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NSS’s social media agency management services provide: FB fan groups, Instagram, LINE official accounts, Google My Business agency services, and a professional community team to help your company manage social media.Allows you to seize business opportunities in the community and detonate customer acquisition, build brand image and word of mouth, increase product exposure, attract people to enter the website shopping guide and increase customer loyalty

FB fan group acting on behalf of

IG Acting

Acting on behalf of LINE official account

Google My Business Hosting

Brand(Consistency image shaping)

1. Assist in building and handling the FB fan page, IG, LINE official account of the brand or company from scratch
2. Create a brand story to create an online image (must provide entrepreneurial history or service concept)
3. Fan page image banner design (photograph and cover image)

Hot spot(Increase exposure and reach)

1. Monthly articles published (number of articles adjusted according to market response)
2. Can be written and optimized in accordance with customer post requirements
3. Distribute relevant key graphics and texts based on product "keywords"
4. Bring in event information based on the above-mentioned post strategy and the story context
5. Use event information to bring product information into shopping guide
6. Regularly organize activities (such as: press like to share lottery, limited time activities)

Ad serving(Advertising costs need to be paid separately)

1. Put advertising copy and optimize its content according to customer needs
2. Screen out advertising graphics and texts with marketing benefits for placement
3. Set delivery variables that meet the needs and grasp the target customer group

Customer relationship

1. Combine posting strategies to increase two-way interaction with interactive postings
2. Create a Facebook community link fan page (categorized by project)
3. Assist online customer service to respond to message questions and leave messages

Posting strategy:

XNUMX. Basic dynamic post XNUMX. Collecting articles XNUMX. Marketing-style publishing Four, reposting
1. Emotional text 1. Joy Wen 1. Moving Essay 1. Inspirational
2. Impressions 2. Thank you 2. Recommendation 2. Enlightenment
3. Current Affairs 3. Questions 3. Knowledge text 3. Quotations
4. Discovery 4. Interesting text 4. Methodology
5. Empirical text
6. Testimony
7. Good Health

Posting strategy:

XNUMX. Basic dynamic post
1. Emotional text
2. Impressions
3. Current Affairs
4. Discovery

XNUMX. Collecting articles
1. Joy Wen
2. Thank you
3. Questions
4. Interesting text

XNUMX. Marketing-style publishing
1. Moving Essay
2. Recommendation
3. Knowledge text
4. Methodology
5. Empirical text
6. Testimony
7. Good Health

Four, reposting
1. Inspirational
2. Enlightenment
3. Quotations

FB fan dedicated operation service plan

Social marketing services (FB, IG, LINE, my business) provide experience discounts · 5 posts (including graphic design), only 9999 yuan in the first month

Program Economical solution Business plan Flagship solution
Suitable Suitable for limited budget, want to use the community page to provide basic services to promote their products or company image Want to fully outsource social media agency and larger publicity to promote your product, event or company image You can customize your desired needs and basic requirements according to customer ideas.We will provide multi-directional services
Free assistance in handling FB fan group
Manage the overall plan of the FB fan group
Design and edit FB fan club information
FB fan group image banner design monthly replacement monthly replacement monthly replacement
Articles published monthly 10 articles (images without customized design) 11 articles (including illustration design) 14 articles (including illustration design)
monthly video post 2 (specification is 30s-1m) 3 (specification is 30s-1m)
Report basic fan problems and leave messages to control the quality of FB fan groups
Divert to the official website or e-commerce platform
Increase the number of FB fans (the number is not guaranteed)
Provide monthly analysis report for fan special browsing
Host an online event once a month
Simultaneously publish LINE@, Instagram
Assist in the placement of FB advertisements (FB advertisement publication fees are paid separately plus 20% service fees)
Sign the annual contract for community agent service, and give a monthly advertising fee of 3000 yuan
Free business host (worth 5400 yuan) for one year
cost 20,000 (tax excluded) TWD/month 35,000 (tax excluded) TWD/month 45,000 (tax excluded) TWD/month

1. The shortest contract for community agency service is one season, and one-time contract payment will enjoy 95% off for one year
2. Due to the adjustment of the FB algorithm, the number of views and the number of likes cannot be guaranteed if the post is not advertising. It is recommended that the owner can choose the appropriate post for the FB advertising budget (recommended advertising budget: 2000 yuan/post), To increase the exposure of FB fans and the number of fans
3. Each additional post will cost 3000 yuan (not taxed)
4. The production cost of the lazy bag is 6000 yuan (six graphics and texts need to be provided by the customer)
5.小編負責的服務時間為: 周一至周五09:00~18:00,若需其他時間服務,需增加50%的費用

FB fan group agent operation service process

The first step: image positioning

Please fill in the social media agency service of Zhan Guoce after payment is completedCustomer Information Request Form, The editor will conduct interviews with the owner to understand the favorite copywriting and design style, the image that the customer brand hopes to present, the customer's product and the expected appearance of the customer, so that the editor can write more accurately the content of the post that suits you.

Step XNUMX: Theme planning

For customers and friends with more product categories, we need to have a deep understanding of your own brand, main product services, and promotion and marketing plans for each period in order to plan the proportion of the post theme structure for you.

Step XNUMX: Post planning

After understanding your needs based on the above, we will further plan for postings and add multiple themes in time to get closer to life.

Step XNUMX: Review and publish

Before the 25th of each month, all the posts to be published next month will be reviewed by customers and will be published after confirmation.

Social marketing service plans and fees

[FB] Official post advertisement (site advertisement) $custom/month Can lock in ethnic groups, browsing habits, competing products, can guarantee the number of touches, click rate.
[FB] Like service $15/person Domestic accounts (recommended to import real traffic in Taiwan), limited.
[FB] Like service $5/person Do not partition accounts.
[FB] Message board guard $300/piece $100/piece~$300/piece, quoted according to quantity, customized message.
[FB] Community Wind Direction Message $300/piece $100/piece~$300/piece, can help recommend clubs.
[FB] Monthly subscription for the number of live broadcasts (100 people) $ 18,000 / month 100~2000 people are live broadcast at the same time, unlimited times and time.
[LINE] SMS advertisement (over 10) $0.5/piece Text + URL, picture, MOQ: 10 pieces.
[LINE] Group ads (less than 10) $0.3/piece Thousands of groups, 10 posts per day, can be group screening.
[LINE@] Increase fans $12/person For LINE@生活圈.
[Google] Store map optimization (five-star review + message) $200/piece $100/piece~$200/piece, quoted according to quantity, customized message.
[IG] Official post advertisement (site advertisement) $custom/month Can lock in ethnic groups, browsing habits, competing products, can guarantee the number of touches, click rate.
[IG] Improve tracker service $5/person Chinese account.
[YOUTUBE] Click to view (not partitioned) $2/person Guarantee actual browsing and viewing.
[YOUTUBE] Number of subscribers (not partitioned) $9/person Provide warranty and do not unsubscribe.
[YOUTUBE] Number of subscribers (Chinese account) $15/person Provide warranty and do not unsubscribe.
[YOUTUBE] Like and like the video $4/person Provide warranty and do not return likes.
[YOUTUBE] Video word-of-mouth comment $300/piece $100/piece~$300/piece, quoted according to quantity, customized message.
[YOUTUBE] Official site advertisement (Credits, Censorship, Search, Recommendation) $5/person Only after 30 seconds of watching the movie is billed
[Blogger] Trial article, experience article From $5,000 / article There are three levels of $5,000 / $12,000 / $20,000. Celebrities will discuss separately.
[Forum] Word of mouth, topic marketing Open from $5,000 / Palindrome from $300 For high popularity forums.
[News media] Online press release (including writing) From $35,000 / article Above 8 nets are exposed at the same time.

Successful case of FB agent operation execution

Welcome to the Zonguoce Online Marketing and Distribution Partner Program!

The company currently provides word-of-mouth marketing, online military marketing, SEO optimization, content marketing, community marketing, bloggers, online celebrity marketing, press release media exposure, five-star reviews, GOOGLE my business agency management, video and audio marketing online marketing and distribution We welcome ambitious partners from web design, hosting companies, PR companies, and B2B companies to join us!

The goal of the Zonguoce Online Marketing and Distribution Partner Program is to allow dealers to make money!

Since the establishment of online marketing services requires a lot of costs and complex management, and there is also a certain degree of professionalism and complexity in word-of-mouth marketing operations, the Warring States Policy Network Army Marketing Team saves the troubles and costs of dealers, and our partners plan to provide distribution It provides one-stop service for business information, and provides the word-of-mouth marketing resources owned by Zhan Guoce to help dealers and their customers on the road to success.According to the monthly sales category, or through links and referrals, the best sales commission will be given back to the partners who work hard. 

Three advantages of the Internet Marketing Reseller Program:

The highest commission return in the industry

Free service sales and presentation support

White label sales support in your name

Welcome web design, marketing, SEO, and public relations companies to contact Zhan Guoce with their business cardsLINE ID:@119m or fill inContact form

success case

Warring States Policy has the most successful cases of well-known companies and listed companies choosing Warring States services.

Since its establishment 2020 years ago in 20, it has assisted XNUMX companies to successfully enter the online market!

Frequently Asked Questions about FB Social Marketing

This is an important tool for developing potential customers. More than that, through the user insight reports available on social networking sites, you can better understand the brand’s positioning, the profile of the customer group and other vital marketing information, and through this information, Can further optimize the marketing strategy.

The Internet community is a virtual place where people gather together. Through the Internet community, corporate brands can communicate with potential target customers for a long time. It is like creating a pond with a good environment. The pool will naturally gather numbers. Considerable fish schools make the pond ecology rich and complete. The main purpose of the business community is to establish a connection with target customers, increase trust, and arouse the interest of target customers through production content and make them desire to buy.

XNUMX. Product information exposure
XNUMX. Word-of-mouth marketing guidance
XNUMX. Establish a brand image
XNUMX. Guide website traffic
XNUMX. Guide website traffic
XNUMX. Through user screening, you can reach the target customer groups more accurately

In line with the trajectory of consumer behavior, use the advantage of the community's "Focus" and emphasize the "resonance" marketing strategy to strengthen the "service value" aspect of the brand and shape the brand positioning and image.

XNUMX. Brand image (consistent image shaping)
XNUMX. Popular focus (increase exposure and reach)
XNUMX. Advertising (advertisement costs need to be paid separately)
XNUMX. Customer relationship (increase two-way interaction)

If your company needs online marketing services, please call0800-003-191Or fill in the following contact form or use the official LINE (ID:@119m) Contact our company, our network consultant will actively contact you within 24 hours. After the information is confirmed, you can give away the Zhan Guoce 1,000 yuan stored value (only for corporate customers, the stored value can purchase all Zhan Guoce services, website (Except for registration services), in order to increase the voice of corporate customers’ online reputation, the ZhanGuo Policy provides a free brand corporate customer analysis and word-of-mouth marketing health diagnosis report (worth 15,000 yuan)

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