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How to master the layout of Internet celebrity KOL?This is enough for cooperation in the epidemic era!

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In the era of the epidemic, customers stay at home and dare not go out, and switch to online consumption. The physical stores complained and the news media said that e-commerce was about to take off, because even if the epidemic is over, when customers are accustomed to online consumption, an irreversible consumption will occur. Structural changes have also caused the so-called post-epidemic era, which is completely different from that before the epidemic.

Everyone wants to switch to online business, but so many homogenous products on the Internet will be sold on the e-commerce platform.Facebook,Google In Shangtou advertising, guests are bombarded with similar information. If you think from the perspective of the guests, how do you choose?If someone who you trust tells you at this time, what you want to buy, he uses a certain brand and thinks it is good, would you want to give it a try?This is the power of word-of-mouth. No matter how much money is spent on advertising, it is not necessarily more powerful than the recommendation of trusted people, because we have no sense of trust in strange stores and feel that they only want to take the money in our pockets before they say their homes. The product is good.Therefore, word-of-mouth marketing can increase a sense of trust that no amount of exposure can match.

▲Compared with brand image advertisements, it is easier for us to trust friends' word-of-mouth recommendations.

The influence of influencer marketing KOL can't be ignored

Modern people often browse the topics they are interested in on the Internet, look at the blog posts that rank at the top of Google search, slide IG and watch the life of Net Beauty PO, and feel very healing, and watch very creative videos on Youtube. You will find almost everything on the Internet, and there is always a way to find the topics you like: watching others travel and eating, non-trivial skits, teaching courses in various fields, investment and financial management, etc., as long as you can think of, whether it is relaxing Entertaining. If you study hard, you will almost always have relevant content, and you will also find the objects you like to track.

When more and more people watch, the people watched gradually gain influence. Many people agree with what they say, and they become opinion leaders (Key Opinion Leader in English for short KOL). Silently, they influence the consumption of many people. Decide.People will always influence each other and gather together. Especially on social media, everyone has the opportunity to be seen by more strangers, and use their own concepts and experiences to persuade people with similar ideas. Everyone is no longer only subject to the unilateral operation of the mainstream media. about.In the epidemic, these KOLs have gained more attention. Therefore, when we want to promote brands on the Internet, knowing how to use the power of KOLs to recommend products with their reputation is a great weapon.

▲Using the power of KOL can build a good image and reputation for the brand.

The key to finding KOLs

When doing word-of-mouth marketing for KOLs, we must understand where KOL’s influence comes from in order to accurately find suitable partners. At the same time, we must also clarify what the purpose of the case is being executed.If you want to increase exposure, then look for KOLs that are more well-known and tracked by fans. However, as mentioned earlier, KOLs, as opposed to mainstream media, are blooming everywhere, with diverse themes and different audiences. We need to understand However, not all KOLs are suitable for introducing our products. On the contrary, finding KOLs that conform to the theme of the product can greatly enhance the trust of customers. The promotion and promotion of the product is of great benefit. Well-known KOL, the higher the cost.Therefore, traffic is often not the most important consideration, and clever leverage is the essence of KOL marketing.

Generally speaking, there are 4 common platforms: blogs, IG, FB fan groups, and Youtube. Each has different applications. The advantage of blogs is that they can increase SEO searches and allow customers to see your information on Google keywords. Products; IG is usually an internet celebrity with more textured photos. You can find a group of small KOLs to let them have Hashtag(#) products and create images that everyone is using. It is very convincing and impressive; the benefits of FB fan groups are It can be used with advertisements to directly allow KOL's recommended content to be more exposed to his fans; Youtube video is the most eye-catching, but relatively expensive, it must be selected carefully when the budget is limited.

KOL cooperation example

WawaKu, a Youtuber ancient doll that specializes in unpacking food, has close to one million subscriptions, and each video has more than 20 views. The influence is so large that the industry will cause a queue after the food is served. It is also often recommended for convenience store food. Facilitate the leading supermarkets to find a cooperative partner, and immediately received more than 2000 responses from netizens when exposed in the fan club. Since the audience preferences of the ancient dolls are very consistent with the products to be sold, it has a very good word-of-mouth effect.

YouTuber Joseph uploaded a video of "Don’t Take Strange Meal Names Anymore", expressing that bubble milk tea has different names in different beverage shops, causing consumers to order meals, and the rare milk in the film is born out of nothing with the name "QQㄋ "It's so delicious to drink tea". As a result, because the audience's pain and laughter were hit, the number of views quickly surpassed 450 million. At this time, the pavilion noticed this film and immediately created a non-existent drink. I came out to cooperate with Joseph and created a single item "QQ ㄋㄟㄋㄟ delicious tea" and sold more than 5,000 cups of good results. Knowing the trend of KOL at any time is also an important part of good marketing.

KOL word-of-mouth marketing is a part of the overall network layout. It will cooperate with large and small KOLs according to different purposes. Therefore, in the first step, first collect the list of industry-related KOLs to find high-traffic indicators and The things that are not well-known but have texture are very important homework.The next step is to cultivate good communication and understanding with KOLs. The details of cooperation often require mutual help, and mutual respect is the most important thing. After all, high-quality KOLs will do better and better, and have close and successful cooperation early. Compared with that, it has a considerable advantage, so it can be said that KOL is an important investment in marketing.

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