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The survival rules of physical stores under the epidemic, the focus of Google My Business optimization!

The severity of the epidemic has caused the business of physical stores to plummet, which has had a great impact on physical stores.Under such circumstances, many stores have taken corresponding measures, such as restricting the use of partitions only for take-out and internal use, transforming to cooperate with delivery platforms, and so on.However, in addition to basic epidemic prevention measures, it is more important to

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What is the difference between SEO optimization and SEM optimization? Find out to not be fooled!

In the Internet age, we use the Internet to concatenate all kinds of information, whether it is looking for materials for classwork, playing games to find strategies, going out to travel to find attractions, or looking for a romantic date spot for a romantic partner.All these information can be connected via the Internet, and we can accomplish a lot of things with our fingers.Compared to no internet

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Internet celebrity marketing

Product sales rely on Internet celebrity marketing, easily double the business product performance!

XNUMX. What is the purpose of word-of-mouth marketing?To put it simply, word-of-mouth marketing is the process of recommending which product is easy to use between relatives and friends through the word of mouth of consumers, which in turn influences the purchaser's consumption decision.Extending to the convenience of modern technology, users will directly search the Internet for the product’s evaluation and who

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Internet comment

What should I do if online reviews suffer from negative reviews?Quickly teach you how to solve the set!

With the popularity of smart phones and the Internet, it is not difficult to find that the interaction between people has changed from face-to-face conversations to communicating things with communication software. In addition to necessary tasks, more and more young people Don't like to communicate directly on the phone.There may be many reasons, maybe it’s because you don’t want to bother

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The latest list of recommended fees for major ssl certificate application companies in Taiwan in October 2021

If the website does not have an SSL certificate installed, it will give interested people a chance to steal your personal information, which may cause the loss of money in serious cases.If it is an e-commerce company, the SSL certificate can protect website information and consumer card numbers from leaking.Installing SSL on the website can improve the corporate image, protect the website information and improve the website’s status in G

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