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Warring States Policy Entity Host 

Taiwan’s Warring States Policy’s physical hosting service provides customers with physical hosting, dedicated lines and operating systems to create the most appropriate hosting operation mechanism for you.
Customers can remotely manage their own host, or pay to entrust our professional engineers to manage the host.
Our computer room is built in Chunghwa Telecom and other international-level telecommunications computer rooms, using the NSS physical host service,
Only spend a little cost, you can let your company website enjoy the highest quality transmission service, so that business opportunities will never be lost.

Service Advantages of Warring States

Zhan Guoce Group was established in 2000. It has been established for more than 20 years and has more than 14 customers. It operates steadily and provides a free 2-day trial service. Use it and pay after you are satisfied!Price guarantee promise, buy expensive refund 60 times the price difference, XNUMX days unsatisfactory guarantee refund

In addition to providing hosting services, it also provides e-commerce, web design, website maintenance, online shop, program development, online cash flow, SSL certificates, online marketing, SEO marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, single window and one-stop services and Rich experience in host management and maintenance will increase official website traffic and turn traffic into profit.

Our server provides LiteSpeed ​​Web Server website acceleration service, which can improve website performance by 50-300%. The only service in the industry that uses Chunghwa Telecom’s computer room (+ Chunghwa Telecom bandwidth) and Hinet DDoS protection to protect website attacks is the most powerful for you. Provide speed and safety that the industry cannot do.

We provide a Chinese service customer service center that is open 365 hours a day, 24 days a year. We provide complete instructional videos for the site for free, and we have a number of experienced network administrators and WordPress problem solving experts who can solve all kinds of problems for you and save you troubles. .

Zhan Guo Ce not only sells consoles, but also helps you seize business opportunities on the Internet

In the post-epidemic era, business opportunities in the Internet market are rushing forward. Faced with changes in consumer consumption habits, companies must immediately grasp the industry dynamics and consumption trends in order to deploy ahead and win huge online business opportunities!The Warring States Strategy not only sells consoles, but also provides six value-added e-commerce services to assist hosting customers to seize online business opportunities.

Free online cash flow (free annual fee)

Publish Taiwan My Business Intelligence Network for free (increase SEO external links and website exposure)

Free installation of online customer service system (free installation for three years of host purchase)

Provide free website marketing teaching front manual

Online marketing consultant (limited to corporate customers, free 3 hours online consultation)

Buy WordPress business hosting + add SSL and get Rank Math SEO PRO plug-in and basic settings for free (worth 1 yuan)

Physical host features

The computer rooms are located in 48 countries around the world and enjoy international-class Internet bandwidth to ensure the stability of website services.

No matter you choose a dedicated host in any country, you can enjoy 24/7 service by Chinese engineers.

The bidding is fast, which saves the time of customer equipment procurement, as well as the time of comparison, inquiry, negotiation and installation.

Provide you with a full set of services such as dedicated server host, Router and Switch network equipment, bandwidth, and computer room.


Commercial websites or e-commerce websites that need to place important confidential information.

Customers who need high performance, high stability and self-management, and who want to plan and manage their own systems.

The virtual host no longer meets the existing usage requirements, or requires the use of more system resources or large traffic websites.

Benefits of using dedicated hosting

You don't need to bear the expense of self-built computer room, circuit erection and huge network management personnel, which can effectively reduce operating costs.

Warring States Policy supports Plesk or cPanel services, and supports multiple languages, so that you do not have language barriers when operating at home and abroad.

Your use of dedicated hosting services will ensure the security of website data, and have higher operating efficiency and dedicated bandwidth, providing you with the most stable and efficient services.

Eliminate the lengthy time of building a computer room and applying for a dedicated line, and the host can be built quickly.In addition, we can also effectively ensure the safety of the website and host equipment through our professional team's 24-hour strict security control and advanced fire warning system.

Start your global dedicated hosting service now Free .com or .tw URL in the first year

Host FAQ

1. There are no restrictions on website capacity and traffic, and it is more flexible to use. Multiple websites can be placed and managed at the same time without being restricted in bandwidth or sharing bandwidth with others
2. The highest autonomy, you can install any software and hardware you want according to actual needs
3. The host can be maintained nearby, and the status of the host can be known at any time, which is more convenient for management and maintenance

1. High installation cost (Server host, software, firewall, UPS uninterruptible power system)
2. Need to apply for an Internet dedicated line separately
3. Special personnel are required to maintain and manage the host regularly
4. In the event of a power failure, the main engine will not operate unless there is a generator ready for backup

Dedicated hosts have different security requirements depending on the installed system and application methods. Although most operating systems have built-in software firewall functions, it is still recommended that you install (purchase) hardware firewall services. Gain more advanced defense capabilities.

The Linux system installed on the dedicated host is the latest Release version of CentOS x64. You can install the default version of Apache+PHP+MySQL+Mail Server+FTP server for free. If you need to install other packages or versions, you can Additional purchase of "common free software installation" service (per package as a unit), customized installation by professional engineers for customers.

Dedicated host products will be pre-matched with bandwidth when purchasing. If you have additional purchase requirements for bandwidth, you can directly purchase it during the dedicated host service ordering process, or you can contact customer service specialists to serve you during the period of use.

Yes, we can provide exclusive traffic analysis reports for you to record and evaluate bandwidth usage.

Yes, we provide hosting services. As long as the host is shipped to Zhan Guoce, we will install your host in the computer room.
Hosting services: https://hb.nss.com.tw/index.php?/cart/-dedicated-server—colocation-/

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