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Online customer service system

Live Chat provides a simple and user-friendly website customer service function. It can display a small icon in the lower right corner of the website. After clicking it, the website will have a quick and convenient way to contact. It supports 12 types of Fb, LINE, WhatsAPP, and telephone. Contact method: When netizens encounter problems with online services or browsing products on your company's website, let customers directly use the customer service system to consult and solve problems. According to the survey, the transaction rate can be increased by 20% to 40% and customer satisfaction can be improved.

service advantage

使用livechatAnywhere, any time, you can instantly contact, synchronize and solve customer problems, and you can monitor the visitors to your website at any time.And provide live chat service, real-time chat/Get in touch with customers who visit your website instantly.Proactively ask if you have any questions and provide assistance to improve customer satisfaction and sales!Provide customers with the best online consulting services, and provide direct assistance where they are needed, increase the proportion of customers' hearts, seize every line of business opportunities, and turn visitors into distinguished customers!

Mobile online can be used for IOS (IPAD, IPhone, iPod) Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Windows7/8 desktop/RT, no matter who the customer is (Who), what tools (What), settled residence or no settlement (Where), or the problem of international time difference (When), use online real-time service to master 4W, and capture customers without borders!

Using the online web form, your website visitors can use the message and web form to get in touch with you when they don’t want to talk or can’t solve their questions through the conversation, to simplify your customer service and improve service efficiency. We will provide you with The tools and effective support staff need.The real-time monitoring system can see the people who have been to your website, the netizens who have shared your information, and even which country and place your visitors come from, which paths and keywords are used on the Internet to search for and Find you.Fully capture table customers and inside customers, improve service quality and grasp transaction opportunities!

Warring States Policy Livechat Benefit

When the customer starts chatting, the customer needs to leave basic contact information, so that you can contact the customer after the conversation is over, and manage more prospective customers.

The globalized business model brings customers from all over the world, and the Livechat system can bring out where your prospective customers come from, allowing you to grasp market opportunities.

When customers are browsing your website and products, if someone can provide immediate consulting services, it can greatly enhance the goodwill of customers.

Through the content of the conversation between the customer and the customer service staff, the customer's questions and needs can be accurately known, and the service quality can be improved.

Streamlined online customer service system

In the era of App communication software, this website customer service plug-in can definitely meet the demand.
It can display a small icon in the lower right corner of the website, click on it to add a quick and convenient contact function to the website.
Support 12 kinds of contact methods such as Facebook, LINE, WhatsAPP, and phone!

System functions:

  • Official website instant chat
  • 12 online customer service apps (optional 2)
    (Messenger/ WhatsApp/ Viber/ Snapchat/ LINE/ Telegram/ Vkontakte/ SMS/ phone/ Email/ Instagram/ website link)
  • Professional and multifunctional chat window
  • Button to upload company logo (paid upgrade $1500/year)

Price: $3,000/one-time (two communication software can be set for free), more than the third communication software costs $1500/year


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