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Online Marketing Teaching Manual pt.7|The biggest secret of content marketing, moving consumers with context

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I already have an official website. I want to start doing some business through the Internet. Everyone knowsMarketingThe breadth is very wide, such as: online advertising, community management, KOL online celebrity marketing, content marketing, etc., are allMarketingCategory.Among them, content marketing is the most important part of all tools.Good content marketing will effectively gather people who agree with your brand philosophy.How to promote the good brand value and concept that you have, so that it can reach more consumers who need this product, is a very important thing for content marketing.Today, I will introduce to you the important secrets of content marketing.Let us watch it together.

Is content marketing important?

Still have to come to communicate with readers a concept, that is, the matter of "content marketing", according to the American Content Marketing Institute (Content Marketing Institute, CMI) definition "content marketing is a strategic marketing method, focusing on creating and delivering valuable Sexual, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain clearly defined audiences, and ultimately to drive these customers who may contribute to the profit to take action.” Content marketing is the core key of a brand, and a brand delivers The content will directly affect the audience’s perception of the brand.By using content marketing to attract "resonant" customers, the deeper the customer's understanding of brand information, the more trust they will gradually build up, and the company will be able to directly contact people who are really interested in its content, and generate good relationships with each other. Forward cycle.

▲The purpose of content marketing is to enhance brand trust and customer loyalty.

Selected scenarios that move consumers

We can also see in many companies that the promotion of content marketing uses a softer topic to communicate with consumers.He will not introduce hard content such as product quality, details, etc. straightforwardly.More intentions are: the transmission of brand concepts, corporate values, and the content of social issues.For example: matching festive issues, cross-brand cooperation, identifying issues that resonate with consumers, and sharing information with the audience as friends, effectively shortening the distance and relationship with customers.The following are examples of two e-commerce companies.

1.Duke of Cheese

The Duke of Cheese owns various chain stores and e-commerce websites.The brand concept is to create healthy, unburdened delicious cakes, so that you who love desserts can enjoy it easily.In his e-commerce website, he specially designed blog content to narrow the distance with consumers.

Have worked together: Baker Wu Baochun, Golden Horse Queen Chen Shufang, share the values ​​and issues passed on together.Share stories of partners with colleagues, and stories of small farmers with suppliers.These non-rigid things that simply describe the value and content of the product are more to convey the concept and image of the brand.The topics of daily life and the content of interesting articles are used to create attractive situations and images, allowing consumers to understand the brand from a more relaxed perspective.

2.Non-toxic farmers

"Non-toxic, friendly, and at ease" is the brand concept of non-toxic farmers.Through the establishment of the system, they use the funds returned by consumers in an open and fair manner to effectively feed back to the cooperative small farmers, reducing the past levels of exploitation in the agricultural product industry.

Non-toxic farmers also build a blog structure on the e-commerce website, placing many articles with rich content.From the production area interview stories, understanding of the types of ingredients, fruit selection policies, and even cooking methods, etc., these contents will effectively attract customers who really have common interests to come to understand.Through the contextual content of the blog, customers have a deep understanding of the production areas of small farmers, the beauty of Taiwan's land, and the problems of the crop industry.Establish a sense of brand trust, and find out the value and concept of the brand from the content articles.The contextual design of the content of the article is centered on the core value and positioning of the brand, so that the audience can get to know your brand more quickly, and really see what you want to convey, and then purchase and place orders, give positive feedback and support, and produce a win-win situation. Forward cycle.

From the above two cases, we can learn that to do a great secret of content marketing, the most important thing is to have a "blog" and continue to produce high-quality and good content, in order to continue to bring more attention to the company , And then increase the overall website traffic, is a good way to be able to develop in a long-term sustainable.


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