Blogger Marketing

What is blogger marketing?
Have you ever had an experience that you want to ask others when you buy something, or that you want to share with others when you encounter something good?
Before shopping, ask others for their opinions.The answers to these inquiries may have quietly affected our shopping behavior, because most people recommended to go to a certain restaurant to consume, and even changed the travel itinerary because many people said it was a pity! Blogger marketing power, It is to use the behavior of asking and sharing between people to spread the brand products.

Let bloggers build a good reputation for you-what you need is a good reputation article

As social networks and life are inseparable, consumers face a dazzling array of products/stores on the market and are affected by online word-of-mouth marketing. In addition to understanding the store’s product information before consumption, more consumers say Before purchasing a product or service, you will first check blog experience articles or forum store reviews to determine your consumption behavior.Blogger marketing is very important at this time. The main purpose is to enrich the entire search engine. When a customer searches for your brand, if they see a large number of positive articles, they will definitely affect the customer's purchase decision!

Who needs blogger marketing?

Suitable for customers who are blogger marketing

  1. Newly opened stores and new products are launched.
  2. Competitors have received more praise than themselves.
  3. I see more negative reviews than positive reviews on the Internet.
  4. Increase your company's hyperlinks in search engines and increase the number of searches.

Blogger Marketing Guarantee Service

  1. The number of proofreading is about 1~2 times (correcting information errors, etc.).
  2. Article placement: keywords / manufacturer information / official website URL / FB URL / address / phone number, etc. (Provider provided)
  3. The article was exposed to blogger IG&FB fan page or private FB.

success case

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Blogger Marketing FAQ

According to statistics, more than XNUMX% of the people will search the Internet before deciding on a purchase, and XNUMX% of them will directly use the comments of netizens. In other words, when people search for your brand or product After the name, the information popped up by the search engine indirectly determines the evaluation of you by netizens.
Therefore, the main purpose of inviting bloggers to write articles is to enrich the entire search engine. When a customer searches for your brand, if they see a large number of positive articles, they will definitely influence their purchase decision!

1. Increase the direct flow of products or stores (people flow).
2. Improve product exposure and credibility.

Bloggers are the mainstay of "influencer marketing". They have a long-term accumulation of trust. They cannot be replaced by Internet celebrities that have become popular overnight. The fans of bloggers are stronger and will not be easily removed.And even if there are more information channels, when people encounter problems, the first response will still be search engines, so the existence of blogs is basically enduring.

Daily traffic of blogs ≠ article traffic. The "daily traffic" of bloggers generally refers to the average daily traffic of blogs operated by bloggers.To put it simply, daily traffic is how many people see bloggers’ blogs every day. Basically, this traffic cannot be exactly equal to the traffic of a certain article in the blog on that day, and of course it cannot be equal to our cooperation with bloggers. Of article traffic.

Blogger marketing is mostly pictures and texts, and tends to share experience. And bloggers are usually not clear about too professional knowledge. Therefore, if you want to expose and increase the popularity of the brand, it is good to be a blogger. s Choice.

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