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General recruitment

Taiwan's most feminine company

General recruitment

Taiwan's most feminine company

Message from the CEO

The Happy Workplace Warring States Strategy tailored specifically for you supports serious women to realize their dreams!

Everyone often sees that the Zhan Guo Ce recruitment advertisements use photos of female employees. At present, the female executives of the Zhan Guo Ce also account for more than two-thirds of the company’s management positions. People often ask me why I like to hire women so much. I think women are beautiful and gentle. Transforming the cold and blunt stereotype of the high-tech industry, because women have better patience and higher loyalty, which can lay the foundation for the stable development of the company.

In Taiwan, there are many examples of women showing success in the workplace. For example, Chen Minhui, president of Taiwan Laiya Group, Huang Qingwen, chairman of Pacific SOGO Department Store, and Wang Xing, director of Yahoo! Asia Pacific, reflect the role of modern Taiwanese women in all walks of life. The role has emerged.Since the NSS company has very few grassroots and is composed of young people under the age of 30, I encourage employees to be more creative and willing to let inexperienced employees do large-scale projects for her. "Because only when employees are not afraid of making mistakes and fully given practical experience can they grow rapidly in terms of ability and qualifications." Many female colleagues told me that because the company opens up opportunities fairly, gains high confidence and sense of accomplishment at work, and has the courage to challenge themselves It also made me deeply realize that modern women need to be affirmed in the workplace. As long as the company puts aside gender baggage, it will naturally attract women to give full play to their talents.

Although NSS is an information industry, it is also a pure service industry. The service business of NSS covers a wide range. Hosting, information outsourcing services, customer service and administrative personnel are the main force of the company. Female colleagues are hired to take up these roles. It is very suitable, and the high patience and affinity of female nature play a good communication bridge with customers.General customer service personnel face complex customer problems and will inevitably encounter some irrational customers or problems that are difficult to solve. At this time, education and training courses are relatively important. The company provides the most complete education and training to help them improve their professional capabilities.

In order to allow female colleagues to work in the company with peace of mind, NSS provides female employees with a favorable welfare system and a warm working environment. The monthly paid monthly leave for female employees is planned. Western Valentine's Day and Chinese Tanabata will give chocolates, roses, and lovers. Christmas gifts and Valentine's Day candlelight dinners, wedding gifts, childbirth gifts, parental leave, etc., are all thoughtful female employees of the Warring States Period.

The general concern in the workplace is that women’s feelings and pregnancy and childbirth will have a negative impact on the company. The Warring States Policy will not interfere in these private affairs. The performance of the company in recent years has also proved that women rarely affect their work because of these private problems.Before working as a major, I didn't think there was a gender distinction. The Zhan Guo Policy did not regard women as a special vulnerable group, and treated men and women equally.In the future, I hope that NSS can create a high-quality working environment that is most suitable for women in both software and hardware environments, and cultivate more outstanding and outstanding female leaders. I sincerely welcome outstanding women who have the courage to challenge themselves and pursue self-growth to join us. Ranks!

"Become the most female-loving company in Taiwan!"
Happiness is the promise made to you by the Warring States.

Who says women are inferior to men in the workplace!In the Warring States Period, women can also prove that "men can do it, so can women", showing the aggressiveness of a female warrior; in the Warring States Period, every woman can exude confidence and beauty; in the Warring States Period, women can get more applause and Opportunity, the Warring States Policy allows every effort to be seen.

NSS uses all opportunities to affirm your contribution and encourage female colleagues to bravely pursue your dreams. In the days of NSS, you will be loved and cared for infinitely. We hope you can find yourself in NSS!You are like an uncut diamond, and you are about to write a happy page in the Warring States Policy. We look forward to discovering and enlightening your best side to shine.For the Warring States Policy, you deserve to enjoy the honorable love of a princess, because it is worthy of your possession!

Zhan Guoce Group adheres to the spirit of "humanities-oriented", establishes a corporate culture based on authorization management, and develops four business units based on different attributes of the business, namely, the commercial software business department, the online advertising business department, the customer service business department, and overseas The business department, backed by the rich resources of the group center, expands the macro group scale.

The Zhan Guo Policy favors the corporate culture of female employees

Warring States Policy is very considerate and loves female workers. We hope to build a company that favors female employees in Taiwan in the future!

Welfare system

  1. Director of the Year Award
  2. Reached the company's agreed departmental performance target and subsidized 100 million of the housing fund
  3. Provide complete supervisor (over 100 hours per year) education and training
  4. Female supervisors provide 4 months of maternity leave with full pay (better than 8 weeks of labor law)
  5. Childcare allowance 1 yuan / month (achieve the department performance target in the previous year, and go to work in the company)
  6. Provide subsidies for female colleagues to confinement center after childbirth (or order confinement meals or ask confinement mothers to do confinement at home) The female supervisor provides a one-time fee of 5 yuan

Once a female worker becomes pregnant, the company may require the pregnant employee to resign in order to save on maternity leave and job agency issues. To make matters worse, they will dismiss themselves without even giving maternity leave.Warring States Policy considers female colleagues to provide comprehensive maternity care and welfare measures especially for pregnant colleagues!

  1. For pregnant colleagues, the head of the department actively arranges the job agent to adjust the work content or adjust the working hours
  2. Excellent female colleagues guarantee to return to their original positions after leaving the nursery
  3. Female colleagues provide 10 days of full pay
  4. Female colleagues provide 10 days of full-pay antenatal leave (because of pregnancy, 10 days of antenatal leave will be given before delivery, and the application shall be divided into several times and cannot be retained until after delivery)
  5. Female colleagues provide 3 months of maternity leave with full pay, and female supervisors provide 4 months of maternity leave with full pay (8 weeks better than the labor law)
  6. Female colleagues provide 10 days of full-pay rest leave for pregnancy abortion
  7. The company provides free wet tissues and breast milk preservation bags, mother magazines and parenting books for breastfeeding colleagues; in the pantry, provides vitality drinks for breastfeeding mothers to replenish their physical strength
  8. Postpartum subsidies for female colleagues in confinement centers (or order confinement meals or ask confinement mothers to do confinement at home) a one-time fee of 2 yuan, and female supervisors provide a one-time fee of 5 yuan

The divorce rate in Taiwan is the highest in Asia. The divorce rate of Taiwanese families and the rate of single-parent families have increased year by year.According to the statistics of the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan had an average of 2012 divorces every day in 156, causing many social problems.Because Taiwanese women are mostly vulnerable in the divorce process, In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and assist single mothers, the Warring States Policy specifically provides practical benefits and assistance measures for new female divorced colleagues!

  1. Provide flexible commuting time
  2. Provide free legal consultation for divorce agreement
  3. Divorced female colleagues will receive a condolence payment of XNUMX yuan after being admitted for three months
  4. Divorced single mothers provide a subsidy of 6 yuan per month for childcare under 3000 years old (provided for one year)
  5. Divorced single mothers provide subsidies of 3000 yuan per month (provided for one year)

We are the most friendly and favored company of Taiwanese companies for Chinese spouse workers! We only look at abilities! There is no discrimination, you don’t have to worry about accents, recognize Chinese academic qualifications, and go back to China to visit relatives and take long vacations. Our company already has Colleagues from all provinces of China like you, Xuejie, will sincerely care and tutor you! Everyone will treat you as their own family and love you! Let you feel the warmth and warmth of working here just like working in the country of China! Zhan Guo Ce In addition to all the benefits for Chinese colleagues are comparable to those of Taiwanese, we also specially designed intimate benefits for Chinese spouse workers!

  1. After three months of employment, mainland colleagues will receive ten thousand yuan of employment
  2. 14 days of family leave every year when returning home to China (without pay)
  3. Mainland colleagues provide 50% of the round-trip air ticket subsidy for returning home to visit relatives in China every year (with a full year of employment and an annual performance of 80 points, two economy class air tickets, not limited to any Chinese city to and from Taiwan)
  1. Every Friday is the company pet day, you can bring your beloved pet to work together
  2. The company provides free pet feed and snacks (mainly dogs and cats)
  3. The company provides free pet bathing SPA once a month (cooperate with pet shops, mainly dogs, and have worked for more than one year)
  4. Free subsidies for the cost of vaccinating colleagues pets every year (application with receipts and more than one year of employment)
  5. Subsidy 1/2 of the medical expenses for pets of colleagues (up to XNUMX yuan per year for applications with documents, and more than one year of employment)
  6. The company has made long-term donations to the Stray Animal Garden Association Medical Care Fund and the Dog and Cat Midway Care Home Operation Fund
  7. Colleagues in the special area, please arrange for the business group to tell jokes (not looking at the mobile phone) until the standard is reached in March

Welfare system

Zhan Guo Ce attaches great importance to the improvement of colleagues' professional and skills, and regularly holds internal and external trainings.
Organize more than 1227 hours of external paid education and training for company colleagues every year

Zhan Guoce provides a comprehensive education and training plan:
Supervisor training (over 100 hours per year),
General colleague training (over 80 hours per year).

Full year of service:
Colleagues training expenses subsidy
(According to colleagues to provide relevant training course fees
Part of the proportional subsidy provided by the company).

Full subsidy
RHCE/CCNA/MCSE license fee
(Excluding tuition fees)

NSS has the youngest and most excellent management team in the country. It upholds the business philosophy of "integrity" and pursues sustainable business and growth. In addition to the overall stable operation, the profitability is also improving year by year. We value every employee, Implement the people-oriented business philosophy.Welcome outstanding elites to join the Zhan Guo Ce team!

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