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XNUMX. What is the purpose of word-of-mouth marketing?

To put it simply, word-of-mouth marketing is the process of recommending which product is easy to use between relatives and friends through the word of mouth of consumers, which in turn influences the purchaser's consumption decision.Extending to the convenience of modern technology, users will directly search the Internet for the evaluation of the product, which Internet celebrity or artist endorsement, etc.This marketing model is called: word-of-mouth marketing.The main reason for its rise lies in the fact that before purchasing a product, modern people will not only consider the price, product function, and practicality, but also listen to the thoughts of the product that has been purchased.After all, consumers will inevitably worry about buying unsuitable products when shopping. For example, when buying clothes and shoes, they will worry that the color of the entity and the photo does not match, that they can't try through online shopping, and they are not sure which size to buy.Therefore, consumers are accustomed to collecting product experience, evaluation, etc. before purchasing, and then deciding whether to purchase the product. In this case, it also depends on the importance of letting the brand see word-of-mouth marketing.

▲In the past, consumers have been accustomed to determining their purchase intentions based on the evaluation of their relatives and friends.


XNUMX. Enhance brand reputation through online celebrity cooperation

1. Looking for someone to do word-of-mouth marketing for you?

After grasping the key points that the public likes to search and evaluate, the brand side has a better understanding of the importance of word-of-mouth marketing!As a brand owner, how do you find a suitable spokesperson?First of all, we can analyze the brand's attributes, customer groups, and main content of new products. For example, the new product is popular women's clothing. Then you can find Internet celebrities or celebrities who are popular among young people and who usually pay attention to dressing.Then, according to the image that the brand wants to bring to consumers, estimate the cooperation budget of this project, and select partner endorsements.If the company doesn't have a lot of budget to invite famous internet celebrities or artists, it doesn't matter. You can first invite bloggers with small traffic to write articles, which can also achieve the purpose of word-of-mouth marketing.Although it lacks brand awareness and topicality, it can still be of great help in future Internet searches!

▲Look for partners after positioning the brand.

2. Choose a publishing platform suitable for product attributes

After the brand has defined the consumer profile and product positioning, in addition to publishing on its own blog platform, it can also choose other platforms that meet the theme of the product for promotion!For example, if you write articles about the food for the store to expose, it is suitable to be deployed on platforms such as Ishiji, Dcard’s food discussion board, IG community, etc.It can make it easier for audiences with similar interests to find the content you share.If you are sharing home appliances, it is recommended to be exposed to platforms such as PTT, Mobile01, and mybest.Choosing a platform close to your topic will help your article exposure and effectiveness be better.Choosing the right platform can not only be close to your consumer group, but also better understand the characteristics of the product through the process of opening the box and sharing experience, and achieve the benefits of exposure and word-of-mouth marketing.

▲Choose a platform suitable for the product to maximize the volume of network voice.


XNUMX. Accumulated brand voice and the importance of product evaluation

1. Volume accumulation in the Internet generation

If you want to increase the brand's voice, you must not forget to accumulate the content of cooperation into the resources of the brand, such as blogs, social platforms, Youtube, and so on.In this way, the brand can borrow the word-of-mouth of the spokesperson, create topics for the product, and even make a more comprehensive layout with advertisements, so as to maximize the benefits of the project.To narrow the distance with consumers, the most fundamental thing is to return content to online resources.Whether it is text, video, audio, or pictures, they are all resources that can be retained for a long time, and they will become a good stepping stone for the brand in the future.It helps users to find out-of-the-box articles and reviews of products when searching in the future, thereby increasing consumers' understanding of products and brands, and having the opportunity to increase consumers' willingness to buy.Marketing techniques can be added to the promotion. The spokesperson is asked to promote the exclusive discount code to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

▲The accumulation of resources will help the network volume.


2. Let consumers see the product evaluation

If you want consumers to know the quality of your product most directly, another way is to use a platform that allows people to leave user experience.Such as: Shopee Store, Booking, FaceBook Fan Group, Google Merchant Evaluation, etc.The above can be divided into the buyer’s comment experience and the platform where you can leave comments with a platform account.Before everyone knows your brand, we will get used to knowing your good or bad through the comments of others.To put it simply, the higher the number of favorable comments given to you by users, the better the perception of the brand by other potential consumers.No matter what type of industry you are in, you can use event marketing to ask consumers to leave reviews and redeem gifts in the store as a reciprocal trick for both parties.

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▲Use the tips of reciprocal activities to let consumers leave good reviews for the store.

XNUMX. Conclusion:

Word-of-mouth marketing is a marketing method that has been applied from ancient times to the present. With the rapid development of technology, modern changes have become more diversified, but the connotation and intention are the same. People are also used to evaluating, opening the box, and recommending relatives and friends. Information, and then take the purchase action.I hope the detailed introduction of this article is helpful to you!In the era of informationization and transparency, consumers have more information and become smarter!If you want to accumulate good brand reputation and brand voice, be sure to put the network celebrities, bloggers, spokespersons, etc. in place, and make good use of the evaluation platform to allow your brand to accumulate a good brand voice!Through the promotion of opinion leaders, topicality can also be created and the distance between consumers can be drawn.If you, as a brand side, are busy with projects and have no extra time to find suitable candidates, or no manpower for project execution and supervision, it is recommended that you can cooperate with an outsourcing professional marketing company, which will not only save time and cost, but also There is someone to check every operation process for you.It is highly recommended that you use the word-of-mouth marketing service of Zhan Guo Ce.

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