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APP development service

Zhan Guoce APP design and development service is designed for enterprise customized iOS and Android cross-platform mobile app design. APP program development can make your brand more unique and more in line with user needs.
We have a wealth of experience in large-scale APP design and planning, interface design and development, and attach importance to every aspect, whether it is for internal use by enterprises or external consumer applications, we can customize the APP to meet your needs.

APP software development purpose

Technology is developed under the witness of everyone, market trends continue to evolve, mobile APP development has become an important knowledge.Nowadays, not only does money tide appear in computers, but people also "hold" many business opportunities!More and more people are building APPs for their businesses. With this gradual expansion of ripples, the number of people who love computers is gradually decreasing, and smartphones are the main trend!Wherever the crowds and money are, you should also become a business owner who can let people "control it with one hand."

All mobile phones APPUsage reached174%!What are you waiting for?

Smart phones have been widely used since they were launched, and the usage of APP has also risen. Many companies have chosen to develop a set of mobile apps to gather customers from multiple parties.Research shows that about 174% of the population owns smart phones, and the usage of apps in Taiwan has reached XNUMX%, and it is still growing.The colleagues in the industry have seized the "business opportunities", have you kept up?

App software development target

Customized IOS, Android APP development and Web, Hybrid, Native APP development for enterprise needs
APP can be used in shopping, membership, activities, tools, communities, customer service, map GPS, photography, scanning, online communication, file management, audio and video, sports, games, Internet of Things (IoT) and other fields. Whether the APP is successfully produced or not The key is whether there is a complete planning and interface design.The Zhan Guoce team provides powerful and efficient software development capabilities to meet the unique needs of customers. Our rich experience can satisfy you to complete the project within the planned schedule and budget.

iOS program development

Using Apple’s latest language Swift,
Designed to create apps for iOS, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch

Android program development

Using Android native language development,
Update to the latest Anroid version at any time, specifically for creating apps for Android Phone, Wear, Tablet, and TV.

Small and Medium Enterprises








Service advantages of Zhan Guoce

NSS develops APP software for customers. The code of the program is all open. After the case is closed, the customer has all the complete program source code of the APP software. You can control your own list, complete information of members, control the cash flow, control the pricing mechanism, and control the company's Core data, at the same time 0% of the revenue, will not be tied up by system vendors in the future!

We have a strong and professional APP design and development team, with system architecture analysts, Android engineers, iOS design engineers + APP UI design engineers specializing in providing corporate customers, whether it is for marketing planning, game development, lottery, registration discounts, or function development projects Real estate, construction, medical, supplementary education, entertainment, finance, catering, etc. can all develop and design APP system customization according to their needs!

Comparison table of Zhan Guo policy and other industry services

Many customers often consider price when choosing a company to accept the case. There are hundreds of web production companies in Taiwan, with varying quality. Therefore, it is also very important to choose a web design company with a stable operation and mature professional technology.Based on more than 20 years of experience in the Warring States Period, the following are the precautions that must be considered when choosing a web design company!

The benefits that a successful APP can bring to enterprises:

 APPFunctions: Real-world display, parent-child interaction, marketing entertainment, participation in lucky draw, online reservation, online reservation, electronic catalog,LBSPrecise marketing, movie trailers, etc....

Company brand impression
Image action commercialization

Share anytime to seize APP action
Business opportunities, and choose suitable development methods

It can be simple and fast via mobile phone
Achieve consumption/appointment/order action

Humanized APP planning
Put yourself into consideration for the user's context

Seven steps of APP development

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    Confirm demand

    Understand customer needs, directions and specifications to confirm needs

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    Early planning and evaluation

    Define target users, usage scenarios and preliminary conceptual drawings, and explain to customers after evaluating feasibility

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    Contract execution

    After the customer agrees to the evaluation, the contract for production commission (deposit) is signed

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    Draw UI interface diagram

    Draw the interface schematic diagram according to the preliminary evaluation plan and confirm the interface style to the customer (design confirmation)

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    Programming confirmation

    Interface design and software design stage, and regularly explain the implementation status to customers

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    Check the test phase

    Test function, check for errors, retest and confirm

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    Complete the case closure

    After the customer's acceptance is completed, the final payment is paid in full after the case is closed, assisted in submitting for review and putting on the iOS & Android platform, and entering the warranty maintenance stage

success case

Warring States Policy has the most successful cases of well-known companies and listed companies choosing Warring States services.

Since its establishment 2020 years ago in 20, it has assisted XNUMX companies to successfully enter the online market!

App development common problems

The emergence of APP application software has met people's needs, while the convenience advantage of mobile APP applications has also expanded the development path.Next, APP has a good publicity effect, which can easily increase customer viscosity. This is already a long time ago for APP's rapid development in the Internet environment.

Many customers often consider price when choosing an APP supplier. There are hundreds of APP production companies in Taiwan, with varying quality. Therefore, it is also very important to choose an APP design company with stable operation and mature professional technology. According to the Warring States Period With more than 20 years of experience in the strategy, the following are the precautions that must be considered when choosing a web design company!A good production team can make your company's website leading at the competitive level and differentiate it from the same industry.
Please click here for inquiries about company registration information from the Ministry of Economic Affairs
1. The amount of capital of the company? Generally, the higher the amount of capital, the more stable it is
2. When is the company established? The longer the operation time, the more stable it is. Generally, it is recommended that the company be established for at least five years
3. How many cases have you received? The more cases you have received, the more experience you will have
4. Satisfaction with service project closure?
5. The complexity and size of the case?
6. Number of team members and design level?
7. Can you provide a website production case?
8. Is there a case with a well-known company? Well-known companies re-evaluate the cooperative manufacturers are more strict and demanding
9. Is it a development system or a closed programming system (the customer cannot modify or obtain the source code of the webpage program in the future, and will be tied to death)?
10. Can you provide background testing?

Generally speaking, the budget for APP development will vary due to development needs. The cost starts from 30 yuan, and the price difference is quite wide.Therefore, if you want to draw up a budget for developing an APP, you can first consider the development needs and then judge.If you only want to create an APP that displays information and does not require interaction, the development process will be relatively simple, and it does not require too many engineers to write and produce, and the cost is more than 30 yuan; if you want to design an APP with back-end services, such as: Data storage, personal data encryption, account management, sending messages and other functions will require more time and labor costs, and the cost will increase to 50 yuan.

APP promotion strategy XNUMX: Optimize keywords
Optimize the related functions of mobile application search, use SEO algorithms to increase the exposure of your website and APP, and even place keyword ads, so that users can see their products when browsing related services, and attach APP links to encourage users to download .
APP promotion strategy XNUMX: community sharing
By combining with current issues and using the communication power of the Internet, not only can all audiences have access to their own products, but also can drive APP downloads.
APP promotion strategy XNUMX: online military marketing
Increase five-star reviews and APP downloads through Zhan Guoce Net Army marketing to increase the ranking of IOS and Android APP stores. Please understand the Zhan Guo Ce Net ArmyClick here 

APP and webpage are two different applications. Depending on the task and the purpose of the requirements, and which application software is used, the content of the app cannot be searched from Google. In other words, even if the APP is downloaded and installed, the built-in information cannot be used by ordinary people. Found it, but you can use the features of the webpage to search for APP introduction and download information, and provide more download channels.

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