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Renewal customer payment

The company’s contract renewal notice will be sent 120 days before your expiration date [email]

  • To the e-mail box you left, the letter will contain the relevant renewal order number and payment information.
    Example: If your due date is [December 2017, 12],
    The renewal notice letter will be sent on [August 2017, 8].
  • If you are a customer of the company and want to pay in advance, it is recommended that you use the card method to pay [ Click here ], Renewal process teaching [ Click here ]
  • After logging in to the member information, enter the payer's information and amount according to the bill payment prompts to proceed with the card payment.
    If you need to pay by transfer or remittance to our company’s bank account,
    Please call 4499-314 (please add 02 for direct phone calls), The company's customer service staff will serve you.

Swipe online

The company's cash flow mechanism uses the latest VISA 3D verification technology and international 128bitSSL encryption processing to ensure the safety of your transactions.
The company recommends that you use the online credit card payment method to quickly activate the service you have purchased;

Virtual account

  • Bank code: 808 (Yushan Bank)
  • Transfer account: Warring States policy orders show your exclusive remittance account
    (Virtual account payment can be transferred at ATM or bank counter transfer, but cannot be transferred to Yushan Bank counter transfer. Please note that please do not deduct the handling fee and need to remit the full amount to the company's bank account to avoid remittance failure)

Card payment for customers in mainland China

Welcome to use UnionPay card, Alipay, WeChat Pay to pay. The payment method in the order process is "UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat Pay" to make payment!

Payment by customers in overseas regions

Welcome to use paypal, select "paypal" as the payment method on the order form to make the payment!

Remittance account of foreign customers

Swift code: ESUNTWTP

Virtual currency payment method

We support 150 virtual currency payment methods such as Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH, Litecoin LTC, Ripple, etc.

Asean countries payment methods

We provide various online and offline payment methods in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Payment methods in other countries

We provide various online and offline payment methods that accept payments from more than 150 countries/regions including bank transfers, prepaid cards, e-wallets, etc.

If you are paying by general transfer and remittance, you need to bear the transfer handling fee and remittance fee yourself.

Please be sure to fax your remittance or transfer receipt to +886-2-2388-8286 (24H) after the remittance is completed, and be sure to indicate your information (name/contact number/email/remittance amount/URL) on the fax ) For the company to reconcile:
Regardless of your payment method, as long as you complete the payment order and complete the account (remittance in the mainland area takes about three working days), the company will email the relevant virtual host operation instructions and account password to your email box on the same day .


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