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Warring States Policy has the most successful cases of well-known companies and listed companies choosing Warring States services.
In the past 20 years, the Warring States Strategy has assisted XNUMX companies to successfully enter the online e-commerce market!

  • Hauberden Suits
  • Yongjing Enterprise Co., Ltd. APLUS brand
  • Construction of Dayun Art Image Website
  • Yongxinhang Co., Ltd. brand image website
  • Establishment of Italian fashion brand image website
  • Ruilian Securities Investment Consulting Co., Ltd. website construction

Well-known customers

NSS has the most successful cases of well-known companies and listed companies choosing Warring States services. Since its establishment in 2020, it has assisted 20 companies to successfully enter the online market!

Well-known customers

Customer testimony

Hello: We are a long-term customer of your company. Your customer service code is 433 Joanne Chen. This time we are promoting Linux business hosting service for 3 years. We have been very active and have been persistent. The service has a good reputation and a deep impression. It is commendable!Hereby express our gratitude!

Deng Ju Co., Ltd.

Hello: Miss Dora Chen from the customer service department of your company, in the process of choosing dedicated hosting service this time, not only is she enthusiastic about service, but also has sufficient professional capabilities. I am very happy to receive Dora’s service. Thank you very much for the assistance of Charles from the Engineering Department. The company's assistance in the past year, please give me advice in the coming year.

Somersault Cloud Information Consulting Co., Ltd.

Hello: At the end of this year, I think I must send this letter to thank her.I want to thank Liz, who is bombarded by development calls every day. Why do I remember Liz?Because she provided the data I needed!When consulting questions later, the answer is fast and accurate, the service is quite attentive, and very considerate

Golden Douyun Games Co., Ltd.

Our company purchased NEIS software from your company in the middle of last year. Thank you to the following two colleagues for providing relevant explanations and solutions when they raised questions in our company. Sam Shi Yiyou, Engineering Services Division of Warring States Period, and Yurou Lin, Information Service Planner of Warring States Period, Karli

Kun yang industrial co., ltd.

In August last year, the innovative design company met Stella by chance.During the six months of advertising campaigns, I am very happy to have Stella and Gigi, so that the small budget advertising of small companies still feels taken care of.We need their help in the future!Better advertising planning in the new year!

Sanhao Fine Ceramics Design/Sanhao Design Development Co., Ltd.

Hello, manager: I started contacting Dora of your company. I really appreciate her careful arrangement and assistance.During the construction process, our engineering department encountered some difficulties, so we really thank Jeff for his great professionalism and assistance, so that we can successfully build our system step by step.Finally, I wish your company a great future!

Anoka Asia Co., Ltd.

Dear Warring States Policy Partners: I’m Miss Zhong from Moshengzhai Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.-I am in charge of project management. Thanks to your company’s business specialist Joanne for helping us with planning/designing very carefully. Finally, thanks to Joanne's timely assistance, the positive attitude made the entire design process smooth.Thanks again to the colleagues of the Zhan Guoce team for their hard work

Zhong Chunjin/ Moshengzhai Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.

Hello: To tell you, our company manages a lot of hosting space, but we found that your frontline service personnel are really great, and the hosting is also very stable. When problems are encountered, they will be dealt with first from the customer’s point of view and then explained, especially your company The employee Joanne who is in charge of docking with our company, we feel that it is very worthy of public rewards, you will know that this colleague silently paid and contributed

Rongxin Xinye Co., Ltd.

Hello, I would like to commend Richard, a commercial software engineer. If you encounter any problems in EIP and CRM operations, just ask Richard to solve them.You, kind and enthusiastic, are the master of all products of the Warring States Period.Thank you for your assistance.

Ding Ding Co., Ltd.

I am Zhongwei, the marketing manager of Galaxy Online. Thank you Liz, the window of your company. During the cooperation period, Liz worked very hard to serve our company and put forward various suggestions and help. I believe we will have more and more I wish you a prosperous career, thank you.

Galaxy Online Co., Ltd.

Mitsui Japanese Restaurant

Crystal Hotel

Harvard Clinic

Beigang Chaotian Temple

Flying Dog Bus

ASICS Taiwan

Rainbow Advanced

Minghuayuan Cultural Enterprise (Tai Zai Opera)

Nangang Tire

Kolin Enterprise

Gold jewelry

MIRROR Huangxuanyuan International Jewelry Store

Wan Jiaxiang


Jinling Cake

Kobayashi Pancake

Contest for fresh sushi

Matador Catering

  • URL:http://www.bullfight.com.tw
  • Products used: Adhering to the spirit of "I hope that every customer who comes to consume can eat the most delicious and healthy steak at a reasonable price." Over the years, matadors have left unforgettable memories in the minds of many consumers. delicious.In order to let more people understand the matador spirit, we have chosen NSS as our operating partner of the Internet channel.

Juming Art Museum

  • URL:http://www.juming.org.tw
  • Products used: Zhu Ming is an internationally renowned sculptor. Through the virtual exposure of the website, sculpture fans around the world can experience the master's style without boundaries.While integrating internationally, I am very happy to be able to deliver sculpture aesthetics through the service hosted by the Zhan Guoce website.

Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art (Art and Culture Unit)

  • URL:http://www.mocataipei.org.tw
  • Products used: The Museum of Contemporary Art introduces contemporary art to create an aesthetic experience for Taiwan.Since its inception, in order to make "beauty" more far-reaching, it has continued to introduce forward-looking art exhibitions and related reviews through online marketing.Of course, this kind of marketing foundation is also based on the solid foundation of NSS host services.

Golden Horse Awards Official Website (Art and Culture Unit

  • URL:http://www.goldenhorse.org.tw
  • Products used: The Golden Horse Awards is an annual event in Taiwan’s film industry, attracting countless movie-loving audiences at home and abroad to browse the Internet every year.Therefore, among those who consider website hosting, traffic, space, and stable host specifications have become our primary business choices.Furthermore, in the process of contact with the national policy, its prompt customer service attitude is also one of the factors that let us rest assured.


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