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Regular customers who join the company’s official LINE will receive a gift of 2,000 yuan in online marketing shopping rebate (For details of the event, please click here)

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New customers (corporate customers only) who join the company's membership will receive 1,000 yuan in stored value as a gift (For details of the event, please click here)

Honorable rights of paying customers of NSS

Birthday gifts for old customers of Zhan Guoce


Loyal customer gift program

As long as you are currently using Warring States policy for more than 3 years old customers (except for customers who only apply for the website) or customers with a consumption amount of more than 10 yuan, we will give a free full-scale website backup service for one year (valued at 1999 yuan), using Warring States For customers who are more than 5 years old (except customers who only apply for website) or customers with a spending amount of more than 20 yuan, we will give free VIP anti-advertising service for one year (worth 2999 yuan). Loyal customer gift application method: qualified Warring States Policy, please fill out the work order online https://hb.nss.com.tw/ The title of the ticket indicates "I want to apply for a full-scale website backup service for old customers who are more than 3 years (or 5 years) in the Warring States Period (for 5 years customers are VIP anti-advertisement service) for one year." After the query is correct, it will help you to open the service for free , If you want to renew the contract in the second year, you can renew the contract at the price of the company.

Warring States Policy Old Customer Stored Value Reward Fund Activity


Zhan Guoce customers recommend new customers to enjoy gifts

The old customers of the Warring States Policy successfully recommend new customers to purchase the full amount of the service, and the recommender and the referee meet the conditions, they can receive the recommendation bonus of the Warring States Policy from 3000 yuan (or the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Gift Voucher from 1500 yuan) https://www.nss.com.tw/referralprogram/

Consumption bonus rewards activities


Warring States Policy Customer Renewal Gifts


Free online cash flow (free annual fee)

The most important thing for engaging in online e-commerce business is to solve the collection problem. NSS provides cash flow services. You are welcome to apply. All the bidding conditions are better than applying to Lanxin Jinli! https://www.nss.com.tw/cashflow/

Publish Taiwan My Business Intelligence Network for free (increase SEO external links and website exposure)

As long as you are a NSS enterprise user, you can directly publish your store’s basic information, products, and latest news on Taiwan’s My Business Intelligence Network, without any additional costs, so that your website’s exposure will increase.Taiwan My Business Intelligence Network https://smb.nss.com.tw/

Free installation of online customer service system (free installation for three years of host purchase)

The website customer service system can display a small icon in the lower right corner of the website. After clicking it, you can add a quick and convenient contact function to the website. It supports 12 contact methods such as Fb, LINE, WhatsAPP, and telephone!Let customers directly use the customer service system to consult and resolve questions, and increase the transaction rate by 20% to 40% and improve customer satisfaction.Please go to the online customer service system https://www.nss.com.tw/livechat-2/

Provide free website marketing teaching front manual

If you want to do business on the Internet, the first step is to have a place where you can expose your resources. For online marketing, having an "official website" is very important, and so is online marketing, before you can start online marketing. Therefore, NSS provides a complete and rich online business education and war manual (21 pages) to teach the skills of online marketing.Please go to the website marketing education front https://www.nss.com.tw/makewebsite/

Online marketing consultant (limited to corporate customers, free 3 hours online consultation)

Want to increase website exposure and performance? Want to develop the e-commerce market but don’t have relevant experience? Zhan Guoce has 20 years of practical experience in the Internet and e-commerce, and has accumulated XNUMX customers’ practical experience to provide consulting and implementation plans for your company. Improve the effectiveness of online marketing.Online marketing consultant please go https://www.nss.com.tw/counselling/


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