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Relevant regulations and precautions for ICP review in China

Suitable for

*Businesses who want to develop and focus on the mainland domestic market
*Business operators who want to increase visibility in the mainland first
*Want to make communication with mainland EMAIL more smooth
*Mainland branch of multinational enterprises or large companies
Tips and notes
*Be sure to refer to the following precautions for the mainland host before use
*You need to have a company or individual in the mainland with a mobile phone + indoor phone + address in order to purchase
*Regulations of various provincial administrations are not the same. When filing, you need to file according to the regulations of the province where the company or individual is located
*I have not applied for ICP record. The website must be removed according to law, and all illegal content will be removed from the shelves, and the fee is non-refundable.

Note for mainland hosts:
In mainland China, every website needs to apply for ICP filing in accordance with the law, and it needs to be filed with the local government and public security bureau. Only by legally applying and filing can you legally enter the information management system required by the mainland government and the website can operate normally.This is the law, there are no exceptions, and no record will be taken offline and removed.

The company qualification application needs to prepare the following
1. A copy of the business license of the company registered in the mainland (with the latest annual inspection) and stamped with the official seal of the mainland company
2. A copy of the ID card of the person in charge of the website (front and back on the same page), which can be authorized to be processed by the person in charge
3. Mainland China address and Mainland domestic telephone and mobile phone
Personal qualification application needs to prepare the following
1. A copy of the ID card of the person in charge of the website, which can be a Taiwan compatriot card
2. Mainland China address and Mainland domestic telephone and mobile phone

Company bank number, please apply in the name of the company, and apply for the company website in the name of an individual, the website will be removed immediately

Regardless of companies or individuals, there are many other procedures and documents to be filled in

The filing time may vary according to the speed of the client’s document preparation. The processing speed of each province in the mainland is different from the amount of labor in the mainland. It is expected that it will take 2 to 3 months after the submission of the official document. It may be missing or in case of special events. It will take longer, please apply as soon as possible and wait patiently.
special attention items
The mainland has begun to strictly investigate the so-called ICP filing agency (that is, the illegal lending address and telephone number to apply for the website ICP of the unit that has not registered the company in the mainland). The website will be closed when it is found. Please don't make a big mistake!
Content and behavior restrictions and review
The following content is prohibited
1. Any content that violates the orders of mainland officials (such as erotic or illegal items)
2. It is forbidden to set up discussion boards, chat rooms and BLOG programs
3. It is forbidden to place any political content
4. It is strictly forbidden to send advertising letters or phishing letters randomly
5. Refer to the terms of use & service for other agreed content
Violators, the website will be taken down directly, and the fee will not be refunded
Many industries in mainland China are special markets for everyone, and so are mainframes.The website is placed on the mainland, and the whole world (including Taiwan) is connected to the mainland host. It is normal that the speed fluctuates slowly. This is limited by the mainland's overall restrictions on overseas bandwidth. This is unavoidable and cannot be changed in the short term.Therefore, we recommend that you host the mainland website for the mainland website, and the Taiwan or US host for the Taiwan or international website, that is, divide it into two places or even three places.So when you connect to the mainland website in Taiwan if it is slow, it is not because our host has a slow connection, but because the mainland website is originally connected to mainland people.


First filing process:
1. Fill in the filing information (submit relevant information according to the filing rules of each province):
Please prepare the enterprise documents in advance
Please prepare personal documents in advance for personal record

2. Submit the preliminary review:
The review time is about 1 working day

3. Take pictures:
There are two ways to take photos for verification:
XNUMX. You can go to the verification point provided by the authorities to take pictures. The person in charge of the website will take the electronic photo with the background of the screen and upload it for the record by the staff of the photo studio.
XNUMX. Apply to post the curtain to take photos and upload photos by yourself. If the area cannot be verified, you can apply for the curtain and upload photos by yourself

4. Waiting for review by the Authority
Requires 2 to 3 months review time after submission of official documents

5. Successful filing

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1. Photo requirements: please stand in front of the curtain and take a headless half-length photo, and the dress should be in line with the current season;
2. Photo upload requirements: please upload clear and complete photos, photos are not allowed to be PS

Hello, according to the relevant regulations of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the use of servers in mainland China requires filing operations, and the domain name cannot be accessed before the filing is successful.

Hello, it takes about 7 hours to synchronize the data that has been successfully filed. You can check your website visits about 7 hours after the file is successfully filed.

Personal website name: requires more than three Chinese characters (including three Chinese characters).
For personal websites, the name of the website should reflect the main content of the personal website as much as possible:

  1. It must not involve company, organization, stocks, securities, lottery, sports lottery and other corporate terms; it must not involve personal names or place names;
  2. It is not advisable to use pure numbers, pure English or letters for naming, and it is not advisable to include special symbols; non-national units should not be named after the prefixes of China, China, the Central Government, the People, the People's Congress, and the State.
  3. Do not directly name the website domain name, sensitive words (anti-corruption, gambling, clean government, pornography, etc.);
  4. It is not appropriate to use **personal space, **websites, **fans, **works display, **studios, to name the website in this format; (in Jiangsu area, the name of the personal registration website can only be filled in "XX's personal blog" or "XX's personal homepage"; and explain the main content of the website after it is opened in the remarks.)
  5. Cannot contain corporate-colored text; Cannot handle forum websites;
    Mailing address: The personal mailing address needs to be detailed to the room number.If there is no specific house number, please indicate in the record information remarks: This address is already the most detailed address
    Service content: The current service content of the system only has three options: "Personal Blog", "Network Picture" and "Others". Chongqing users check "Blog/Personal Space" and users from other provinces check "Others".


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