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Consumer bonus rewards

NSS takes the lead in the industry to launch a consumption bonus point mechanism (1 points can be accumulated for every 3 yuan spent)

In order to give back to customers for their long-term support and love, NSS has launched a consumer bonus point mechanism, especially in the lead in the industry, so that customers can save more and earn more in the future!

You can accumulate bonus points by purchasing the Warring States Policy Service (1 points for every RMB 3 spent)

The function of bonus points:

  1. Bonus points can be discounted for part of the amount when purchasing services in the future (when purchasing goods, please choose to use bonus points to pay when choosing the payment method. After discounting, you can choose other methods such as credit card or transfer to pay for the product balance.
    For related operating instructions, please refer to the knowledge base article:Operating instructions for bonus points
  2. Bonus points can also be redeemed for a wealth of exquisite gifts prepared by our company (link toExchange area)


  1. Customers please log in to check the status of bonus points accumulation [ Please click here ]
  2. The accumulated bonus points cannot be transferred to a third party
  3. Bonus points can only be exchanged for merchandise and used for consumption, and cannot be exchanged for cash (each product has a discount limit)
  4. Every new product purchased can accumulate bonus points (except for some products),Every RMB 1 spent can accumulate 3 points, which can be used to deduct the company’s product service fees or redeem for equivalent bonus products
  5. Each bonus point will expire 365 days on the day of accumulation, and will not be used after expiration
  6. If you make a refund afterwards, the bonus points generated by the returned merchandise amount of the order will also be cancelled at the same time.
  7. Bonus points rewards cannot be paralleled with other marketing activities. When other promotions are used, bonus points will not be recognized
  8. The bonus points consumed at the current time can only be used at the next consumption
  9. The company reserves the right of final interpretation of the rules for the use of bonus points

For details, please contact: 4499-314 (direct dialing from mobile phone plus 02) to the Cloud Service Division


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