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The most effective SEO strategy optimization strategy to increase the traffic of the company's official website in 2022!

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MarketingIn the era of , any brand hopes to get more attention and exposure through the Internet. There are many methods of Internet marketing, which are mainly divided into two categories: outbound marketing and inbound marketing. The push marketing is mainly to "proactively attack" to promote their products or services, such as "digital advertising media", ""press release” and so on belong to the way of buying advertisements to promote a lot; while inbound marketing is mainly the way of “customers actively come to the door” to promote their products or services, such as “Blogger Marketing","Internet celebrity marketing","Word-of-mouth marketing","Content marketing","SEO Natural Search","Community management” .. etc. This kind of passive way is called inbound marketing.Among them, SEO natural search is mainly implemented by people, which can bring a lot of traffic and business for free, so it is an Internet marketing technology that many brands mainly want to grasp.

How do search results work?

When it comes to SEO, we must not mention search engines. I believe that you are no stranger to Google, and you must have used Google's search engines, right?When you search for "e-commerce" on Google, thousands of related information will pop up, and academic terms such as e-commerce will also appear in Wikipedia and other search results, and these search results constitute The "Search Engine Results Page (SERP, Search Engine Results Page)".And these search results can be divided into "paid results" and "natural search results". The paid results will have a small word "ad" in front of them, which are results that can be popped up as long as you spend money. Apart from these, the rest The pages displayed are called "organic search results".It was mentioned earlier that there are at least tens of thousands of pieces of information in each search. Assuming that your own brand e-commerce page competes with these pages, you can still rank in the top few positions. You can imagine that it is more than one piece. The bad thing is love, and to grab the top spot in the search results, you need to rely on SEO strategies for search engine optimization.

What is SEO Search Engine Optimization?

The full name of SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, and the direct translation in Chinese is "Search Engine Optimization". It is a series of techniques to improve the way websites or articles are ranked in search results. For "Search Engine Optimization".These technologies are mainly to let Google's crawlers "understand" the content of your website, so that users can correspond to key information when searching, and recommend your website to users first.It should be noted here that some businesses will claim to use SEM to achieve the same effect of ranking first in SEO. In fact, SEM is Search Engine Marketing, which refers to search engine marketing, mainly through paid methods. Provide keyword ranking, and to put it more bluntly, it is to put keyword advertising, which has achieved the effect of the first page. Although the name looks similar, it is actually a lot worse. One is free natural sorting, and the other has to be paid all the time. paid advertising.

Why do SEO optimization?

As explained above, the biggest advantage of SEO is to expose the search results of your own brand website "for free". If the ranking is higher, it means that more users will enter your website. go.In addition, it can also give consumers greater confidence for brands. When they are searching for a service that you operate, they can see your brand website no matter how they search, which can make them invisible. Users are more impressed with your brand, and your brand website will become a reliable website that users can trust.In addition to enhancing the brand image, it can also be discussed on the Internet or among relatives and friends through word of mouth, thereby enhancing the popularity of more brands. When the popularity rises, I believe the opportunity to place orders will also follow. Growth, SEO optimization can be said to be a good way to kill several birds with one stone!

What should SEO optimization do?

There are many benefits of SEO, and it has become one of the policies that every brand wants to grasp. So what items can be done to start the SEO optimization strategy?In fact, before implementing an SEO strategy,First determine what kind of brand and what is the purpose?Suppose we take an e-commerce website as an example. The purpose of SEO is to sell products and make people buy them. Compared with general blog sites, which mainly provide knowledge sharing and inquiries, the intentions like this are different. Therefore, When implementing an SEO optimization strategy, there are different goals, and there are more than 200 different variables that can cause SEO ranking differences. Nevertheless, in SEO optimization, there is the same focus on "To provide users with high-quality content”, so working hard in the direction of content that users really need will definitely improve SEO.

Three factors that affect SEO ranking

As mentioned above, there are more than 200 factors that affect SEO ranking so far. Of course, it is impossible to achieve 200 points for all these 100 reasons. Among them, there are many genres, and "Content is king” is the most respected genre, but the content depends on the industry, so I will not discuss how the content should not be generated for the time being. Other influencing factors such as website structure, article structure, etc. will also be affected to some extent. , Assuming that your brand e-commerce is built using WordPress, then congratulations is that WordPress is a website with very good SEO capabilities. So far, more than XNUMX% of brand websites in the Internet world use WordPress. As the main way to build a website, but also because of the high market share, not all websites under this system naturally have high SEO capabilities. The main factors that affect SEO ranking are roughly divided into three factors:Website authority, keyword relevance, and user perception.

1. Website authority

The weight of a website, that is, the weight of a website, refers to a certain authoritative value given to the website by search engines, and these authoritative values ​​will evaluate the website as a whole. , it's easier to get to the front.The most direct way is to add a lot of pages on the website, and it takes a long time to operate to increase the authority of the website.This is why the SEO of new e-commerce websites usually cannot beat leading e-commerce companies, because these leading e-commerce websites have a very high weight. Assuming they all sell the same thing, it is relatively difficult to win, but as long as Continuing to increase the authority of the website, there is also a chance to beat these e-commerce companies.The rapid increase of website weight can be achieved by writing articles and adding new product pages. At least more than 100 pages are required to be considered as a stable e-commerce website, so that it can occupy some markets in the fast-developing e-commerce world.

2. Keyword Relevance

The website is like communicating with people. Some things are said to him, but he can't listen. Maybe it's because he doesn't trust him enough;The same is true for websites. If the content of this website is not professional enough, or if there is too little information about other similar issues, it may make people unbelievable. These are all possible reasons for the downturn in traffic. If the relevance of keywords is not thoroughly planned, it may cause keyword fights. When your website is describing keywords of related industries, Google will judge that you are an expert in this field, so it will improve the Some rankings, such as e-commerce websites that sell coffee beans, add some coffee-related knowledge articles, which is a good practice.

3. User experience

The weight of the website and the relevance of keywords can directly determine the ranking of the website. Finally, there is another factor about the SEO ranking that is the user's feeling.This point is more subjective consciousness.For example, Google's crawlers can know whether the "text", "links", etc. in the website are sufficient through HTML tags, but they can't directly read the user experience of the entire website. Google's core purpose has always been to "Provide users with the most accurate and useful content". Under this core, user experience is a very important indicator, and Google will use the following content as a basis, such as:

  • Are website articles being clicked on in search results?
  • Will users who click in stay for a few minutes?
  • Do users who click through quickly go back and try another page?

Through these data signals, Google can more accurately analyze whether the content in the website is excellent, whether it is the information that the searcher really wants to find...etc.Therefore, the structure of the entire website is also one of the very important things that affects the SEO ranking.

Seven must-do SEO optimization projects for e-commerce websites

After some basic concepts of SEO are explained, I believe that I have a little understanding of SEO optimization, but for brand e-commerce, how to start optimization is the key.There are many ways to optimize SEO. Here are seven useful SEO optimization projects for brand e-commerce websites, and paired with WooCommerce, the best e-commerce system in WordPress as an example, to help you quickly understand how these tools work in practice Execute, let your brand e-commerce SEO quickly climb the rankings!

SEO strategy one: optimization of website layout

As mentioned above, a very important point to improve website SEO is the "website structure". In WordPress, the website structure is very consistent with the SEO layout, so if your brand e-commerce is built using WordPress Yes, and thankfully, this is a very good site for SEO, it just needs to be optimized for a few more items, like:

1. RWD Responsive Design

Now almost everyone has a smartphone, and according to the survey, more than 8% of people are used to using their mobile phones to go shopping directly. Therefore, Google will also give priority to the censorship of mobile devices, so brand e-commerce websites must have a mobile version. , Most WordPress systems support RWD responsive design websites, which can be used without creating an extra website. It can accurately adjust the size of mobile phones, tablets and desktops for different device sizes, and retain the original Contents of images and architecture.

2. Independent domain

Having an independent domain can not only improve the credibility of the website, but also be detected as a real website by Google. The concise domain structure can also help Google crawlers to quickly understand the entire website, which is of great help for the extra points on website SEO. , it is recommended to set the domain name more clearly. For example, if it is a product with a big brand, you can set the English name of the brand on the domain name, which can increase the chance of being searched by Google "image", but if it is If you have your own brand, you can set the name of the comparison keyword on it, and it will also increase a little SEO establishment.if neededApplication URLDomains can be registered with the Warring States Policy.

3.SSL encryption protocol

The full name of the SSL encryption protocol (Secure Sockets Layer) is a protocol that protects the security of Internet connections and prevents data transmitted between two systems from being arbitrarily read by third parties, especially e-commerce websites, because the above In order to ensure that customers’ credit cards or personal information are stolen, the SSL encryption protocol is particularly important. At the same time, Google also announced that the existence of HTTPS is also one of the keys to SEO search rankings, so the encryption protocol It is one of the must-have features of today's website.If the site requiresApply for SSLSSL can be purchased from Warring States Policy.

If there is a lock in front of the URL, it means it is a domain with SSL architecture.

4. Google Search Console & Sitemap website retrieval

Google Search Console is also a free website data tool launched by Google. In addition to seeing which keywords are searched through natural methods, you can also submit a Sitemap of the entire website to tell Google which pages are updated, which is quite suitable for website SEO. After the website is established, it is necessary to allow Google to include the website. There are two ways to include it. One is to automatically crawl the search engine, and the other is to actively tell Google which pages need to be included. A cycle, as short as three days, as long as three months, or even heard of a year has not been searched, so you need to take the initiative to tell Google that a new website is born here, that is, through the Sitemap in GSC.

Google Search Console can provide the following information:

  • Watching a compilation of keywords that users search for and browse through, you can see what terms were searched for and where you've been to recent sites.
  • The browsing rate of mobile and desktop users.
  • Are there any architectural errors on the site.
  • Submit a Sitemap to let Google know about you.
  • Quantitative ranking of key information on the website, such as the number of clicks, the number of views, the average click-through rate, and the average position.

5. Setting up structured data

Structured data (schema.org) refers to the data in the HTML of the website that Google uses the crawler to explore. At present, there are 28 kinds of structured data in official documents, which will be presented in different ways.Compound abstractInside.Generally speaking, the manual setting of structured data will take a lot of time. In addition to requiring engineers to deal with it, it also needs to learn complex programming syntax. However, under the WordPress system, theRank Math SEOYou can achieve the function of quick setting, as long as you select your own information, you can quickly generate schema information.And such information will also affect the data crawling of Google Shopping Ads and Dynamic Search Ads, so it is very important to set these contents well!

SEO Strategy XNUMX: Keyword Mining

For any SEO implementation, the first thing you need to do is "keyword research". Through keyword research, you can learn about your brand and products. What are some keyword terms in the search results?Who are your competitors?What are the key words you want to attack?For e-commerce websites, the first purpose is definitely to find keywords related to "brand words" and "brand products", and then to extend these determined keywords and write some related content. Set up some long-tail keywords cleverly, so that people can find your brand e-commerce no matter how they search, this is the biggest goal.There are many ways to investigate keywords, and there are many paid and free tools in the imitation room. Here are some of the simplest ways to investigate for your reference:

1. Google Direct Search

This is the most convenient and fastest way to find keywords. You can directly search for related words on the Google search page. Suppose you search for an iphone case, and the related words that pop up are also words that many people search for. You can Extend for these words.

2. Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool that can study the popularity of a keyword in a specified area and time.It is a very important tool for some brands pursuing fast fashion. For clothing, the season may be over in a month, but if you can grasp the hot trend, you may be able to increase a lot of product development directions.

Google Trends can provide the following information:

  • Daily search popularity (previous day)
  • Real-time search popularity status (within the past 24 hours), some areas may have no data if the search volume is too low
  • Keyword search status and historical popularity
  • Additional Extended Keyword Condition Suggestions

Before creating content, you can first search for the popularity of keywords. After all, in order for people to take the initiative to find the website, the most important thing is to have popularity, so that people can take the initiative to find it, so you can use this tool to check the popularity.

3. Direct search on major shopping platforms

For e-commerce websites, another very suitable way to find keywords is "Search directly through major shopping platforms",usableXiaopi Shopping,momo shopping networkand other e-shopping sites, there is a very complete range of products here, and the search intent above is a very strong shopping demand, so you can observe the related terms and competing terms of these platforms, which can increase a lot of keywords when mining. think.

4. Google Keyword Planner

The last recommended keyword search tool is Google Keyword Planner, which is a keyword search tool in Google Ads, which can explore the search status of target keywords on search engines.

Google Keyword Planner can provide the following information:

  • View average search volume, competition, bids for target keywords
  • The keyword status of the target website
  • Provide suggested keywords for target keyword terms

One of the interesting things about Keyword Planner is that you can see the keyword status of your opponent's website. And apply it to your own website, so that you can perform SEO more efficiently, but it should be noted that this tool must be used by users who have advertised, and if you do not continue to advertise, you will get The accuracy may be inaccurate, it is a more advanced keyword exploration tool.

SEO Strategy XNUMX: Website Classification and Architecture

Just as the website architecture mentioned above can affect SEO performance, according toSMX WestThe published research data shows that the category page of the brand e-commerce website has more opportunities to increase the keyword ranking and organic search volume than the product detail page (Proudct page). Therefore, optimizing the product category page is important for e-commerce websites It is a very important thing. Imagine that when consumers enter your e-commerce website and see many similar products at the same time, can they allow customers to quickly and freely choose the products they want?Therefore, optimizing the product page is a very important part. Specifically, how to optimize it?

1. Correct use of product categories and labels

Detailed product categories and tags can help organize products across the e-commerce site, make it easy for consumers to find the right product they're looking for, and also help Google search engines to let them know what kind of products are on the site. , each product category and tag has its own page in WooCommerce, and these pages have similar products, which can increase the density of their keywords, just as the keyword relevance above will affect SEO rankings, the more The more detailed this information is set, the better the rankings can be.For example, a clothing store has categories such as men's clothing, women's clothing, jewelry, etc. These categories can also be divided into sub-categories. It is a good idea to add tags such as summer, winter, fashion, etc., and this depends on the theme of WooCommerce. , some theme themes will be set automatically, just enter the text.

2. Classification of commodities in different industries

Like the category tab above, most industries will first set broad keywords to product categories, then set some main keywords for subcategories, and finally set detailed product pages with long tail keywords, but in fact not all Products are suitable to be set in this way. For example, an e-commerce website that sells 3C products uses detailed product specifications as "subcategories", and finally long-tail keywords are set on "product detail pages", which is very important for SEO and It will be a better way to present the product before consumers buy it.

3. Optimize the product category page

To optimize the product classification page for SEO, the first thing to do is to draw the structure diagram of the website. The product classification page is like the backbone of the website. You can first draw a map of the website, and then optimize the products. Simple Examples are as follows:

Of course, this is just an example. The actual classification will not be as bright as this. It should be remembered that each classification route is a marketing conversion. Assuming that the first-level keywords will not be frequently searched by consumers The word of the word, then the consumer will not find the product he wants for the first time, and may leave the website because of this. Therefore, the exploration of keywords can be said to be very important. The products are regarded as large categories, and then they are arranged in order. Here is a little trick that you can set up a popular product and other content. Instead of letting consumers find them slowly, it is better to help them choose directly, which can also slightly increase sales. Oh!

4. Set product classification SEO

In addition, it is also very important to set the SEO of the product category. You can set the title (Tilte) and meta description (Meta Description) on each product category page, and set the broad, main and long tail keywords. The SEO level of the product, taking WordPress as an example, the commonly used plug-in Rank Math can easily assist in setting the SEO of the product, as long as the above content is filled in, it can make it easier for the Google algorithm to understand the SEO of these products. Content, you have a better chance of ranking well in search results.

Take WordPress as an example, follow the instructions and fill in the Title and Description

SEO Strategy XNUMX: On-site page optimization

After explaining the website structure and category pages, the next step is to make SEO adjustment suggestions for each item in all websites.Those who have studied the website should know that the website is built by the writing of HTML, and therefore Google sorts it by crawling the HTML data. Knowing what your website is, you can even climb to a high score. The most basic things to adjust are the title, Mate Description, H1H2 tags, and ALT attributes of images.

1. The title of the web page (Title)

The title of each page is the biggest focus, because these titles appear on Google's search engine, according to Google's SEO Open Beginner's Guide, "Each title needs to accurately describe the content of the page, in a short and clear way and Set it uniquely", the thing to pay attention to here is, remember not to use too many keywords to tangle, and don't use too much the title of the content farm, and don't use special symbols, and don't just enter blank or no input, this is The edge will be judged by Google as problematic content, and the score will be reduced. The best way is toBrand name + brand Slogan, and the number of words is about 25 Chinese characters is the best.

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2. Mate Description

This relay description is another basis for Google to judge the content of the webpage in addition to the title. It can also provide consumers with an understanding of what kind of content the webpage is explaining in addition to reading the title. It is also an extremely important optimization. place.The suggestion is that there is no way to explain the content of the extension title, and it must be highly related to the entire web page. You can also add 2 to 3 keywords, and keep the semantics smooth. Finally, the more important point is not to let each A page uses the same Mate Description, which will cause repetition problems and make it difficult for Google to judge. The number of words also needs to be controlled at about 100~150 Chinese characters.

Below the title is Description

3. H1H2 tags

The full name of the H tag is Heading tags, which is mainly used in the HTML programming language for website architecture, and is used to emphasize the content of the article.It is also the information that Google crawlers are reading. As mentioned earlier, it is necessary to let Google understand what the website is talking about, so the H-tag bureau is indispensable.Taking an article as an example, the content of a good article usually includes "the main title of the article", "subtitle", "subtitle", etc. If it is divided by H tags, they are H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, the numbers are arranged from small to large. The smaller the number, the higher the importance of the title. Basically, the commonly used tags are H1, H2, H3, and the latter H4, H5, and H6 are less affected than other information.It should be noted here that there is only one H1 tag per page. Some websites can set several H1 tags, but this will interfere with Google's determination of the title of your website, so only one H1 tag can be set.

4. Image ALT attribute

The full name of image ALT is Alternative text, which means image alternative text. It is mainly used when the network speed is too slow, the image file is wrong, or even when the browser disables the image, etc. "When the image fails", this Alt can replace the text to describe the image. As a remedy, Google also uses these descriptions to determine what the picture is, and at the same time, these contents can also be used for SEO, providing complete sentences to describe the content of the picture, and it is best to have the same content with the text. In this way, the optimization of the ALT attribute of the picture is completed. It is not difficult to imagine that when you want to find a certain style of clothes, you will definitely enter the corresponding keyword directly in the search engine, and then click on the picture again. Look at the similar clothes, right?And that's where ALT attributes can help, so for e-commerce sites, it's a place to be well-planned.Taking WordPress as an example, these pictures will appear in the "Media Library". After clicking on the pictures, explain these alt texts one by one, and then complete the optimization of the ALT attribute.

SEO strategy five: website content marketing planning

The optimization of SEO is roughly divided into two parts, one is the structure of the website, and the other is the content of the website. In the previous matters, the optimization of the website structure and keywords is explained. The next part is very important for SEO, that is, the content of the website. , and the content can be divided into website header and footer, product pages and other information.

1. Website header and footer optimization

The page header of the website, that is, one of the information that users will first click on recently, can sort and optimize the directory information in a tree-like manner. At the end of the page, it is also recommended that brand e-commerce companies must establish a "return and exchange policy". ”, “Frequently Asked Questions”, “Privacy Policy”, etc., not only can improve a better service experience, but also increase the sense of trust, Google will also increase the weight of your web page because of the settings of these information, and at the same time, in the delivery When Google Shopping, the items on these pages will also affect the delivery of ads, so the sooner you set it up, the better.

2. Product page optimization

The product page is a very important place for brand e-commerce. After all, it is to sell something, and it is also the only way for consumers. Therefore, clean, simple and tidy information can help users find the corresponding needs. , it should be noted that although it is a very comfortable thing to use pictures to introduce products when introducing products, you can use very beautiful pictures and usage scenarios to attract consumers' purchase intention, but doing so is a very important thing for Google. It's a bad thing because they can't read what the picture is saying, and it's going to drop your SEO rankings.Therefore, the "text description" of the product must be entered in text, and several sets of keyword words must be added, so that Google can understand it, and the ranking will increase.

3. Run a blog and continue to publish content

In addition to optimizing the product pages, there is another great way to manage SEO, and that is to operate in the form of blogs.As mentioned above, a website must have at least 100 pages to be considered a website with some weight. After finally setting up 100 pages on the website, then you can manage the blog content well. , for example, you can write content such as "Top XNUMX Recommendations for Sunscreen in Summer", "Measurement of Drop-resistant Mobile Phone Cases Recommended by XNUMX People", "Japanese Villagers, God-level Home Goods", etc. to attract shallow consumption. The second is to add some CTA to promote the products or event pages you sell, which can not only increase the SEO ranking, but also actually get some product conversions.But what is more important is the content that is continuously released. For Google, news media websites are updated every hour. Therefore, if you crawl information frequently, you may miss the birth of new content. Suppose your website is once a month. Even if you only publish new content once a season, your website is not very important to Google, so it is not a problem to crawl it again in a few months, so the SEO ability will be slightly reduced.

SEO Strategy XNUMX: External Link Building

The purpose of establishing external links on the website is to improve the relevance of the content, and sometimes it is also to supplement the supporting information of the text to increase the reliability. This does not mean that your website is not linked to any kind of external links, but In recent years, Google is very concerned about the relevance of content, so if the external link is not done well, it may also be punished by Google's algorithm.Therefore, Google will compare the anchor text and surrounding content with the content of the link, and if the content is relevant, it will increase the relevance of the page.Assuming your branded e-commerce site is a website for iPhone cases, it makes sense to add some to Apple's website.To add, from another point of view, when external links from other websites point to your website, search engines will automatically determine that you have endorsed by other websites, which is called "backlinks".Assuming that you are backlinked by Apple, then it is officially recognized, and the weight of the website will be improved a lot.

SEO Strategy Seven: Local SEO Optimization

The last thing a brand e-commerce company can do is "optimization of local SEO". According to Google's algorithm, it will provide users with different search results according to your region. Suppose you are in Zhongzheng District, Taipei City. Search for "restaurants" and Google will suggest some restaurants or articles based on your nearest location to help improve search results.For brand e-commerce, most of them do not have physical stores as operations, but there is always an office location, right?Therefore, you can set up an office address as the setting of Google My Business, you can put the company's address, website link, customer service information and other content into Google My Price, and it can also enhance the trust of searchers, sometimes It can also provide consumers with the service of picking up goods directly from the office. More importantly, some keywords will also appear in maps and other places, and these places are free. How can such a useful tool be missed?Therefore, it is recommended that brand e-commerce companies must set up such content.

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The most important thing for SEO to operate well is to "continue"

Having said so much about the content of the SEO strategy, I believe that you must have gained something from reading this. In fact, there are many SEO techniques, and it takes a lot of time and is very difficult to achieve 100 points for each of them. But Google's core concept has always been "Provide the most accurate and useful information to users”, then to do this in addition to lettingGoogle crawlers understand your websiteIn addition to what to do, providing correct and reliable content is also a critical part.To manage SEO well, long-term operation is necessary. According to many SEO experts, it takes at least 6 to 12 months of SEO optimization to see the effect of SEO. Therefore, continuous and patient operation is the key. The most important part of SEO optimization.

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The above is the sharing of this SEO strategy. If you don’t understand a little about the above content, or if you want to ask an expert to explain some content, you are very welcome to contact us, Zhan Guoce, and we will have the most professional team of consultants for you. Answer them one by one, and let your brand e-commerce rush to the peak of the rankings together!

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