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Use the hosting service to share your experience and get a 5,000 yuan stored value reward

The Zhan Guo Ce grandly launches a reward program today. As long as the following named websites share your experience of using the host, the Zhan Guo Ce will give you 5,000 yuan in stored value.

application process:

  • Join the membership to complete the activation

  • Go to the following website to share your experience with more than 500 words + four photos

  • Send screenshots and URL to


  • Upon verification, the 5000 yuan stored value will be returned

Share on Mobile01.Ptt approve kicking.Tkebang.iTbang help.Personal blog

Application Hotline: 4499-314 Transfer to Customer Service Department (For direct dialing from mobile phones, please add 02)

Tips and notes

  1. This offer is applicable to virtual hosting services and fixed-spec cloud hosting services.
  2. You can apply for a trial before buying.The virtual host trial is 30 days, and the cloud host trial is 14 days.
  3. This offer is only applicable to hosting services. If you purchase other products at the same time, other products will follow the original payment principle.
  4. The host's use experience sharing post must be posted on FB/Mobile/Pttbatch/Tkebang/iTbanghelp/personal blog or other public pages.
  5. Each member can only enjoy this promotion once.
  6. Warring States Policy reserves the right to modify and suspend activities.

Leave a five-star review on the Zhan Guoce Google Merchant and you will be given a 500 yuan deposit

To thank the old customers of NSS for their support and love, as long as you leave a five-star review (above 50 words) in the NSS Google merchant, you will be given a 500 yuan deposit.

Activity: Google my business five-star review to give a gift

In the Zhan Guoce Google My Business Evaluation 100 stars and leave the merits you think (XNUMX words or more), and leave the screenshot and your company website and contact number email to mkt@nss.com.tw Upon approval, you will be given a 500 yuan deposit.
Warring States Policy Google My Business:https://g.page/r/Cdj5jwlRO9qVEAE


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