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Consumers going online to search for information through search engines have become the most important way for most people to obtain information.With the use of the Internet more and more frequent, the Internet has a huge influence on the public opinion orientation of the society and the evaluation of enterprises. According to survey statistics, negative evaluation articles are one of the most noticed articles by netizens. Competitors and Austrians Customers leave negative reviews and negative articles or black letters on PTT, blogs, Youtube, forums, news media, and Google My Business. The dissemination and lethality of negative links is more than 10 times that of positive articles, and the loss is at least It is more than 10% of your turnover, and the hyperlinks of your company’s negative messages will always exist on the Internet. If a netizen uses your company’s name to search for relevant information and wants to learn more about your company through the Internet, only if the search results are all Negative news or maliciously attacked information will definitely hurt the company's reputation or personal reputation.
When such negative news starts to occur on the Internet, it should be dealt with immediately to prevent the negative news from being seen all the time or being reprinted, causing huge loss of business and reputation.

NSS provides experts to eliminate negative reviews and suppress negative reviews

By deleting the Google search page (deleting negative reviews) or reducing the keyword ranking of negative articles (pressing negative reviews), the purpose of improving the reputation of the company and the product network is achieved.Mobilize the net army to leave messages (wash negative reviews), turn negatives into positives, turn crises into opportunities, and help companies or products add points.
If your company needs to use the Warring States Strategy Net Army to eliminate negative links, please refer to the following solutions:

Option One

Dispel negative reviews through SEO and publish balanced reports through the media
$ 20,000From TWD/month
  • In addition to serving as a channel for brand websites to increase exposure to traffic sources, SEO can also handle negative search results from search engines. Through SEO, we can efficiently move multiple positive content articles to the top three search engine results. At the same time, through the cooperation with the media to publish balanced reports, with the higher weight and trust of the media website, the SEO effect can be achieved in a shorter time, so that your potential consumers will avoid negative information when searching for the brand. Influence, and reduce brand confidence.
  • Suppress negative links to the second page

Option II

Buy the net army wash negative reviews
$ 50,000From TWD
  • In an era when online social interactions are extremely hot, everyone is not unfamiliar with the method of buying an online army to wash negative reviews, especially in major communities and forums, you can often see people using the positive and negative aspects of the issue in a "wind direction" way, or Influencing the comments of comments, as a method of eliminating negative comments, such as buying comments, washing negative comments, etc.However, this operation method may seem simple, but it is actually very dangerous. If it is not handled properly, it may be punished, or it may cause a large number of netizens to rebound and cause a greater brand crisis.So be sure to find a professional cyber army company to deal with
  • 200 live-action cyber troops

third solution

Buy multiple online news reports to report positive news
$ 35,000From TWD
  • When dealing with negative reviews, this is definitely the first step to deal with. To understand why consumers make negative reviews, give a response statement and apology compensation as soon as possible, and adjust their mistakes as soon as possible.Consumers usually express their dissatisfaction with the brand through customer service, Facebook comments or Google comments. At this time, if the brand can directly respond to the customer’s doubts or dissatisfaction, in addition to quickly resolve the misunderstanding with the consumer and apologize, it can also give the brand. Pay attention to the good perception of consumer emotions.Compared with deleting negative reviews or removing negative reviews, brands actively respond to consumer negative reviews, which can leave a better impression on the contrary.
  • 5 online news reports

Option Four

Delete negative news link
$ 60,000From TWD
  • The technology and services of the Zhan Guoce Net Army can delete all negative news links from search engines and balance negative news for your company. We provide negative news processing project services:
    1. Removal of negative links from search engine results
    2. Removal of negative articles appearing on platforms such as online negative news media
  • Delete every negative page link
If your company needs to eliminate negative reviews on the Internet, please call0800-003-191Or fill in the following contact form or use the official LINE (ID:@119m) Contact our company, our network consultant will actively contact you within 24 hours. After the information is confirmed, you can give away the Zhan Guoce 1,000 yuan stored value (only for corporate customers, the stored value can purchase all Zhan Guoce services, website (Except for registration services), in order to increase the voice of corporate customers’ online reputation, the ZhanGuo Policy provides a free brand corporate customer analysis and word-of-mouth marketing health diagnosis report (worth 15,000 yuan)

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