20 11 month 2020

WooCommerce Bookings Availability 5 advanced features to enhance user experience|WP plugin special

Following the previous article we introducedWoocommerce BookingLater, this time I will introduceWooCommerce Bookings AvailabilityThis derivative plug-in, after installing this plug-in, can make the appointment system directly display the calendar or itinerary at the front desk, and promote all the time slots and services that can still be booked to customers, come and see!

Note: The external hanging needs to be matchedWooCommerce BookingsUsed together, only after enabling this plug-in can the nature of the e-commerce website’s goods be converted from transport goods to reserved goods, and then it can be used with the plug-ins introduced in this article

After the plug-in is enabled and the booking settings are completed, the front desk will display the following picture, and the calendar will be displayed on the reserved goods, and the user can directly click on the date to make an appointment!

WooCommerce Bookings Availability Calendar

How to enableWooCommerce Bookings Availability ?

First, go to the official website to download the plug-in Official link

ToWPFind the plug-in in the left toolbar of the background, select upload, and enable the plug-in after completion

How to set?

You need to have a few items that can be reserved first, please click Add Product, adjust the product nature to be a reserved product in the product information block, then all the reserved products will be displayed in the calendar, but the available time slots on the calendar must still be matchedWoo commerce bookingUse Ou!

WooCommerce Bookings Availability Advanced application

Available atpageOrpostUse the calendar function on

Think about it, if yourlanding pageHas such a function

Page: A calendar that allows one-click appointments and an appropriate advertising strategy can help the conversion rate?

Post: When you share the display articles of related works, it is very suitable to match the calendar at the end of the article, so that the beloved visitors can make an appointment directly!

On page orpostThe method to open Bookings Availability is as follows

Step XNUMX: Add a new page/post , Teaching withPostdemonstration

Step XNUMX: After filling in the text, addBooking Calendar

At this time, the foreground displays as shown below

WooCommerce Bookings Availability front-end displayStep XNUMX: Display block settings, set the products and time periods displayed on the calendar, as shown in the figure below


WooCommerce Bookings AvailabilityNeed toWoo commerce bookingUsed together, it can be regarded as one of the plug-ins of advanced applications. By turning on the calendar system, users can see all the available time slots and services at a glance, which can effectively increase the reservation rate of service items. If used properly, it can definitely make performance progress when used with advertisements. !

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20 11 month 2020

Tired of Google Form? Quform lets you customize the form you want 100%! |WP Practical Plug-in Special

Google FormIt's easy to use, but it also has many shortcomings.The biggest disadvantage is that it will lead users away from your website,So if your website is powered byWPSet up, and there are a variety of forms for customers to fill out online, don’t miss this powerful plug-in quform, Through the powerful function of this plug-in, the form design is as simple as the stacking of blocks, come and see!

The appearance in the background

Quform backend


The setting block after adding the table is as follows


Quform The functions include the following six

Short answer / Discussion block (the first and second from the left in the toolbar)

Menu, Including drop-down, check-box, circle-select, and menu display (toolbar)

Calendar and time

Private information such as user name, password,E-mail

Avoid spam form function

In addition, click the gear next to any newly added block to make further settings, and the table also hasRWDYou can switch the preview status by tapping the two screen icons of the phone and tablet on the right side of the screen.

Advanced CSS syntax settings

If you haveHTMLGrammar skills can be achieved throughqueuesTo modify any element in the layout, including text color, style, table color, style, and even add pictures, etc., regarding editing the style displayed on the front desk, there are already complete color adjustment tools in the backend, if you know a little bitcssPeople can even set the style they want!Please see example 1 and 2 below

After grammar and other settings, the front-end table presentation will also change, as shown below

Quform showcase


By installing Quform.You can view the form directly in the background, you no longer need to open the e-mail, when a new form is filled in, the background will also be displayed.100%Never miss any forms!

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Extended reading Follow-Up Emails is another marketing tool! One click to complete email marketing|WP plug-in introduction

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17 11 month 2020

Follow-Up Emails is another marketing tool! One click to complete email marketing|WP plug-in introduction

Everyone knows the importance of remarketing, from the earliestDM, Newsletter marketing. Nowadays, e-commerce websites are booming. These marketing methods are also electronically transformed intoEDM,E-mailSending notices of catalogs, offers, or new products to customers, etc., but if you look at the number of members from thousands to tens of thousands on an e-commerce website, is it troublesome to send one by one?If you only want to market to some customer groups, how should you implement it?This time I will introduce a very useful plug-in Follow-Up Emails, Let you easily set and execute!

Follow-Up Emails 7Main function

  • Can automatically send a letter to notify or predict users
  • Can be chainedGoogla Analytic Track the effectiveness of letters
  • Automated process, save time
  • Track the value of a specific customer group, better understand customer needs and suitable marketing techniques
  • Send reminder letters to the customers who booked the service to ensure that the customers are on schedule
  • No canned letters!Customize each typeemailContent
  • Tweetyour customer(Twitter, Mainstream social media in Europe and America)

How to enable Follow-Up Email ?

First, go to the official website to buy the plug-in, after downloading the file, openWPIn the background, select the plug-in and upload the file, and finally enable the plug-in to start using this awesome plug-in Official link

After enabling, it will appear on the left of the pageFollow upIcon of

After clicking, click on the top center of the screenCreate new follow upYou can start setting!

Follow-Up Emails

The first step is to select the purpose of sending the mail at the bottom right of the screen. The mail category includes

Purchase success email, thank you letter, membership notification, remarketing email, reservation notification email,Tweet

After you choose, the center of the screen is the place to fill in the content. For a successful purchase letter, the content may be, thank you very much for your purchase, and the goods you ordered will be in3-5Shipment within days, please wait patiently, I wish you all the best!The membership notification may mean that I am very happy to have you as one of us. We will send you member-specific benefits and activities via email in the future. I wish you all the best!

Follow-Up Emails

Follow-Up Email The content of each email can be customized, so these automatically sent emails will look more user-friendly

Let’s go to the more important part of the comparison setting, which isFollow-up details,The settings here will involve the marketing strategy and the function of the letter, the general category of the product, etc.

First clicktriggerLater, you can set how long to send, trigger the event of the letter to be sent, and even set a specific product to send a letter, or a wide range of products for a general category.What can this be used for?

Let’s take the membership notification letter as an example. It should be sent as soon as the registration is completed, right?At this momentSending delayCan be adjusted to1Sent in minutes.

But if this email is to promote and remind monthly subscription customers, thenSending delayIt may be adjusted to remind after four weeks, right?This is to make flexible adjustments according to product characteristics, different marketing strategies, and differences in letter functions.

Next, everyone will care about it. Is remarketing effective?Follow-Up Email haveCouponConnect withGAThe function of using discount coupons & clicking, browsing and observing analysis tools can allow marketers to further grasp the effectiveness of marketing activities and make improvements.Follow-up detailsThere are further settings and exclusions in the process, which can be set according to needs and strategies to achieve better results!


In addition to greatly saving advertising costs, email marketing can save a lot of time through automated settings, whether it’s thank you letters,EDM, Order notifications, appointment notifications, etc. Through one-time settings, these trivial tasks that would have been performed with a lot of manpower become simpler!

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17 11 month 2020

WooCommerce Booking enables 0 manual booking service for the website|WP practical plug-in introduction

The website is finally set up, but every time a customer needs to make an appointment, he still has to make an appointment through a fan or letter. Is it a bit troublesome to communicate through repeated letters from confirmation of time, reservation and cancellation?Don't worry, this time we will introduce a practical plug-in, WooCommerce Booking, By installing and enabling this plug-in, you can make the e-commerce website have an online appointment function, come and see!

Introduction to eight powerful functions

  • Allow customers to freely choose the time period that can be booked, no telephone consultation, no manual appointment, just use your finger to make an appointment anytime, anywhere!
  • Group activity booking is also applicable, and multi-person discounts can also be set
  • Early bird discounts, hot periods increase, flexible pricing settings
  • Show the time zone of the customer's location so intimate
  • Reservation and cancellation policies can be set flexibly
  • If you forget things, the booking confirmation letter and reminder before appointment are sent online
  • Repeat appointmentout!Only need to concentrate on serving one customer per working period
  • Concatenate Google Calendar You can easily check the reservation status with your mobile phone

Install and enable plug-in

Step 1 Go to the official to buy a plug-in

WooCommerce BookingRelated links:WooCommerce Booking Official Website

Step 2 After downloading the plug-in, go toWPUpload and enable the plug-in in the background

Step 3 Create reservationable products and enable reservation function


Interface description

virtual: When the goods or services do not need to be shipped, check the virtual option and the shipping method in the left column will disappear

Has persons: When a product or service can be reserved by many people at the same time, check this option, and the left column will addPersonsField of

Has resources: When there are many services that can be selected in the same period, the left column will be added after checkingResourcesField of


Next, introduce the detailed setting function

Booking duration The duration of this service can be calculated in minutes, hours, days, and months, with great flexibility

Check the third option in the figure below, and each online reservation for this product or service requires your consent to make the reservation successful

Check the fourth option in the figure below, you agree to allow customers to cancel services or goods flexibly




Max booking per block

The maximum number of people who can make an appointment in a working period, when the appointment reaches the upper limit of the number of people in the period, it will be automatically closed, and it will not cause overload

Minimum & Maximum block bookable

How long is the shortest to accept reservations & the longest to accept reservations

For example, the shortest acceptance in advance30Appointment service every day, the latest accepted in advance12Hourly appointments not only allow businesses to have a bottom line about the daily workload, but also allow customers to make appointments in advance, which is very convenient and caring

Required a buffer period of & Adjacent Buffering Buffer time setting

The buffer time is like, let’s take the consulting service as an example, maybe the time for a consultation is90Minutes, after every consultation, you need to have15Minutes of flexible rest time can be achieved through this setting

AndAdjacent BufferingThis option, when checked, will add the buffer time you set before and after the time period, for example, a customer appointment13:30Consultation, length of service60Minutes, then the last available time slot will not be12:30But12:15, And the next available time slot is14:45.

All dates are available/ not available by default Flexible setting of appointment and non-appointment time

Through this option and with the calendar below, you can set which day you can book this service or product, and you can also set the time period

The time part is also very flexible, the shortest is from hours to longest months, according to the characteristics of the product to adjust the appointment time, or for example, there is a product or service timeliness, you can also use the formbookableOption to set the product to be available or unavailable for reservation during this period

First block starts at When does the first serviceable period start

Do you see the small clock on the right?OneBlockIt's a working period. When does the first working period start by adjusting the clock


How to connect WooCommerce Booking Google Calendar

ToWPBackstage left column, selectBookingsUndersettings, Click at the top rightCalendar connection, Scroll down the page to findAuthorization, Click the button to start the connection, please refer to the following flowchart

step 1 Click on Bookings in the left column of the background, and you will find Calendar Connection in the center of the screen. After clicking it, as shown in Figure XNUMX, click Connect with Google to start the connection





Step 2 Select the Google account you want to link and allow authorization

Step 4 Confirm again to select the account to be connected. If there is no problem, click Allow

After Step 5, go back to WooCommerce, confirm the linked website information, press the purple button to complete

WooCommerce Booking




This powerful appointment system is highly flexible, so it is highly recommended for professionals to install their own image website. Through one-time setting, time consumption and disputes caused by appointment related consultation can be greatly reduced. And the client can also flexibly choose the time period it can, and reserve the service you provide anytime, anywhere!




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05 11 month 2020

The latest list of website fees for major website registrars in Taiwan in November 2020

The latest list of URL application fees for major URL registrars in Taiwan in October 2020

Zhan Guo Ce buy website fee (.xyz 99 yuan / year.Com.tw (99 yuan .com 199 yuan)

Godaddy charges for buying URLs (.com 109 yuan.Com.tw 734 yuan.xyz 37 yuan/year without issuing Taiwan invoices?)

Yuanzhen buy website charges (.com 400 yuan.Com.tw 630 yuan.xyz 1000 yuan/year)

Huizhi buy website charges (.com 500 yuan.Com.tw (760 yuan)

Dreamcatcher purchases the website fee (.com 350 yuan.Com.tw (600 yuan)

Please order online now https://www.nss.com.tw/domain-registration/

Don't worry that the Warring States Policy has a double price difference policy!

Warring States Group
Toll-free consultation telephone: 0800-003-191
LINE@ ID:@119m

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07 10 month 2020

Warring States Policy's full range of Taiwanese hosting services, the only one in the industry to use Chunghwa Telecom’s computer room + Chunghwa Telecom line + Hinet DDoS protection

Warring States Policy's full range of Taiwanese hosting services, the only one in the industry to use Chunghwa Telecom’s computer room + Chunghwa Telecom line + Hinet DDoS protection

From ETtoday Financial News: The latest wave of foreign hacker groupization revealed that corporate information security has been blocked 2 or 7 times in 8 months https://www.ettoday.net/news/20200929/1820720.htm

Your company’s website is attacked by DDos and cannot be connected. How much revenue will your company lose in a day of crash? Due to the high cost of effective anti-DDos protection (about millions of fees per year), few hosting companies are willing to spend Money invested in equipment, resulting in the inability to effectively resist the attack or quickly return to normal in the face of DDos attacks. Choose the full range of Zhan Guoce Taiwan hosting services to enjoy Chunghwa Telecom’s DDoS protection services and obtain the most guaranteed protection services

The Warring States Policy is the only company in the industry to adopt Chunghwa Telecom's computer room + Chunghwa Telecom line + Hinet DDoS protection service
1. Stop DDoS attacks from the backbone network, and the effect is immediately evident
2. Multi-layer active defense technology, protection layer by layer
3. HiNet SOC monitoring center professional monitoring and management 24 hours a day
4. Chinese culture statistical analysis report, real-time grasp of protection benefits
5. The only one in the country! Backbone filtration! Purification bandwidth!

HiNet provides the best solution when enterprises suffer from DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, "HiNet DDoS Advanced Protection Service", which filters DDoS attack packets in real time to obtain the most effective security protection!

HiNet DDoS Advanced Protection Service
Build DDoS defense equipment on HiNet backbone network and develop multi-layer DDoS protection mechanism. Through the analysis of attack traffic and active detection defense mechanism, it can directly and effectively block a large number of DDoS attack packets (such as ICMP FIood, UDP FIood, SYN Flood, etc.) ), to prevent attack packets from congesting corporate bandwidth, and assist companies in mitigating network congestion caused by DDoS attacks.

At the same time, as long as you are Godaddy, SiteGround, Bluehost, HostGator, Dreamhost, Hostinger, WPWebHost, SugarHosts or other peer hosting customers (purchase proof is required), now as long as you transfer to the NSS hosting, you will enjoy 5% off the company's pricing for the first year Discount

At the same time, the NSS host uses the LiteSpeed ​​Web Server website acceleration service to improve the performance of the website by 50-300%. The host is located in the Chunghwa Telecom computer room and uses Chunghwa Telecom high-speed dedicated lines (non-category telecommunications, TWIX, ADSL lines), the fastest connection speed in Taiwan Since its launch, it has been widely welcomed by customers. In order to make it easier for customers to set up the site and the plug-in tools they need, purchase the Zhan Guoce WordPress virtual host from now until the end of this month, and at the same time, they will give away 15 kinds of WP practical and genuine licenses for free. Plug-in gift (market price 3 yuan)

Please order online now https://www.nss.com.tw/wordpresshosting/

Warring States Group
Toll-free consultation telephone: 0800-003-191
LINE@ ID:@119m

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06 10 month 2020

WooCommerce system deconstruction is free and powerful! 2 major features 4 major advantages E-commerce first choice|WordPress practical plug-in

I believe you who will click into this article are all embracing the dream of e-commerce. The most important thing about an e-commerce platform is a practical and convenient back-end management system.Woo CommerceFully meet this requirement!

It is practical, extensible, free, diversified, andFBGooglecompatibility100Minute

Let’s start with the introduction. Let’s talk about why brands should have official websites from the perspective of marketers.

Many people would like to say that setting up an e-commerce website is very expensive. If you sell it on a shopping platform, you can save this business cost. This concept is right or wrong.

Yes, if the business is unsuccessful or there is a sudden change in the middle, the business must be closed reluctantly, then it does save a fortune

Wrong, if you do it, you will definitely consider building an official website, right?

Sorry for all member information, order information, advertising data, and even merchandise and related settings, all have to be rebuilt from scratch.

Even worse, if this platform fails or goes bankrupt, your efforts will be wiped out overnight.It’s not that miserable, it’s just that the platform occasionally crashes. Sorry, your online store won’t be profitable for as long as it’s faulty.Lose control.

Furthermore, if you not only do it, but also get bigger and bigger and it is very successful, there must be some functions that need to be upgraded, right?For example, an advanced membership system is required, a more complete shipping service is required, a more diverse cash flow is required, and a more stable data analysis and optimization is required.

All of these are not customizable by ordinary platforms, or require a large annual fee.And to have an extensible e-commerce website, you only need to add a plug-in and set it up.

Therefore, this time we will introduce a safe, reasonable cost and expandable e-commerce systemWooCommerce


Feature XNUMX: Free and highly expandable

The plug-in itself is made byWPSelf-developed free e-commerce plug-in. It is powerful because it has a variety of collocation plug-ins. The plug-in optimized for checkout page is Checkout field editor (free) and WPML (paid plug-in, annual fee), a must-have for multinational e-commerce 79 US dollars), supervise whether the blogger cooperation has brought results, follow-up fermentation effect tracking necessary Affiliate WP (paid plug-in), and the most important plug-in conversion optimization, the official plug-in hasFacebook for Woocommerce(免费).

There are so many examples at will, not to mention the essentials for website analysisSite Kit by Google, A plug-in can easily connectGoogleMultiple services – Search Console,Analytic,PageSpeed ​​insights,Adsense,Google Tag Manager,A / B Testing

Extended reading:Site Kit by Google allows WP websites to seamlessly integrate with Google, with 6 functions in one go

The best thing is that you don’t need to install it all at once. You can choose whether to install or uninstall it according to the development of the store. If it is a general platform, you have to wait until the contract runs out to change the plan, and the flexibility is low.


Feature XNUMX: The background is practical and not fancy, it has everything that should be, and can achieve the effect of integrating virtual and real

After reading feature one, you should think that the extension function is very interesting, so is the plug-in itself easy to use?Come see now

WooCommerce Dashboard

The dashboard is divided into five parts, namely performance, online performance, order volume, category sales, and single product sales. Basically through this dashboard, you can clearly grasp the distribution of store performance contribution and store performance.

WooCommerce dashboard


In this block, you can see the user's name, account number, registered e-mail account and the last order date. The more special part is Total Spend and AOV, which record the total consumption of a single customer and each Is the average order amount very practical?

In addition, there is also a search bar at the top to directly search for specific customer names, so that you can find the information you want in the vast sea of ​​members.


In the report function, the total sales amount, average daily sales amount, order volume, etc. will be calculated according to the date you choose, and even the amount of discount coupons used will be calculated for you. It is easy to calculate the time interval Net sales.There is also a good graph next to it, and it can be exported to CSV, whether it is for a meeting or data research, it is very convenient and practical.

WooCommerce report


Adjustable store address and manage pickup, Payment methods and some notice parts

Extended function

You can choose whether to install other plug-ins according to your needs to strengthen the functionality of your website

Next let’s look atWooCommerceBuilt-in analysis interface


You can see the date of the order, the current progress, the person who purchased and the product purchased, and whether discount coupons were used, etc.
Product and category page

The product page can see the performance of individual products, and the category page uses the category of the product as the basis for data statistics.

Advanced application

When the virtual reality is integrated, the inventory interface of the analysis function can also be used as a tool for purchase and sales management. Open the background to check whether the product is in stock.

In short, as an online marketer, you will recommend ambitious entrepreneurs to set up their own e-commerce website, not only because of the brand image, but more importantly, they have 100% control over the website. If you are interested in setting up your own official e-commerce website Interested, but not sure what kind of function you are suitable for or what function you should have, welcome to consult us Support

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29 9 month 2020

How to purchase and subscribe for domain SSL certificates? (Graphic teaching)

When the domain, content, pictures and copywriting of a website are set up, congratulations, you can start operating the website you made, but there is actually a small point that is often overlooked in operating a website, that is, whether The URL is set to SSL security certificate authentication. In addition to improving the personal information of the website, the security certificate can also improve the overall website's ranking on the search engine and increase the trust of consumers on the website.(For a detailed introduction to SSL, see here)

For example, if the website does not apply for SSL, it will look like this. It says that it is insecure, and people will feel scared when reading it. Therefore, a website must install an SSL certificate. Next, I will teach readers how to purchase SSL Right!

Purchase teaching


First comeThe official website of Warring States > Click to purchase the NSS SSL certificate, if you are not sure which one to buy, you canlook here.
Or click here to enterWarring States Policy SSL Certificate Purchase Page.

Slide to the bottom and click to order SSL certificate now


After arriving at this page, select the type of SSL you want to subscribe to, and then click "Continue".

▲The free version is used as an example here


Before issuing a certificate, there must be a CSR. If there is no Warring States Policy, we will contact you here.

▲Fill in the domain that you want to add authentication to the common name below, remember to delete the previous Http


After going to the next page, fill in the information inside.

▲Remember to fill in English

▲If you want to subscribe for a special ip location, you can subscribe here, that is, it is common that someone else’s mail@ is followed by the name of the other party’s company, which is where you subscribed. After filling in, you can click "Continue"


▲You need to log in to Zhan Guoce member information, if not a member, you can apply for one

▲After the application is completed, pull to the bottom and press continue, where you can leave a message to the customer service of Zhan Guoce

▲See this screen to apply for an SSL certificate to complete the Warring States Policy

|Confirm order completion

After the simple five-step application is completed, the next step is to confirm whether the purchase is completed correctly. First, you will first receive the purchase confirmation letter sent by the Zhan Guoce system.

▲Receipt of this letter indicates that the payment and application are successful, but it does not mean that the SSL certificate concatenation is completed

In the next day, we will receive 1 to 2 e-mails from companies that issue SSL certificates.
※The company that each SSL certificate cooperates with here is different, but the content is similar.

▲A confirmation letter will be received within one day of normal time

If you are also using the host of Zhan Guo Ce, you can contact the customer service of Zhan Guo Ce to help connect the SSL certificate.(Click here to rent the host)
If not, you need to contact the original host manufacturer of your website first, and ask it for assistance.

▲After receiving the letter from the online customer service, the application and installation of the SSL certificate is complete!

▲Go back to the front desk to look at the domain, and you will find that the front end has the lock of the SSL security certificate!

The above is the purchase and application process of this SSL security certificate. In the current era of technological explosion, more and more personal data exist on the Internet, and the protection of personal information is also being paid more and more attention. After all, many people have already switched to it. Mobile consumption, if the website you want to operate has members or some cash flow transactions, then the purchase and installation of the SSL certificate is a very necessary link for you!Hope this is helpful to you!

SSL subscription link

Further reading >>Why install SSL

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24 9 month 2020

WP Statistics, a plug-in to help you collect the most important data in a unified way|WordPress practical plug-in

We introduced Site Kit by Google, a data tool integration plug-in developed by Google. This time, we will introduce a simpler operationWP statistics, After installing this plug-in, in addition to getting key information on the back-end dashboard, you can also explore other related data in depth, including the number of visitors, the number of clicks, and the most popular articles.

Extended reading:Site Kit by Google allows WP websites to seamlessly integrate with Google, with 6 functions in one go

WP Statistics Installation process

Search in the background plug-in installation area, click to enable after downloadingWP Statistics



It will take a while for data to be available after opening, so don’t worry if you don’t see the data


Next, let’s introduce what kind of insight report can be provided to you after installation

First of all, there will be a quick statistics report on the backend console page


If you want to see more detailed data information, clickListed on the left side of the background"statistics"

WP Statistics

Summary & Recommended Search Engine

The recommended search engine can be imagined as a source of traffic



Click to view statistics

This plug-in is very intimateVisitors, page viewsDivided into two broken lines, it can be seen how many page views are made by visitors to the website on average. The information suggestions appearing here can be cross-checked with data from other analysis tools.



Viewer ranking

This data is very special because it providesIP.IPCan roughly determine the user's location, where can this be used?When your website is attacked, if there is a fixedIPVisits are surprisingly high, so thisIPIt may be the location of the attacker. Although it is not very helpful to website operation and e-commerce maintenance, it is of certain importance to website maintenance.

Recommended search engine

The recommended search engine can be imagined as a source of traffic. This block counts the source of website traffic. Suggestions andGoogle Search ConsoleThe data in it is cross-checked.

10Popular articles

This tool is really convenient. It is especially suitable for a piece of data that bloggers pay attention to. It lists useful indicators such as title, pageviews, and links.

Clicks will appear on the page

That's right!After installing this plug-in, inThe page block of the console, The statistics of page views will appear, and you can directly see which page has particularly high traffic and which page is relatively low.




Of course, more detailed website information is required, and it is recommended to use the assistance of other analysis tools and cross-comparison to obtain more reliable data.

Related links:Official introduction


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01 9 month 2020

NSS dealer program adds recommended commission for online military marketing program (20%)

NSS dealer program adds recommended commission for online military marketing program (20%)

Dear web design (studio), program development, public relations marketing company Hello:
In order to improve your company’s operating profit and competitiveness, the NSS Dealer Program has specially launched the following distribution cooperation programs,

20% commission for enterprise-specific cyber army services

Online News-20% commission for media exposure

At the same time become our distributor, you can distribute our full range of services (detailed distribution plan please go onlinehttps://www.nss.com.tw/affiliateprogram/), the company also provides the most competitive and generous commissions in the industry. Customers who have related web design (SEO, online advertising...) cases will also be introduced to dealers who have subscribed to the company’s services. 

Five major advantages of the NSS dealer program:
1. Development recommended organization bonus (10%)
2. Provide 365 days a year round service
3. No payment in advance, no risk
4. The industry's highest commission rebate (up to 50% or more)
5. Provide free education and training courses for product sales and technical support

Join our reseller program immediately to get a TWD$3,000 bonus: https://hb.nss.com.tw/index.php?/affiliates/
After joining a member online>Log in to the background distribution promotion planhttps://n9s.com/38>成為經銷商

Your company can also purchase the company's distribution host (from 9999 yuan / unlimited host accounts can be opened every year)
Please go online for service specifications https://n9s.com/resell

◎Please note: 
1. The minimum withdrawal amount of commission is 30000 yuan, and the company has the right to accept the order or not. 
2. Our commission policy may be adjusted due to operational considerations, the company has the right to accept the order or not 
3. The commission obtained by clicking on your own hyperlink to pay the fee is regarded as cheating!Will not be recognized. 
4. If you have any sales promotion questions, please contact us https://hb.nss.com.tw/index.php?/tickets/new/
5. The preferential activities provided by the company cannot be shared with dealer commissions at the same time 
6. Since the company provides a 60-day unsatisfied unconditional refund policy, the dealer will transfer the money to the designated account 90 days after applying for commission withdrawal 
7. According to the tax policy of the Taiwan government, if the distributor is an individual, the company will report the personal labor remuneration. If the distributor is a company, please open an invoice for the commission amount.If you are not a Taiwanese citizen, we will deduct 15% of the tax. 
Please refer to our article How to start promoting the distribution plan https://n9s.com/2c

Warring States Group
Toll-free consultation telephone: 0800-003-191
LINE@ ID:@119m

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