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Internet Marketing Service

Warring States Policy has comprehensively built online marketing services for inbound customers with a one-stop concept.Provide customer word-of-mouth marketing, online army marketing, SEO optimization, content marketing, community marketing, bloggers, online celebrity marketing, press release media exposure, five-star reviews, GOOGLE My business agency management, video and audio marketing, not only for enterprises to increase traffic And performance, creating an endless stream of network business opportunities.

Our Internet Marketing Service

the way Internet Marketing Service Name Service Content Charging method Effectiveness and time
Ability to attract customers

Blogger Marketing

Internet celebrity marketing

Invite bloggers (net celebrities) to write your company's product unboxing articles (restaurants are tasting articles) to do experience marketing, so that search engine indexing can increase click-through rate and ranking From 3000 yuan to 5 yuan per person Good/slow
Ability to attract customers Website SEO ranking optimization marketing Use SEO technology to increase the natural ranking of main keywords in the GOOGLE YAHOO search engine From 35000 yuan/month Good/slow
Ability to attract customers Word of mouth and forum marketing Comment and post word-of-mouth, and interactive messages on YOUTUBE videos in forums or FBs that meet customer attributes. GOOGLE Maps store reviews (including comments) as an in-place discussion operation From 50000 yuan/month Good/fast
Ability to attract customers Content marketing Ask professional writers to write related articles or press releases to increase the number of links and rankings placed in search engines From 4000 yuan / article Medium/slow
Ability to attract customers Social marketing Through social media such as FB fan group, LINE official account, INSTAGRAM, etc., build brand and loyal customers and divert traffic From 15000 yuan/month Medium/slow
Push GOOGLE my business Merchant ranking, merchant hosting, five-star reviews, merchant management According to the actual execution of the quotation Good/slow
Push Press release Each news is guaranteed to appear on XNUMX online news platforms From 35000 yuan/time Medium/fast
Push Live broadcast or video marketing Live broadcast or shoot company videos and place them on YOUTUBE or official website for promotion and marketing Starting from RMB 30000/support Medium/slow
Push Online advertising marketing Advertise on FB, GOOGLE, YAHOO, LINE and other major online media From 5000 yuan/month Medium/fast
Push Alliance Marketing The bonus is paid according to the sales performance of the franchised website, which is a form of advertisement based on piece-based payment From 1500 yuan/month Medium/slow

Welcome to the Zonguoce Online Marketing and Distribution Partner Program!

The company currently provides word-of-mouth marketing, online military marketing, SEO optimization, content marketing, community marketing, bloggers, online celebrity marketing, press release media exposure, five-star reviews, GOOGLE my business agency management, video and audio marketing online marketing and distribution We welcome ambitious partners from web design, hosting companies, PR companies, and B2B companies to join us!

The goal of the Zonguoce Online Marketing and Distribution Partner Program is to allow dealers to make money!

Since the establishment of online marketing services requires a lot of costs and complex management, and there is also a certain degree of professionalism and complexity in word-of-mouth marketing operations, the Warring States Policy Network Army Marketing Team saves the troubles and costs of dealers, and our partners plan to provide distribution It provides one-stop service for business information, and provides the word-of-mouth marketing resources owned by Zhan Guoce to help dealers and their customers on the road to success.According to the monthly sales category, or through links and referrals, the best sales commission will be given back to the partners who work hard. 

Three advantages of the Internet Marketing Reseller Program:

The highest commission return in the industry

Free service sales and presentation support

White label sales support in your name

Welcome web design, marketing, SEO, and public relations companies to contact Zhan Guoce with their business cardsLINE ID:@119m or fill inContact form

success case

Warring States Policy has the most successful cases of well-known companies and listed companies choosing Warring States services.

Since its establishment 2020 years ago in 20, it has assisted XNUMX companies to successfully enter the online market!

If your company needs online marketing services, please call0800-003-191Or fill in the following contact form or use the official LINE (ID:@119m)Contact the company
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