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URL application

To seize the online business opportunities, start with the registration of the domain. The most preferential provider for website registration in Taiwan-Zhan Guoce provides more than 500 kinds of website registration names and website transfer services. The minimum website application fee is as low as 10 yuan, and the registered website is also given away for free. DNS hosting, Whois privacy protection, URL pointing service, and 365 days a year support and Taiwan invoice issuance service

What is the domain name?

Domain Name (English: Domain Name, Abbreviation: Domain), referred to as domain name, domain, is the name of a computer or computer group on the Internet composed of a series of characters separated by dots, used in data transmission Time to identify the electronic position of the computer.A domain name can be said to be a proxy for an IP address, in order to facilitate the memory of the latter.
The core of a domain name is the domain name system (English: Domain Name System, abbreviation: DNS). In the hierarchy of the domain name system, various domain names are subordinate to the root domain of the domain name system.The first level of a domain name is the top-level domain, which includes generic top-level domains, such as .com, .net, and .org; and country and regional top-level domains, such as .us, .cn, and .tk.The next level of the top-level domain name is the second-level domain name, level by level down.
When you enter a domain name in a web browser, the browser will use the domain to find the corresponding IP address and display the corresponding website.If you have a business, Zhan Guo Ce can help you find the most suitable domain name for your business, and make it easy for you to promote your website.

Why choose Zhan Guoce website to apply for service?

Absolutely low price

The cost of providing more than 500 kinds of URLs has an absolute competitive advantage in Taiwan, and the quotation already includes the fee of the domain name management agency (ICANN fee) and issuance of invoices, so you do not need to pay for the second time.


Zhan Guoce provides support services 365 hours a day, 24 days a year, and provides cloud services for more than 30,000 users.Our service is worthy of your trust.

Free service

Apply for a website in the NSS website, buy a NSS website for five years and get a Linux virtual host for one year. The three major services of DNS hosting service and domain name privacy protection can help you avoid unnecessary interruption and harassment.

Apply for a URL, select the correct URL name
Add points to the brand

The website is like your company's house number on the Internet. When purchasing a website, the naming principle is based on a short and easy-to-remember website name, which will add points to your brand immediately.At the same time, multiple main suffix names are required in order to protect your company's website trademark rights.

new top level domain
make a strong impression

Since there are fewer and fewer good .COM URLs, it is recommended to use new top-level domains (such as .xyz .biz .group) with meaningful and memorable new top-level domains to make it easier for customers to leave a deep impression on brand URLs.

Free DNS hosting
(DNS server hosting) 

Warring States Policy provides a free and complete DNS server hosting function, which can point to any host, and your company avoids the IT cost of setting up and managing DNS servers.
Free DNS setup tutorial

Website Application FAQ

Domain Name (English: Domain Name, referred to as: Domain), referred to as domain name, domain, is the name of a computer or computer group on the Internet composed of a string of characters separated by dots, used for data transmission. time to identify the electronic orientation of the computer.
Generally speaking, it is divided into two parts: top-level domain and sub-domain.A top-level domain (TLD) refers to the domain name to the right of the small dot. The most common top-level domains are .com, .net, and .org, because anyone can register these top-level domains.A secondary domain (SLD) is the domain name to the left of the dot.For example, the subdomain of "nss.com" is "nss".

In fact, it is not necessary to purchase a URL for a web page. Generally, the host will give a URL, but there will be a lot of host-side information on it, or enter the IP location to browse the page directly, but it is impossible to execute in many places. So it’s better to have a website, just follow you to someone else’s house, there will always be an address, right?In addition, if there is no URL, it will not be included in search engines. This is a very scary thing for operating a website, and there is no way to encrypt the URL, so it is easy to be hacked, so it is recommended to have a URL. better!

www.nss.com.tw, ​​this is the website of Warring States Policy, the www in front is the World Wide Web (World Wide Web), nss is the website name you choose, com stands for company, and tw stands for nationality at the end.

There are probably the following types of common URL names:
.tw companies and individuals can apply.
.idv personal domain, as long as you have an ID card, you can apply.
.com company number can only be applied, and the company registration related information needs to be submitted.
.org consortium legal person can apply, need to submit the relevant information of the consortium legal person.
.net network institutions, such as Chunghwa Telecom, seednet, etc. can only be used.
.edu Educational institutions, generally the website of the school authority, not general cram schools and other institutions.
.gov is a government agency. It is the website used by the government website. Ordinary people cannot apply for it.

And there are many common countries. For example, tw is Taiwan, mainland is cn, and Japan is jp. However, some websites have .com and no country is specified later. This kind of generally refers to the United States or international websites. It is suitable for global enterprises or websites that want to show the website to the whole world.

The website you want to apply for is of course related to your website. Usually, the website will use the English translation of the company name or related English words as the application. If you can get the keyword as the URL, it is the best, and the URL will also help you with extra points when searching for the keyword. In addition, it is the international region where the webpage is to be exposed. Applying for an international URL in this region will also help the page ranking. , because search engines pay more and more attention to localization, so if you are in Taiwan, it is definitely a better choice to apply for a .tw or .com.tw website, and in other regions or countries, you should use the country's website as Lord, this is better for SEO rankings.


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