of how the proprietor’s propaganda is written, please apply for a host trial first to experience the pre-sale service of the proprietor, the real speed and stability of the host, and the friendliness of the operating interface. It is the best pre-purchase test The way
4. Whether the manufacturer publishes the host utilization rate report (UPTIME), for example, the host utilization rate report of the Warring States Policy can know the real situation https://uptime.statuscake.com/?TestID=uuCqKXHnH0

Distributors can customize service plans, such as economy, business... and then specify the notification settings in the plan

The data flow specification is fixed, if there is a super flow image, it will be directly interrupted, but when the flow is about to be exceeded, a letter will be notified. If there is a need to increase the flow, an additional fee of 1G/50 yuan will be added

a. The highest supported version of the database?

Answer: The database version will be updated over time. If the customer has a problem with the database version update, please call the engineering department 4499319 to ask questions.

b. Does the host support external SMTP (gmail) to use as a program to send mail?

Yes, the host can be used as a mailing program through external SMTP

c. Can I install a free SSL certificate?

Our host does not provide free SSL certificates, but customers can apply for SSL certificates externally and install them on our hosts

We provide hosting services,Does not include the handling of program problems arising from non-host reasons, If you need to debug (or modify) because of the program problem after the engineer has checked, please contact the original webpage design program development company of your company website, or pay for the web program (design modification and writing) service commissioned by our company, and additional payment cost
You can choose a single troubleshooting (2000 yuan per hour, we will evaluate the required processing hours and quote) or sign an annual maintenance contract with our company (please refer to page 16 of our service manual) https://n9s.com/0800003191

Enterprises should focus on the growth of their business, not on the maintenance of the website. The ZhanGuo Policy provides all-round services for the website:

Website design program development service
1. Web design, program development, APP development, product photography and graphic design
2. Shopping website product removal service
3. Add and modify the webpage and link with the cash flow system
4. WordPress and woocommerce operation teaching or problem handling

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