Successfully recommended by customers

1. Referees and referees who meet the conditions can receive "Shinkong Mitsukoshi Voucher and Six Great Gifts"

VIP anti-spam service for one year

EZ Enterprise Station (paid version) for one year

Free SSL encryption certificate for 3 months

Online credit card payment mechanism
(Handling fee 2%)

Website backup security solution service
(CodeGuard Basic)
Free half a year

Website Security Solution Service
(Site Lock Basic)
Free one year

Newsletter system
(English interface
(300 messages can be sent daily)

2. Webpage design decision-makers visit recommendation reward activities. Each recommends a customer with web design (or program development) needs, after successful visits by our business colleagues, you can get a "Shinkong Mitsukoshi Voucher 500 yuan".

3. The old customers of the Warring States Policy recommended 5 corporate customers to purchase virtual hosts that month, and the referees can get "free lifetime virtual hosts".

How can I recommend?

Method 1:
Please connect to the website, after registering and logging in as a member, click on the sixth option on the left "Recommended Distributors" to show a personal link.
Share or copy your exclusive link through the community to provide your friends to use, and complete the member registration action, your friends can get product discounts, guide your friends to place an order and complete the payment, please take the initiative to create a ticket or The Livechat system informs the service personnel that after confirming the fact that the recommended purchase is established, your recommendation reward will be immediately approved, and the stored value redemption code will be sent to your personal mailbox by E-mail.

Method 2:
Please fill in the contact information of your friends and our customer service staff will guide you to place the order [ Please click here to place an order ]
Please fill in your name in the recommender field of the order form when your referee orders from our company.

For detailed activity methods, please contact customer service hotline 4499-314 ext. 131 (for direct dialing from mobile phones, please add 02)
Customer service mailbox: | Company

Tips and notes

  1. The referrer must be a customer who has purchased the company's services from Zhan Guoce, and the referee cannot be a customer who currently uses the company's services.
  2. This activity cannot be paralleled with other preferential activities. The company reserves the right to modify the content of the activity and the final interpretation of the terms of the activity.
  3. The single transaction amount must be more than 3000 yuan to be eligible for recommendation.
  4. If the recommendation is an individual, according to the tax law of the Republic of China, we will declare the income of the recommender’s labor services.
  5. The referrer is not allowed to exchange cash for the stored value or free virtual hosting plan for life, and the referee must be a Taiwanese enterprise user with a unified number.
  6. Since the company has a 60-day unconditional refund policy, customers who meet the stored value or lifetime free qualifications should fill in the dispatch form "" to the company's customer service department 9 days after the referee completes the payment Rolls and gifts.
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