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AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba Cloud, IBM cloud hosting services

NSS is a cloud integration expert and cooperates with major cloud leading brands AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, IBM, Alibaba Cloud, and self-built IDC to integrate cloud service advantages and the latest technology, tailor-made for customers, import international resources and comprehensive cloud Service support!

Service Advantages of Warring States

Zhan Guoce Group was established in 2000. It has been established for more than 20 years and has more than 14 customers. It operates steadily and provides a free 2-day trial service. Use it and pay after you are satisfied!Price guarantee promise, buy expensive refund 60 times the price difference, XNUMX days unsatisfactory guarantee refund

In addition to providing hosting services, it also provides e-commerce, web design, website maintenance, online shop, program development, online cash flow, SSL certificates, online marketing, SEO marketing, word-of-mouth marketing, single window and one-stop services and Rich experience in host management and maintenance will increase official website traffic and turn traffic into profit.

Our server provides LiteSpeed ​​Web Server website acceleration service, which can improve website performance by 50-300%. The only service in the industry that uses Chunghwa Telecom’s computer room (+ Chunghwa Telecom bandwidth) and Hinet DDoS protection to protect website attacks is the most powerful for you. Provide speed and safety that the industry cannot do.

We provide a Chinese service customer service center that is open 365 hours a day, 24 days a year. We provide complete instructional videos for the site for free, and we have a number of experienced network administrators and WordPress problem solving experts who can solve all kinds of problems for you and save you troubles. .

Our services


Cloud pre-sales evaluation
Infrastructure assessment
Project transfer suggestion
Industry expertise
Information security protection and DDoS defense


Cloud relocation/build upgrade
Big data suggestion/build
Project development
Multi-cloud build
Information security and backup design


Cost optimization suggestions
Security and compliance optimization
High reliability optimization
Management process optimization
Cloud service medical examination


24/7 service monitoring
24/7 technical support
Emergency technical support
System hosting service
Cloud architecture hosting service

Our service advantage

More than
VM management experience
Host customer service management experience
Over years
Rich host management experience
Multiple large-scale anti-DDoS defense experience

We manage cloud hosting charges

1. Your company's monthly payment of 20% of the cloud service provider's fee is the company's escrow service fee (not tax)

2.服務時間:周一~週五 5*8(09:00~22:00)

3. Other service receiving methods are quoted after agreement

4.若需管理支援服務時間:365*7*24 增加50000元/月
Free .com or .tw URL in the first year

Host FAQ

There is no restriction on cloud host transmission, using shared bandwidth.

The cloud host backup service depends on the system. Regular full backups and manual full backups can be used. Some linux systems (some are a conservative term, common linux such as centos, redhat, fedora, etc.) can be used. It depends on the user's file format. Generally speaking, ext3 ext4 format should be no problem.) Differential backup function can be supported to reduce the time required for backup. The backup space adopts a monthly rental system, and each 100GB increases the unit, starting at 100 yuan per month .But remember, after renting the backup space, whether or not to make a backup, the monthly rent will be calculated.

This can be set in the cloud host firewall, but you need to have a Taiwan ip list first and set Taiwan ip drop.

Log in to the member→click into the cloud host→the upper right option and click "billing"→ you can see the remaining amount

The billing method of cloud hosting is based on hourly pricing. When you purchase a cloud hosting, you will first pay a "pre-stored amount", and then calculate the usage per hour based on the actual host service resources used, and start from the pre-stored Deductions are made within the amount.

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