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NSS hosting services provide virtual hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, hosting, and dedicated hosting services.
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NSS provides website design, website production process and small details to clarify at once!

What is Web Hosting?How to choose?

A virtual host is to divide an independent host into many virtual hosts. Each virtual host has an independent website and has its own www, FTP, and email functions.Each virtual host is exactly the same as an independent host.Since multiple virtual hosts share the resources of an independent host, the hardware fee, network maintenance fee, and communication line fee borne by each virtual host user are greatly reduced, reducing the threshold of e-commerce operation!
The company provides five types of virtual hosts: Linux, Windows, WordPress, cPanel, and distribution. The biggest difference between the first four hosts is that they support different programming languages.

  • The Linux host supports CGI, PHP, Mysql.
  • The Windows host supports Access, MS-SQL Server database, ASP, ASP.net, and JMail.
  • The WordPress hosting system is optimized for WP, and the execution speed is faster.
  • cPanel hosting mainly uses cPanel hosting management software.
  • Distributed hosting is suitable for web design companies or customers with multiple hosting needs.

What is cloud hosting (VPS hosting) ?

Cloud hosting (VPS hosting) is a well-established cloud information infrastructure that integrates computing, storage, and network resources to provide flexible expansion of computing resources and multiple management interfaces to improve the efficiency of resource utilization. You can configure different configurations according to actual needs. resource mix.From now on, you are no longer limited by the requirements of operating systems, machines, cabinets, etc., to meet the differentiated demands of various enterprise services for peak, off-peak hours and computing resources, and to easily deploy the enterprise's IT construction needs.


  1. At present, users who are virtual hosts are not in line with those who use the system load frequently and need to adjust system resources frequently.
  2. Those who need high scalability, high-speed computing and a lot of storage space.Want to cloud host, but unable to build.
  3. There are many hosts, but there is no suitable computer room or management personnel.

What is physical hosting service?

Provide customer-specific host, dedicated line and operating system to create the most appropriate host operating mechanism for you,
Customers can manage their own host remotely, or pay to entrust our professional engineers to manage the host.Our computer room is built in Chunghwa Telecom and other international-level telecommunications computer rooms. Using the exclusive hosting service of Zhan Guoce, you can enjoy the highest quality transmission service on your company website at a small cost, so that business opportunities will never be lost.


  1. Commercial websites or e-commerce websites that need to place important confidential information.
  2. Customers who need high performance, high stability and self-management, and who want to plan and manage their own systems.
  3. The virtual host no longer meets the existing usage requirements, or requires the use of more system resources or large traffic websites.

How to choose a good hosting company?

Many customers often consider the price when choosing a host company. However, the good and the bad are mixed. Every year, dozens of host companies lose money and close down. Don't spend money to be taken advantage of. In order to save a few hundred yuan, it will cause future complaints. Regarding regret, choosing a good host company is very important. Based on years of experience in the Warring States Period, the following are the precautions that must be considered!

XNUMX. Evaluation of the company's steady operation

Any business needs to be profitable to provide consumers with better services and quality. If a hosting company only charges 1,000 yuan a year and has 3,000 customers, the company's revenue will only be 1,000 yuan*3,000 in a year Home = 300 million. Assuming that the host company has only 25 employees, the company's operating costs alone will cost 900 million yuan a year. When a company cannot make profits for a long time, it can only sacrifice the rights of consumers, or even reduce quality or Vicious bankruptcy, let alone developing new technologies to provide customers with better services.The following are the key points to consider when choosing a manufacturer:

  1. When is the company established? The longer the company is established, the more stable it will be after long-term market tests.
  2. The company's capital? The higher the company's capital, of course, the better the company's capital operations will be.
  3. Do you want to issue Taiwan invoices? Only if the host company has an invoice company in Taiwan, the account can be reported.
  4. The number of existing customers of the company? The host business with more customers reaches a certain economic scale and is generally more stable.

XNUMX. Customer service and maintenance evaluation

  1. Do you provide customer service in Chinese? Foreign host companies only provide customer service in English. When you encounter technical problems and want to consult, you will often encounter communication barriers or require a certain level of English
  2. Do you provide telephone customer service?
  3. Do you provide an invoice from Taiwan?
  4. Do you provide LIVECHAT customer service?
  5. Do you provide 365 hours a day, 24 days a year service? Your company’s website operates 24 hours a day. In case the website hosting service is unstable and loses orders or important business opportunities, however, due to limited manpower and personnel costs, most businesses cannot provide services 24 Hourly service, which affects the rights and interests of customers' websites, NSS is a host company that provides a small number of peers in the industry with 365/24 service!

XNUMX. Evaluation of host quality stability

  1. Google’s official statement has included website speed and performance as ranking factors when determining the ranking of websites.Computer room location: If your customers are all in Taiwan, of course the computer room location must be in Taiwan. Among them, Chunghwa Telecom's computer room has the fastest hardware specifications and backup and backup mechanism.
  2. Can you provide a console trial? Regardless of how the proprietor’s propaganda is written, please apply for a console trial first to experience the pre-sale service of the proprietor, the real speed and stability of the console, and the friendliness of the operating interface. This is the best way to test before buying
  3. Whether the manufacturer publishes the host utilization report (UPTIME), for example, from the report of the host utilization published by the Warring States Policy, you can know the real status of the host operation https://n9s.com/up

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