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Zhan Guoce customer renews the contract to purchase the company's service process

Customer renewal purchase of the company's service process

Please log in to your customer management system https://hb.nss.com.tw Enter the account number (main contact email) and password
->Account Information
->Click on the bill
->Select the unpaid bill number
->Select the payment method (virtual account transfer or credit card overseas customers please choose other payment methods) to renew the contract


  1. If your host or URL is overdue before you pay, it will be back to normal at least 24 hours after the payment is completed
  2. 若有帳務上問題,請於周一至周五 09:00~18:00(中午12:00~13:00休息)致電 : 4499314(手機撥打加02)
  3. Remind you, the bill amount is the full product amount and does not include the remittance fee.Please do not check "Pay by recipient" for the remittance fee, so as to avoid remittance failure due to incorrect remittance amount
  4. 24 hours after the payment is completed, an electronic invoice will be issued to your company's main contact mailbox
  5. If you rent a DV SSL certificate, you can apply for issuance within one day, or the OV EV that needs to be verified by phone and company may require a week of verification time. It is recommended that you renew the contract more than one week before the expiration date. There is a connection problem


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