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Warring States Policy's remote office solutions and anti-epidemic marketing solutions

The three levels of alert have been upgraded for the outbreak of the epidemic in Taiwan. How can companies deploy and build plans for off-site offices (diversion offices) and anti-epidemic marketing programs?To keep business operations and services uninterrupted, while the epidemic is severe, life is priceless. If you purchase a service designated by the Warring States Policy, you will receive a personal epidemic prevention policy. The Warring States Policy will exclusively protect your health

The new crown pneumonia epidemic is rapidly spreading throughout Taiwan. Many commercial activities have been cancelled due to the epidemic. In order to avoid affecting the health of employees or the government’s announcement of the city’s closure, the normal operation of the company is severely paralyzed and the performance declines. At the same time, companies that originally rely on traditional channel marketing methods have called Asked how NSS implements website and online marketing to improve performance. Companies should plan as early as possible to use remote office mode to keep their business operations uninterrupted, and establish an anti-epidemic online marketing performance improvement plan to minimize losses.With 20 years of practical experience in cloud and e-commerce services, NSS has accumulated the experience of 3 corporate customers, and shared the company's plan for introducing off-site offices and anti-epidemic marketing as follows. NSS will fight the epidemic together with companies to overcome operational difficulties!

The company's telephone customer service can use the cloud switchboard system

The cloud switchboard is built in the cloud, and there is no need to place any switchboard hardware in the company. The online management center allows managers to adjust the company greetings, extensions, outbound permissions and other settings at any time, and can also query call records, subverting the traditional switchboard Pattern.When someone calls the company representative number, using the mobile extension allows the employee to answer the call at home with the app on the mobile phone or computer.Therefore, there is no need to force customers to change their habitual contact methods, whether existing customers want to seek assistance or potential customers are interested in company products, just call the company representative number as usual.When calling a customer, the personal mobile phone number is not displayed, but the company representative number. Not only can it show the professional image of the company, but the customer does not feel that the employee is actually working at home.
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EIP system (enterprise portal website) can be used for clocking in and signing of official documents

The EIP system is a powerful Web-based office information collaboration platform that users can use on different computers all over the world and through a browser.Through the EIP platform, the company can effectively publish messages, achieve data sharing between employees, transfer and approve various types of forms, accumulate and manage corporate knowledge, and complete most of the company's internal operations. Another design focus of EIP lies in its permission control and data sharing. Simple settings allow data to be safely transmitted to designated groups or users.
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CRM system (customer relationship management) can be used for business and customer management

The CRM system is mainly used to help companies establish interactive information for business dealings with customers. CRM allows you to quickly grasp the pulse between you and your customers. To create the driving force for the company's continuous growth, the key is to do a good job in customer relationship management.How to fully grasp the information of business dealings with customers, quickly discover the needs of potential customers or formal customers and provide real-time customer service, CRM customer relationship management system will be the best weapon to help enterprises succeed.
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Online course learning management system can be used for training and briefing sessions

Because corporate employees work remotely and cannot visit customers, or school education and training teaching units, corporate management companies are unable to offer physical courses due to the epidemic, the online course management system can be used to remotely train employees and train customers or host networks Commodity seminars, the function of the system even allows customers to pay for courses to increase sustainable income, in order to reduce customer churn and save physical training costs. Online course learning is the best solution to replace physical learning.Online course learning management system customer case:
Forest Service Forest Healer Certification Training Platform
Attorney's Tutorial
Accountant tuition
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Create a website and introduce e-commerce shopping functions to increase performance

The outbreak of the epidemic has severely impacted physical stores and traditional consumption methods. As a result, more than 90% of customers will first search for information and purchase products on the Internet. At this time, websites with professional design and friendly google search architecture will be exposed first. .Among them, more than 70% of potential customers use mobile phones to search online, and RWD responsive websites will have better rankings. Web design is the primary key to enhancing the competitiveness of a company’s network. Web design is not only beautiful, but also many Professional details are hidden in it, including: SEO structure in line with google search, RWD responsive design, web page loading speed... etc. At the same time, the enterprise website introduces e-commerce shopping cart or community functions, which will allow customers to further order online purchases !It is the key for companies to build competitive websites to double their performance!
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Promote online marketing to increase the source of company performance

The epidemic has caused a decline or impact on the performance of companies. Now is the time to test the company’s response. The sprint in good times is like a straight acceleration. In a downturn, you must adjust your pace to improve your physical fitness in order to have the ability to accelerate corners and surpass your opponents. , When your company’s peers and competitors have suspended business and marketing activities, and deployed online military marketing, SEO optimization, content marketing, social marketing, bloggers and Internet celebrity marketing, online news media exposure, and Google Online marketing methods such as increasing the number of merchants and adding five-star reviews can "attack their unpreparedness and surprise", thus leading their peers in capturing the market.Create a source of non-performance
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Companies accelerate digital transformation

Due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, customer consumption patterns are changing, and business models are changing, driving more data, algorithms, platforms and other new tool applications, which is like shocking education for many industries. In order to survive the epidemic, Taiwan small and medium-sized enterprises The digital transformation needs to be accelerated.Want to develop the e-commerce market but do not have relevant experience? Want to increase website exposure and performance? NSS provides your company with consulting and execution plans to improve the effectiveness of online marketing.
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Purchase personal and corporate epidemic prevention policies

As the local epidemic continues to spread, individuals can purchase anti-epidemic insurance for their health, and companies can also purchase main insurance products designed by property insurance companies for owner compensation. Customers only need to choose the desired plan according to their industry category and protection needs. Easy to insure.If, unfortunately, the owner or his employee suffers from a statutory infectious disease or comes into contact with a person suffering from an infectious disease, the business premises are required to be evacuated by the competent authority, causing the insured person’s business to stop and lose, the property insurance company will multiply the "Daily Compensation Amount" by " Compensation days" for compensation.The maximum number of compensation days for each accident is limited to 30 days, and the cumulative maximum of the insurance period is limited to 60 days, in order to diversify the risk of business suspension and protect losses
Purchase the NSS designated service, and you will get a personal anti-epidemic policy. The NSS exclusively protects your health

Bank financing and fund application

When the epidemic will be completely eliminated, and when the world will return to normal, no one knows. It is the kingly way to avoid risk and self-insured cash in hand. Make good use of government relief measures or related resources: such as coordinating bank loan extensions, policy additions Loan guarantee or subsidy.Apply for government subsidies for related research and development projects (such as SBIR, etc.).All should accelerate the implementation to obtain the most cash and reserve the most bullets for the company in the future for the long-term fight against the war. Once the epidemic is over, it is estimated that the suppressed market demand will increase significantly and the company can resume normal operations.

How to plan a remote office and anti-epidemic marketing plan?

In the face of the threat of the epidemic, does the company have sufficient resilience?
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