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All online business opportunities start from registering a domain

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NSS uses "One Stop Service" to create high-quality information services in one stop

Providing cloud services, e-commerce, and online marketing services not only saves operating costs for companies, focuses on core competitiveness, and creates endless business opportunities.


NSS hosting services provide website, virtual hosting, WordPress hosting, distribution hosting, cloud hosting, AWS, Google, Azure, Alibaba Cloud, VPS hosting, hosting, physical hosting, anti-DDOS attack services, CDN services, China ICP Application.


Zhan Guoce e-commerce services provide web design, website maintenance, online shop, program development, APP software development, online cash flow, website customer service system, SSL certificate, and lead you to the digital wave of e-commerce in all directions.


Warring States Policy Internet Marketing Services.Provide customer word-of-mouth marketing, online army marketing, SEO optimization, content marketing, community marketing, bloggers, online celebrity marketing, group purchase marketing, press release, TV news placement, five-star reviews, GOOGLE My business agency management, audio-visual marketing , not only for enterprises to improve traffic and performance, but also to create endless network business opportunities.

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Why choose NSS hosting service

There are a lot of host companies and there are different good and bad. Many customers don’t know how to choose the right one when choosing a manufacturer. Based on years of experience in the Warring States Period, the following are the precautions that must be considered. At the same time, the Warring States Period not only sells the mainframe, but also provides more items. Value-added services help you grab online business opportunities

  • Service Features
  • Technical specifications
  • Marketing
  • Price guarantee

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Price guarantee

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Warring States Policy provides first-class international telecom rooms in Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, the United States, Taiwan, Canada, London, Paris, and Amsterdam to give you the most solid website Competitive advantage!
  • Security control services: Provide security control services such as firewalls and data backup.
  • Good bandwidth quality: NSS currently places the host in the Chunghwa Telecom computer room (100% Hinet line), providing the nation's fastest and largest bandwidth and stable network maintenance system equipment, providing enterprise users with fast access and risk dispersion.
  • Low cost: Enterprises do not need to rent software and hardware equipment, and do not need to hire network administrators to maintain website software and hardware equipment by themselves, which can save personnel costs and greatly reduce website construction costs for enterprise users.

NSS provides international-level telecommunications equipment rooms in 40 countries in Chunghwa Telecom and around the world, giving your website the most solid competitive advantage!

In the post-epidemic era, business opportunities in the Internet market are rushing forward. Faced with changes in consumer consumption habits, companies must immediately grasp the industry dynamics and consumption trends in order to deploy ahead and win huge online business opportunities!The Warring States Strategy not only sells consoles, but also exclusively provides six great value-added e-commerce services to assist hosting customers to seize online business opportunities!

  1. Free online cash flow (free annual fee)
    The most important thing for engaging in online e-commerce business is to solve the problem of collection. Warring States Policy provides cash flow services. Welcome to apply. All the bidding conditions are better than applying to Lanxin Jinli!
    Online cash flow please go https://n9s.com/b3
  2. Publish Taiwan My Business Intelligence Network for free (increase SEO external links and website exposure)
    As long as you are a NSS enterprise user, you can directly publish your store’s basic information, products, and latest news on Taiwan’s My Business Intelligence Network without any additional costs, so that your website’s exposure will increase.
    Taiwan My Business Intelligence Network https://smb.nss.com.tw/
  3. Free installation of online customer service system (free installation for three years of host purchase)
    The website customer service system can display a small icon in the lower right corner of the website. After clicking it, you can add a quick and convenient contact function to the website. It supports 12 contact methods such as Fb, LINE, WhatsAPP, and telephone!Let customers directly use the customer service system to consult and solve problems, and increase the transaction rate by 20% to 40% and improve customer satisfaction.
    Please go to the online customer service system https://n9s.com/b4
  4. Provide free website marketing teaching front manual
    If you want to do business on the Internet, the first step is to have a place where you can expose resources. For online marketing, having an "official website" is very important, and so is online marketing, before you can start online marketing. Therefore, NSS provides a complete and rich online business education and war manual (21 pages) to teach the skills of online marketing.
    Please obtain the website from our company (Line id: @119m)
  5. Online marketing consultant (limited to corporate customers, free 3 hours online consultation)
    Want to increase website exposure and performance? Want to develop the e-commerce market but don’t have relevant experience? Zhan Guoce has 20 years of practical experience in the Internet and e-commerce, and has accumulated XNUMX customers’ practical experience to provide consulting and implementation plans for your company. Improve the effectiveness of online marketing.
    Online marketing consultant please go https://n9s.com/b5
  6. Free Chinese culture Rank Math SEO PRO plug-in and basic settings(Value of 11500 yuan, buy Zhan Guoce WordPress business host + purchase SSL for free), effectively improve the website ranking in search engines, because SEO plug-in is not easy to set for non-professionals, Zhan Guo policy is especially intimate to provide Zhan Guo policy WordPress experts provide Rank Math SEO PRO plug-in basic setting service (worth 1 yuan, please refer to the scope of SEO setting) https://n9s.com/9v )
    Please go to order WordPress hosting https://n9s.com/b6
NSS assures you that the services and prices we provide are leading Taiwan's peers. We hope that you can enjoy the best service and price. If you pay on our company's website, you will find that the Taiwanese peers' websites and the NSS guarantee If the conditions match and provide a lower fee (after tax), we will double the price difference to you.

Warring States Policy Price Guarantee Commitment Policy Conditions:

  • The industry must provide telephone service 365 hours a day, 24 days a year
  • The industry must provide public Internet prices and provide services on the same date and with the same specifications as our company
  • The industry must be registered with the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan to legally file a case, the company has been established for more than 5 years and the capital is more than 1000 million, and the invoice is legally issued
  • The applicable price guarantee products are: website registration, virtual hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, hosting, ssL certificate, online backup (virtual hosting must use PLESK hosting management system)
  • The industry must provide a 60-day dissatisfaction guarantee refund service
  • Protection does not apply to: prices won or transferred by the industry through discount coupons, competitions, sweepstakes
  • Zhan Guo Ce reserves the right to change or cancel the guarantee at any time without prior notice.Any changes will take effect immediately when the revised terms and conditions of the guarantee are published on the NSS website.

Zhan Guoce new generation SSD hosting service

Web design and APP program development service

Good design can increase performance by more than 30%
At the same time 20% more profit than competitors' quotes

In response to the trend of the Internet age, many companies have begun to set up websites and revamp their websites. Whether it is brand exposure or product introduction, the website exposure can be used to improve the marketing effectiveness of the company.
Choosing the Zhanguo Strategy correctly allows you to improve your search engine rankings and seize the opportunity!

The four importance of installing SSL on a website

Use SSL certificate to protect transmitted data

The SSL certificate can protect the data security of the website by encrypting it to prevent people from stealing important information, especially the websites with frequent cash flow such as e-commerce. The user’s personal data, ID photos, credit card and other information must be protected. In order to allow users to trust your website.

Optimize the website experience and use it with more peace of mind

Some browsers even show that the website is at risk before the user enters a website that does not use SSL, reducing the user's willingness to enter the website, and adversely affecting the user experience of the website.

Improve SEO performance and get better search rankings

Google officially announced that HTTPS will be included in the ranking criteria of search engines to provide a better user experience and security of browsing websites. Therefore, SSL certificates are also a very important indicator of SEO. Websites with SSL certificates will be read first to obtain more information. Good ranking.

Affect the data accuracy of website analysis software

When using analysis software such as Google Analytics to analyze a website, referring to the link is an important indicator for observing the effectiveness of the website, and whether the website uses an SSL certificate will affect the accuracy of data reading.

media reports

Thanks to the major media for their warm reporting of the Zhan Guoce Group  Learn more>>

Customer testimony

For NSS, we are most pleased to hear how customers use our services to drive company revenue.

Below are a few of the many successful cases our customers have shared with us:

Hello: We are a long-term customer of your company. Your customer service code is 433 Joanne Chen. This time we are promoting Linux business hosting service for 3 years. We have been very active and have been persistent. The service has a good reputation and a deep impression. It is commendable!Hereby express our gratitude!

Deng Ju Co., Ltd.

Hello: Miss Dora Chen from the customer service department of your company, in the process of choosing dedicated hosting service this time, not only is she enthusiastic about service, but also has sufficient professional capabilities. I am very happy to receive Dora’s service. Thank you very much for the assistance of Charles from the Engineering Department. The company's assistance in the past year, please give me advice in the coming year.

Somersault Cloud Information Consulting Co., Ltd.

Hello: At the end of this year, I think I must send this letter to thank her.I want to thank Liz, who is bombarded by development calls every day. Why do I remember Liz?Because she provided the data I needed!When consulting questions later, the answer is fast and accurate, the service is quite attentive, and very considerate

Golden Douyun Games Co., Ltd.

Our company purchased NEIS software from your company in the middle of last year. Thank you to the following two colleagues for providing relevant explanations and solutions when they raised questions in our company. Sam Shi Yiyou, Engineering Services Division of Warring States Period, and Yurou Lin, Information Service Planner of Warring States Period, Karli

Kun yang industrial co., ltd.

In August last year, the innovative design company met Stella by chance.During the six months of advertising campaigns, I am very happy to have Stella and Gigi, so that the small budget advertising of small companies still feels taken care of.We need their help in the future!Better advertising planning in the new year!

Sanhao Fine Ceramics Design/Sanhao Design Development Co., Ltd.

Hello, manager: I started contacting Dora of your company. I really appreciate her careful arrangement and assistance.During the construction process, our engineering department encountered some difficulties, so we really thank Jeff for his great professionalism and assistance, so that we can successfully build our system step by step.Finally, I wish your company a great future!

Anoka Asia Co., Ltd.

Dear Warring States Policy Partners: I’m Miss Zhong from Moshengzhai Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.-I am in charge of project management. Thanks to your company’s business specialist Joanne for helping us with planning/designing very carefully. Finally, thanks to Joanne's timely assistance, the positive attitude made the entire design process smooth.Thanks again to the colleagues of the Zhan Guoce team for their hard work

Zhong Chunjin/ Moshengzhai Cultural and Creative Co., Ltd.

Hello: To tell you, our company manages a lot of hosting space, but we found that your frontline service personnel are really great, and the hosting is also very stable. When problems are encountered, they will be dealt with first from the customer’s point of view and then explained, especially your company The employee Joanne who is in charge of docking with our company, we feel that it is very worthy of public rewards, you will know that this colleague silently paid and contributed

Rongxin Xinye Co., Ltd.

Hello, I would like to commend Richard, a commercial software engineer. If you encounter any problems in EIP and CRM operations, just ask Richard to solve them.You, kind and enthusiastic, are the master of all products of the Warring States Period.Thank you for your assistance.

Ding Ding Co., Ltd.

I am Zhongwei, the marketing manager of Galaxy Online. Thank you Liz, the window of your company. During the cooperation period, Liz worked very hard to serve our company and put forward various suggestions and help. I believe we will have more and more I wish you a prosperous career, thank you.

Galaxy Online Co., Ltd.

Well-known customers

NSS has assisted more than XNUMX well-known companies to successfully build corporate competitiveness by using the company's products and services!Learn more>>


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